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As a painful scream erupted from his mouth, I quickly pulled out the pistol I had hidden in my clothes.


It was my first time using a pistol as the only gun I had ever held was an M16 in the army, but at least I remembered that I had to set the sight and scale to shoot.


As I pulled the trigger, a few more loud gunshots rang out with the recoil.

Lydia, who was next to me, had a startled expression, and the leader of the Killer team grabbed his flying wrist, screamed, and collapsed as if he were falling down.


There were a few more bullets left, but I switched mags again and moved closer, aiming at the guy.






At my words, she nodded and kicked the pistol that the leader of the Killer team was holding far away.

It was almost smashed, but it was just in case.

Then she looked at me once as I was still aiming at him, and kicked him over, who was lying down.


“Kkeureuk…… .”


Then his right arm flew off, and he, with several more gunshot wounds to his body, was foaming at the mouth with blood.

I was genuinely amazed at the fact that he was somehow holding onto the spirit.

If it were me, I would never be able to do that.


“Tsk, I shot it like that, but I only got two hits.”


I muttered, aiming at his intact limbs, and pulled the trigger once each.

He fluttered like a fish on a chopping board and let out an incomprehensible scream.


“Do you want to spit out some information that could save you or something”


“Ka, eu…… .”


Then he opened his mouth as if to say something.

I immediately pulled the trigger towards his open mouth.

With a thud, the man trembled and drooped as it was.


“I guess not."


I thought that if I shot him in the head with a gun, it would explode, but that wasn't the case.

As I glanced at him as if watching him, Lydia muttered as if she was dumbfounded.


"I didn't think you'd kill this guy this easily…… .”


“Have you already forgotten that you and I had lost our abilities and almost became a beehive”


“…… .”


Lydia shut up as if she had nothing to say.

I looked at her and pulled the trigger again, standing over his fallen body.


“Kkyaak! Wha, what are you doing!”


“Confirmation kill.

The people called the Killer team that I've encountered so far were all monsters."


In the end, I pulled the trigger against his body until I had emptied one of the mags.

There was no such thing as guilt or respect for the dead.

If I had even made one wrong move, Lydia and I would have been worse than this.


"Okay, now let's contact Esmeralda.

Shouldn't we follow the next plan"


“Oh, wait.

She's already calling...… .”


Lydia picked up the phone right away.

Then an urgent voice came out over the phone.


― Leader! Get out of there right now...




In the middle of the urgent voice coming out, the phone suddenly turned off.


We both noticed that something had gone wrong.

Then, we heard a bright mechanical sound.

It was the sound coming from the chest of a man who was now a corpse.


“…… .”


I searched his body and pulled out a cell phone that made the sound.

Caller display restricted.

But it was cut off before I even talked on the phone.

Then, a text message arrived with a beep.


When I checked the text, Lydia checked it right next to me and covered her mouth.


[It's a pleasure to meet you.


[I'm the person you wanted to kill so badly.]


[Rather than a person, the term Seven Evil would be suitable.]

[I'm the Seven Evil you wanted to kill so badly.]

[Nice to meet you ^^]


“Som, someone was watching us! We were in his palm all along!"


Lydia shouted, looking around in panic.

Before I knew it, she had brought out the broken pistol she had kicked and was pointing it around.

I didn't.

It was because I was well aware of the ability of this man, the boss of the Red Case and the Seven Evil.

And I instinctively felt that this was a good opportunity.


Due to the nature of this b*stard's ability, the number of people is completely meaningless.

If he tried to kill us now with his own hands, it was like saying that we would not have to worry about his Guards at all.

And the fact that he was communicating with us so directly meant that his abilities had already spread.


Even with the sudden situation, I didn't panic and threw away the empty mag and changed it with a new one.


[And you.]


[I have something to say to you.]

[Before that.]


The text that arrived again contained words that could not be overlooked.


Does it mean what I think it means

I was thinking like that.


[Main quest ‘Three-way Battle ‘[2]’ is completed by satisfying certain conditions!]


[The main quest ‘Three-way Battle [3]’ begins!]


[The quest 'The First Evil' will be forced to begin.]

[One of the Seven Evils has recognized your existence as a ‘stranger’, ‘ a being that changes the flow of the world.’]


[I pray for your survival.]


“…… .”


It wasn't important now that it was a three-way battle or anything.

I checked the quest that appeared at the end.

The content of the quest was so simple.


― Survive the Seven Evil 'Margo'.


It was as simple as that.

There was no reward or penalty for failure, just the content of the quest.




It's about time now.

As I murmured and looked ahead, the world was distorted.

Rather than feeling fear at that sight, I was feeling an unknown excitement.


Seven Evil.

It was coincidental and sudden, but when I looked at the results, I had finally arrived at one.

Now I had to repeat this six times.


"Oh God…… .”


Lydia looked around blankly as if she had almost given up.

It was a surprising sight, even to me, who knew what was going on, but I wondered how surprising it would be to her, who knew nothing about it.


The building we were in had turned into a dungeon, something no normal person had ever experienced before.


And I knew very well that this was one of Margo's unique abilities.

He was a unique concept of the Seven Evil that had almost no direct combat ability.


That's why he made the battlefield itself to his advantage in this way and induced the enemies to collapse on their own.

I touched Lydia's shoulder, who was still out of spirit, and said.


"In a little while, you and I will be separated from each other.

Pull yourself together.”


"What What do you...… .”




I put the safety on the loaded gun and put it in my pocket.

Fortunately, I had brought all of my equipment with me, just in case.


“Don't be surprised no matter what you see inside, and especially don't listen to anything you hear inside.”


No matter what happens with them, we will never be able to cooperate.

She shook her head as if she did not understand my assertion.


“What the hell are you talking about…… .”




At my words, she also looked around and came a step closer to me in surprise.

Suddenly, the distortion came right next to us.


“Never forget what I said.

You won't understand it if you listen to it anyway."


“So what the hell does that mean… !”


For a moment, instead of her words, I heard a ringing in my ears.


The next thing I knew, I was standing alone in a wide open space.

No, I wasn't alone.


The thing in front of me, facing me, was exactly...… .


* * *


“Can’t you go faster! Step on it hard!”


“What do you want me to do when there's a traffic jam Who doesn't want to go fast!”


There were four people in the car running on the road.

The one at the steering wheel was none other than Esmeralda Lysnerger, and the one beside her, was Han Soo-Young, who was nagging her.


“…… .”


Jin Ye-Seul, who sat in the passenger seat, was looking at her cell phone without saying a word, and Choi Hyun-Woo, who sat beside her, had his eyes closed and looked as if he was in meditation.

Breaking news was coming from the radio inside the car.


― Breaking news.

It's hard to believe that ACGO's headquarters building in Yeouido has suddenly turned into a dungeon.

No survivors have been confirmed at the moment.

The nearby guilds and associations are sending personnel as soon as possible to figure out the cause and rescue the survivors…… .


The reason why they came together like this is quite complicated.


Han Soo-Young, who immediately noticed that Esmeralda, who had transformed into Yoo Ji-Hyuk, was strange, revealed her identity, and in the meantime, Jin Ye-Seul, who was reported that something unusual was happening by the sniper he wanted, ran into each other and visited Choi-Hyun-Woo.


Han Soo-Young and Jin Ye-Seul, who heard about the situation, agreed on the spot that they should extract information even if they had to torture Esmeralda, but were stopped by Choi Hyun-Woo, who was maintaining his rationality.


And somehow, they formed a temporary partnership to rescue Yoo Ji-Hyuk and Lydia.


“Oh no, sh*t… !”


Esmeralda cussed in Korean, English, and her native tongue in turn, and stopped the car.

In front, the road was controlled by soldiers, police, hunters, and heroes.


“We can’t go by car from here.”


"Just step on it."


Han Soo-Young muttered like that and held out her hand out of the window.


"All I have to do is blow away everything that's blocking our way, right”


Instead of replying, Esmeralda shifted into gear again.

Immediately, she drove the car towards the barricade, and as she did, a large flame appeared in Han Soo-Young hand and blew away the obstacle blocking their path.


“What's that!”




With those words, something flew into the air.

Then, Choi Hyun-Woo, who covered his face, climbed up the car through the window as if he was filming a movie and swung his sword to counter each flying magic and projectile.


"Cars will come chasing after us in a while.”


Jin Ye Seul, who was checking something while touching her cell phone without rest, said bluntly, as if tossing it.


"I was trying to save as much as I could…… .”


At those words, Esmeralda murmured, closed her eyes for a little while, and opened them.

Then, to their surprise, the car they were riding increased to several as if it were splitting up.


Without stopping, Esmeralda drove the car and suddenly headed off the road.

Then she changed the car to a police car and began to chase after the cloned cars.

Soon a huge number of cars appeared and started chasing the cloned cars just like them.

Esmeralda spoke without panic.


“We're going to take a bit of a detour, but we'll keep up.”


Esmeralda skillfully drove the car that way and headed to their destination.

On the way, they couldn't drive in and had to get out.



Everyone, come here."


Esmeralda said so and lightly touched the other three's bodies.

Then, before they knew it, she had changed herself and them into soldiers and told them as if to be careful.


“It’s just the outer skin, so if you make a mistake, you’ll be exposed immediately, so don’t move too violently.”


With those words, Esmeralda skillfully led the party.

In front of their eyes was a huge tower, something that had turned into a dungeon.


“… You're saying Ji-Hyuk is trapped there”


At Choi Hyun-woo's dumbfounded words, Han Soo-Young murmured in a small voice.


“I should be punished.

This is."


“…… .”


Jin Ye-Seul didn't say anything, but she seemed to agree with Han Soo-Young's words in a cold atmosphere.


It was because Jin Ye-Seul never expected it to be such a big deal.

Furthermore, Jin Ye-Seul's expression hardened even more at the fact that he hadn't said a word to herself even though it was such a big deal.


"This way."




Someone saluted as if they had been waiting for her, and Esmeralda took the salute with a masterful figure.

And they naturally headed more inward.


“The situation”


"I'll synchronize, hands."


Esmeralda, who had been waiting ahead of them, extended her hand, and they soon became one.

After a while, Esmeralda, who had come with Yoo Ji-Hyuk and Lydia and was the main body, stood in front of a huge building and looked at them and said.


"I'm sorry to say this after coming all this way, but I can't find a way to get in."




“I mean they're completely cut off from the outside world.”


Esmeralda murmured as if she was also frustrated.


“I think we need a special method…… Even if I get close, I can only feel the wall, and no matter how much I look, I can't see any passages to enter.”


“What if we break down the wall”


“That doesn’t work, so all the heroes and hunters around here are just sucking their fingers.”


In the meantime, Jin Ye-Seul took something out of her inner pocket.

It was a piece of the pendant that she had failed to replicate before at the request of Ji-Hyuk.

It was shining brightly now.


“What, that”


"I don't know what it is either."


Jin Ye-Seul muttered blankly.


“But, maybe this…… .”


After muttering like that, Jin Ye-Seul reached out her hand and touched the wall.

Then, to her surprise, a part of the wall opened itself up and opened up a passage as if telling her to come in.


"This is… !”


While Esmeralda was surprised, Jin Ye-Seul went inside without hesitation.

And Han Soo-Young and Choi Hyun-Woo followed her immediately, almost flying.


“Oh, wait!”


Esmeralda said and tried to go in, but the hole in the wall filled up so fast that she couldn't do it.

But in that brief moment, Esmeralda, who was able to peer through the wall, stood blankly as if she had received a huge shock and muttered.


“What was… Just now, that was…… .”


Definitely…… .


* * *


At some point, Han Soo-Young realized that she had separated from her party and was left alone.

She had heard that there were occasionally dungeons and towers with magical devices like this, but this was the first time she had actually experienced it.


And in front of Han Soo-Young, who had become alone, someone stood there as if they were waiting.


Instead of looking around to find her party, she stretched out her hand as if threatening the person who was wearing a bulky robe in front of her and was staring at her. 


“Who are you!”


“…… .”


“Take it off.

And show your face.”


At those words, the other person slowly took off the bulky robe that was covering the whole body.

And as the other person's appearance gradually began to appear, Han Soo-Young's eyes began to open wide in disbelief.


Hair that's slightly reddish.

In contrast, dark black eyes.

But a breathtaking life that has collapsed so much that it can't be hidden.

A figure that she had always seen through the mirror, but now she felt a sense of incongruity.


“… Me"


She was none other than Han Soo-Young, her own figure.


She wondered if she would have been like that if she had grown up over time, but she was staring at her with a gaze full of alertness and anger.


“… What! Can it be a doppelganger”


I feel so bad.

With those words, flames immediately erupted from the other Han Soo-Young's hands.


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