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There were three things in my hand.

A crystal that looked like a small marble.

An old scale weight.

And a piece of blackened wood.

They seemed like garbage, but I knew better than anyone the importance of these things.

That's because these are essential items that I would need in the future when dealing with the two already unsealed Seven Evils.

After the dust had settled, I looked inside the collapsed altar and found a small notebook.

I already knew what it was, but I took out a notebook to revive my forgotten memory and started reading it.

[□ Month X Day.

I got goosebumps all over my body.

The man who was the boss's staff and the woman to who the executives of Thorn Cross Society were polite.

I think I'm the only one who figured out what the two of them were.

No, there was originally another person, but he died suddenly two days ago.

What the hell is going on

[□ Month ○ Day.

They are monsters.

But, can you believe that there are cases they can take such a perfect human form that you can't even detect at all… No matter how much I was conducting an experiment that betrayed humanity, it was only for the advancement of science.

That's not what they want.

They…… .]

[ □ Month X Day.

Over a long period of time, I was able to gather those who had the same thoughts and meanings as me.

It's surprising that there are people who have the same meaning in Red Case and the Thorn Cross Society other than me, but ...… there's no way around it.

Because they are none other than □□□□.

Fortunately, their samples are here.

And they've been secretly keeping each other in check.

perhaps…… .]

[○ Month X Day.

I failed.

Most of my colleagues disappeared after being found out.

It was fortunate that I had all the things alone.

Was there a traitor among us Either way, it's dangerous for me to go on like this.

First, let's hide it in a place I've made in advance and retrieve it later.]

[(P.S) If you happen to read this record, please send it to the association along with the items you found with it.]

"As expected."

All the important contents were either erased or torn.

It was a common device for throwing rice cakes and raising tension. 

‘First, I'll put these two in the storage…… .'

The old weight and the burned piece of wood could each be seen as something that could counter and resist the Seven Evil's abilities.

After carefully placing them in Henir's Shadow, I lifted up the crystal that was like a red gem.

A crystal mixed with turbid energy ()

―A crystal mixed with the energy of unknown beings.

No one knows how to use it or what results it will bring.

Knowing what this was, I put it in my mouth without hesitation.

At that moment, I felt like my stomach was getting hot.

[An unknown and turbid energy begins to circulate in your body.]

[You can feel your body changing little by little by an unknown energy...… .]

[Karma level has increased.]

After that, notification windows started popping up.

Instantly, my head started to hurt, so instead of reading through the notification windows one by one, I immediately checked the status.

Name: Yoo Ji-Hyuk

Gender: M


Stamina: D ( )

Strength: C ( )

Agility: B

Mana: D ( )

Arts: C

Luck: C (――)

Karma: 10

All stats except for luck increased by one, and instead, the karma value increased.

In addition, it was confirmed that the luck value decreased as the Karma value increased.

Of course, it can be said that it is a tremendous benefit that all abilities have increased.

However, considering how big of a penalty karma is in this worldview, it didn't really benefit that much.

The Karma figure was nothing more than a disgrace given to those who committed so-called acts of abandoning humanity.

There were cases where I got this karma figure in the original story, so I remembered it relatively well.

For example, when playing as Choi Hyun-Woo, drawing out a magic sword to gain power.

For example, when playing as Han Soo-Young, learning necromancy or black magic...… .

Or, when committing an act such as massacring civilians, a karma figure would have been created.

In addition, the higher the karma value, the more exponential penalties are given, so it was better to avoid stacking if possible.

That's why I didn't even try to do anything that would increase karma value, but...… .

I stacked 10 at once.

To put it in an extreme way, if you were playing the game as Han Soo-young and suddenly changed to a Necromancer, the amount of karma that was created was only 5.

“…… .”

But it was unavoidable.

Now, even if I had to take risks, I had to raise my ability value even a little bit.

And even more so in a situation like now.

“You're here.”

When I returned to my original place, Lee Myung-Joon, who was sitting in a fairly comfortable position than when I arrived, raised his hand happily.

Horie Yuzuki was sipping a can of coffee with a more serious look than before.

“What on earth happened”

“I was going to explain when you came.

Sit down comfortably wherever you want."

Lee Myung-Joon, who confirmed that I was sitting down, changed his posture.

Then he rubbed the corners of his strangely tired eyes with one hand and murmured.

“It was as you said.

Definitely…… Damn it, I honestly didn't want to believe it...… .”

He continued his words, spitting out small complaints.

“I didn’t notice it until then, but when I looked through it with Aegis in mind, I saw that things had been steadily changing months.

Little by little, the alarm level was going down...… There were various reasons.

Budget issues, internal meeting decisions, on-site statements…… .”

“Is that possible”

"It's not just me, Evangeline too, but if she had noticed, she would have said everything.

When in the world did they do this so meticulously”

Of all the six guild masters, she was said to be the best at collecting information.

I asked, throwing the blonde woman, who had already become blurred, into a corner of memory.

“Do you know who made that statement Then…… .”

"It won't work.

I looked for it with that thought, but I can't pinpoint it."

He let out a small sigh.

“Most of the board members had made related suggestions at one time or another.

And there was also a majority in agreement.

There's no way everyone is communicating...… Was it the leader of the infiltration team He's a rotten fish, but he seems to have excellent abilities.”

He let out a small swear word.

Horie Yuzuki, who had been looking at him intently, opened her mouth.

“Then why are you here Sudden loss of contact and missing...… First of all, I told the guild members that I'd look for you, and I'm glad that I'm the one who came,  they're all restless these days, and no one is voicing it."

“The thing is.”

Lee Myung-Joon began to glance at her.

“Our guild, I think we will be inspected soon.”


"And I'm going to be under investigation soon, so I might not be able to come out for a few months."

Horie Yuzuki, who had been listening in stunned silence for a while, still opened his mouth in a gentle voice.

“That’s the sound of a dog barking.

Please tell me so I can understand.”

“No, don’t be angry…… .”

“I am not angry.

So tell me, boss.”

Lee Myung-Joon smiled slightly, but she was expressionless.

He looked away for a moment, as if embarrassed, and met my eyes.

"I have some ears inside, too.

But I heard that a story related to me suddenly came out today.

It won't come right away, but it will come in within three days at the latest."

"Under what name"

At Horie's question, Lee Myung-Joon smiled bitterly.

"The attack at the academy a few days ago.

In the name of holding me responsible for that.”

At his words, Horie something in her native language.

I don't know what that meant, but I knew it wasn't a nice word.

“Why is that your fault!”

“Because someone has to take responsibility.

And I have just the perfect title.”

"It's not that...!"

“Yuzuki, I understand how you feel, but let's deal with the important stuff first."

"If this isn't important, what the hell is!"

At her cry, Lee Myung-Joon just smiled bitterly.

Then he opened his mouth as if to ask her for help.

“I’ll go to the center of Aegis and check it out myself.”

Horie asked, looking a little more serious.

“What if you just go and nothing happened Then you really can't do anything about it.

Just by breaking into a first-class facility like Aegis without permission you will suffer severe sentence."

"It's worth it.

You know that, too."

"Haaa…… .”

"Yuzuki, I'm sure you know this too, but if anything happens to Aegis…… .”

“You don’t have to tell me any more, alright…… .”

She murmured as if giving up.

She mumbled something in her language again and looked at Lee Myung-Joon.

"No matter what you say, it's an enclosed place.

The only people who would be able to get in and out of a place like that would be people with spatial movement abilities like me...… What about other defense systems”

"That's actually the problem."

Lee Myung-Joon then lifted a thick bunch of documents that he had placed beside him.

“I have roughly pinpointed the location, but I have to think about how to break through the security system.”

“It’s not a job to find people, but it's a problem to find them secretly and quickly.

It also has to be a heavy-mouthed...… Why don't you ask other guild members for help"


They're probably keeping an eye on us, too."

"Then…… .”

Looking at the two who began to discuss with serious faces, I raised my hand carefully.

"Um, I know someone like that."

At the same time, both of their eyes turned to me.

“Is it enough if someone can break through Orhe Academy’s system at will”

With those words, I immediately made a call to Jin Ye-Seul.

* * *

The four of us headed to Bukhansan Mountain, where the main server and backbone of Aegis is hidden.

Horie Yuzuki, who brought Jin Ye-Seul, who had sneaked out of the academy, repeatedly moved the four of us, including herself, into the warp, as if she wasn't tired enough.

Thanks to this, we were able to reach Bukhansan Mountain shortly after.

After tapping Yuzuki Horie repeatedly on the shoulder, who had a pale complexion and was gulping several potions, Lee Myung-Joon slowly spread out both hands.

“Wait for about 10 minutes."

And about five minutes passed.

Lee Myung-Joon muttered as he put down his hands.

"I found it.

This way."

He took the lead of the group and began skillfully.

After about twenty minutes of wandering along the mountain path, he pointed at the bottom of the ground and said.

“We're here.

Seeing the strange different wavelengths I can detect from here, it's definitely here.”

"Don't tell me, you detected the entire mountain just now"

Lee Myung-Joon nodded indifferently.

It was when I shook my head at the level of absurdity that he could detect the entire mountain in a few minutes, even though he wasn't a detectorist.

"Then I'll step up now.

Can you scan the inside and tell me what the device looks like or something"


Lee Myung-Joon and Jin Ye-Seul stepped forward and started talking to each other.

When Lee Myung-Joon said something, Jin Ye-Seul muttered, saying there was no biometric detection and there was a stimulus response.

After a while, Jin Ye-Seul, who had been giving orders to Lee Myung-Joon, nodded.

"Well, I'm sure it's been lifted.

I'm assuming I've done it right as you've said."

"Then there won't be a problem."

This time it was Horie Yuzuki's turn.

As she stepped in the front, we naturally placed our hands on her body.

A brief moment of dizziness.

However, I felt less dizziness than before and felt like I was floating.

When I opened my eyes, we were indoors before I knew it.

"This is…… .”

Lee Myung-Joon murmured, sounding impressed.

It reminded me of the facility I had visited the other day where Esmeralda Lysnerger was imprisoned.

The area we were in was like a large square.

As if the purpose of this place was for living, all kinds of household items such as beds, sofas, bookshelves, and tables were randomly placed here and there.

And the biggest problem was the fact that we were eye to eye with one man who was lying down on the sofa resting, probably because it was a living space.

“Crazy, what!”

As if he was startled, he inadvertently picked up the dumbbell lying next to him.

As looked at us, he gave an incredulous look.

“Myung-Joon Why are you here”

“Yoo Ji-Ho Why are you…… .”

It seemed that the two of them knew each other.

“Why am I here, I am here because I am one of the managers.”

The man called Yoo Ji-ho said, scratching his unshaven, shaggy chin with his fingers.

“Then why don’t you answer my question Why are you here Even with two young students...… .”

The corners of his eyes, as he murmured, gradually narrowed.

Then, at some point, he pulled out a slender spear from the back of the sofa and lifted it up.

Seeing that, Lee Myung-Joon took a step forward as if to tell him to calm down.

“Ji-Ho, I can explain everything.

Just calm down and put that spear down.

Like you said, the kids here...… .”

“If you come any closer, I will judge that you've impure intention.

Think well.”

Hearing the warning, Lee Myung-Joon did not proceed any further.

He muttered, pointing his spear at us.

"I didn't think that there would be someone insane enough to really break in here.

That fact alone is surprising, but to think that person is you...… .”


Listen to me for a moment.”

"I'm sorry.

But rules are rules.

I will be arresting all four, including you.

If you resist, it might not be a matter of intrusion, you can be treated as a terrorist, so if possible, just...… .”

Something was strange.

Sensing this instinctively, I slowly looked at him with my newly acquired insight.

And as soon as I saw him, I was sure.

“Jin Ye-Seul.”


At my call, Jin Ye-Seul tilted her head.

“Go and twist that person’s neck.”

When I said that, she jumped forward without hesitation.

Everyone was surprised by the action, but Lee Myung-Joon, who was most surprised, reflexively tried to raise his hand, so I had to hold his hand tightly.

“Hey, crazy… !”

“Hello, mister.”

Towards Jin Ye-Seul, who had dug into his body in an instant, the man fixed the spear and stabbed it several times in the blink of an eye.

From a distance, Jin Ye-Seul's body seemed to have been pierced by the spear.

It was probably why Horie Yuzuki swallowed a small scream.

But I knew well that Jin Ye-Seul would be safe.

Flowing Snake.

Because of this, Jin Ye-Seul could unconditionally evade the opponent's attacks and feed counters at the same time.

In fact, at some point, Jin Ye-Seul, whose body became blurred, stretched out her legs while rotating her body.

The blade protruding from her shoes crawled around his body like worms, causing numerous stab wounds.

It was especially when he tried to back away, with a deep wound on his wrist.


Jin Ye-Seul, who had stretched out her leg, hooked his neck with it and turned around.

It was like watching a gymnast's stunts.

In the blink of an eye, Jin Ye-Seul climbed onto his back as if she was riding on his shoulders, tightened her legs around his neck, and reached out her hands to grab his head.


There was a snap and the sound of something breaking.

The man whose chin and forehead had been reversed fell on his knees in a slump, and Jin Ye-Seul skillfully fell off his body and quickly bounced up to my side with a thump.

“Ugh, the beard…… .”

She then rubbed her stocking-covered leg with the palm of her hand, looking uncomfortable.

“What the hell are you doing…… .”

Lee Myung-Joon muttered in a hollow voice as if stunned.

I asked him quietly.

“Does that still look like your acquaintance, Hunter-Nim”

Not at all in my eyes.

Ordinary people couldn't do that.

Ordinary people didn't have their whole body filled with water instead of organs and muscles.

"That's amazing.

How did you find out"

There was a crackling sound.

Then he, who was collapsed with his neck broken, began to slowly stand up, fluid dripping from his nose, mouth, and eyes.

"No one else had noticed this except our leader.”

From his open mouth, another stream of liquid poured out.


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