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Chapter 62


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Mine, Lee Myung-Joon's, and Evangeline's cell phones rang almost simultaneously, creating a strange harmony.


When I opened the phone, the first thing I saw was a text message from Lee Ye-Eun.

When I peeked through it, it said that an explosion occurred inside the academy, and that I should help citizens evacuate right now, and that I should contact her as soon as possible.


"I'm sorry, but I think I'll have to go back now."


“Wouldn't it be better to stay here, if possible I think it's dangerous.”


Lee Myung-Joon said to me while looking for something, as if he had forgotten to speak formally.

Soon after, he took out his trident, which was his symbol.


“I've volunteered for the temporary student council.

They have to evacuate citizens to shelters, but they are short of workers.

So, I have to go and do what I have to do.”


Lee Myung-Joon nodded without saying a word, as if there was nothing more to say at those words.

Evangeline had already prepared herself and stood up from her seat, and Jang Deok-Pil was shaking his legs as if he was nervous in a chair.


“I've lost contact with Laura.”


“That means that someone has fallen for it brilliantly.”


At Evangeline's words, Lee Myung-Jun murmured with a complicated expression on his face.

Jung Deok-Pil, who was sitting, asked him with a persistent tone.


“Is it Red Case”


“I don't know for sure yet.

I made sure to cut off contact as soon as someone appeared in the place where the information was leaked as the relic storage area.”


“If she uses her powers, all contact will be lost anyway.”


Evangeline added to Lee Myung-Joon's answer.

Jang Deok-Pil, who was listening silently, jumped up from his seat and tapped his chest with his fist.


“Please send me.”


Lee Myung-Joon, who seemed to be agonizing for a while, soon nodded.


“Eva, you move with General Jang.

He was a famous martial arts hunter in the past, so he will never hold you back.”


“Myung-Joon, what about you”


“I have to go around on my own and do what I have to do."


His only one remaining eye shed a cold light.

The look of his while removing the cover of the trident that normally covered the blade was terrifying.


“… Okay."


Evangeline silently reached out and placed her hands on Jang Deok-Pil's and Lee Myung-Joon's shoulders.

Then she turned her head to face me and said.


“Hurry up and put your hands on my body, too.

I'm not like Yuzuki, I can't move you without making contact with me.”


“Oh, yes.”


When she said that, I quickly placed my hand on her shoulder.

A strange expression appeared on Evangeline's face, and she closed her eyes and began to mutter something.


Soon after, I felt the familiar and unfamiliar sense of floating envelop my whole body again, that I felt while coming here with her.

At that moment I thought of what would happen if I let go of her hand here, so I involuntarily grabbed her shoulder tightly and strongly.


how much time has passed

It was only then that I could feel that I was standing right on the ground.

Before I knew it, we were standing in the middle of the academy, which was so noisy.


“…… .”


When I came back to myself, Lee Myung-Joon had already disappeared.

When he disappeared, I smelled something burning, along with the sound of fire sparks.

He must have moved while wearing the lightning armor, known as his main specialty.


"Let's move too."


"Yes, let's move."


Jung Deok-Pil, who had been shaking his hands anxiously, suddenly looked at me and said.


“Ji-Hyuk, I’ll tell you in case you don’t know, but be careful.

If you run into dangerous people, run for help immediately.

It is nothing to be ashamed of.”


“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”


"Okay…… .”


He looked at me with a complicated gaze.

Then he immediately began to move quickly with Evangeline.

I was the only one left.


"Well then…… .”


First, I called Lee Ye-Eun.

She answered my call before it had even rung twice.


― Junior, where are you right now


At her urgent voice, I answered, catching my breath.


"I'm sorry.

I was with an acquaintance for a while...… What should I do"


—… First, find your place and guide the citizens to the shelter.

If it is not feasible to get to the original designated area, you can help other staff at the nearest location.


"Yes, I understand.

But, senior.”


This isn't an ordinary explosion, right


— …… .


She fell silent at my question.

I could hear her small breathing as she parted her mouth, and then silence again.

After a while, she spoke quietly with a small sigh.


— Yes.

It's an attack by someone.

Right now, the academy is under attack from outside forces.

If you are thinking of going there...… .


“No, not at all.

Do not worry.

It's just…… Yes, something doesn’t feel right.”


— If so, that's a relief...….



Lee Ye-Eun said in a voice that clearly showed that she was worried about me.


— Anyway, junior.

Help the citizens to evacuate, but if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, always put your own safety first.

We must never forget that we are cadets aiming to become heroes, but we are still only students.

And don't forget that in rescue principles, the first priority is to ensure the safety of the rescuer.



Thank you for your concern.”


—Then I'm going to hang up now.

I hope we can see each other in a little while.


After hanging up the phone with her, I pressed my fingers against the throbbing head.


Explosion accident.

Red Case, Thorns Cross Society, Big Watch.


Of the three, Big Watch is the only one that causes an explosion.

If so, it would be more reasonable to assume that at least their boss and four disciples are definitely here.


'I thought maybe, but I didn't think the three of them would really come.....… .'


In the Red Case, at least one Waterer team.

In the Thorns Cross Society, there are dozens of people, just from the numbers we found here.

The Big Watch is also here with their boss and four disciples...… .

Where the hell should I start


After contemplating for a while, I immediately took out my cell phone.


First of all, the relics had to be protected.

The purpose of the Thorns Cross Society was not known in detail under the current circumstances, but at least the purpose of the Red Case and the Big Watch was nothing other than a relic.

There was already the paladin waiting there, and Evangeline and Jang Deok-Pil had gone, but I couldn't be relieved.


That's because the Red Case were the ones who always aimed at their opponent's gaps and exploited them.

Playing them somehow, taunting them, was exactly what they specialized in.




― Ah, finally.


The other person who answered the phone uttered a voice full of excitement.

She was none other than Jin Ye-Seul.

I quickly told her where to meet me and hung up the phone.

In the current situation, Jin Ye-Seul was more important than anyone else, so I needed to meet up with her as soon as possible.


Of course, there is a compatibility between all abilities, skills, equipment, and positions.

And when dealing with the Big Watch, the person who would have the most advantage was none other than Jin Ye-Seul.


The only thing I remember about the Big Watch boss was that he was a fat man.

However, the most difficult of his four disciples, Dmitry, was the one whose name I could still vividly remember.


His ability was really tricky.

Even Choi Hyun-Woo, who reached the level of Swordmaster, was likely to lose against him.

No, maybe even Lee Myung-Joon would lose.

Of course, I could also see that the chances of me winning against him were slim.


However, if it was Jin Ye-Seul, there was an almost 100% chance that she could bring victory from him.

Because she was literally his hard counter.

And that wasn't all.

Jin Ye-Seul also had an advantage over other disciples who caused the current explosion, except for Dmitry.


In other words, when dealing with the Big Watch, it means that if Jin Ye-Seul is present, the difficulty will be several times easier.

The reason was none other than her characteristics and fighting style.


She has a characteristic called Flaw Jade (瑕 玉).

Beads with tees, jade tees.

It may be a word with many meanings, but the effect of this characteristic was simple and powerful.


When the characteristic holder's attack hits the opponent, it unconditionally inflicts even a small amount of damage.

That was the ability of Flaw Jade.

In other words, if the opponent does not block or dodge, the damage can be accumulated on the opponent as if it is gnawing little by little unconditionally.


And only with the characteristic of this Flaw Jade, it was possible to kill the first unsealed Seven Evil.

Also, the only person who owned this Flaw Jade was Jin Ye-Seul in the original 'Clouds on the Horizon'.


This was also the reason why I left her alone even as she rushed for my life, scratched my nerves all the time, and showed a dangerous gaze.


In addition to that, even if the characteristic of this Flaw Jade is left out of the discussion, as far as I know, only Jin Ye-Seul is the only guaranteed check that can completely neutralize Dmitry, who is a very tricky opponent.

These two were good enough for her reason for me to join her quickly.


“… Huh"


Meanwhile, I could find things like birds flying in the sky.

Bird No, is it a bug


They were pure white things with a strange light.

It didn't seem like a bird or a bug that didn't flap its wings...… .

I stared at it for a moment as if possessed by the sight I saw for the first time, then quickly shook my head.


‘Let’s move quickly first.’


Originally, the relic would have been hidden in the vault as usual, and then stolen by a member of Red Case or the Big Watch.

However, the current situation was quite different from the original story, as evidenced by Lee Myung-Joon's story a while ago.


The real artifact is hidden somewhere else, and in the original hidden place, the paladin is digging a trap, and there are even separate reinforcements.


However, no one knows what will happen.

In the original story, there were so many times when I overlooked the situation and got hit on the back of the head thinking that it would be okay, so I naturally had to be cautious.


First of all, I thought it would be better to figure out the details of whether the relic was stolen there, and then decide what to do next.

In the first place, the reason I prepared for this incident from a few days ago was to prevent the theft of the relic.

Even if it was just to prevent the theft of the relic, it could be said that this was a success.


‘At times like this, it would have been easier for me to plan if I had known the opponent’s abilities properly…… .'


No matter how much it was ten years ago, I didn't think I would forget everything like this.

While blaming myself like that, I hastened my steps.


* * *


“Hey, it’s him.”




A man wearing a mask and a woman holding a cigarette spoke in a small voice.

Their gazes were nailed to the back of the boy who was running towards somewhere.


"What should we do"


“Let’s do our job first.

That’s incidental.”


"But…… .”


The man made a wrinkle between his forehead as if he were agonizing.


“You say it's none of our business, but the leader still said it's necessary to maintain a friendly relationship with the Thorns Cross Society.

Wouldn’t it be better to hold at least one if possible”


“That's true when I listen to it.…… .”


“I don’t think it will take long.”


At the man's continuous advances, the woman pulled out something.

Two pictures.

It was a picture of the two people they were aiming for in this commotion, which was given to them by the Thorns Cross Society.


“You can go ahead and finish it.

If it's your ability, it shouldn't be a problem to carry it around."


"Well…… .”


“Honestly, if we miss him now, how are we going to find him Wait until we run into each other again in this big place In the midst of this chaos”


“Yeah, now that I hear it again, it's true.”


At the man's persistent persuasion, the woman nodded her head as if she had no choice.



Let's go get him."


The woman concluded, crumpling up the two pictures.

Then the man's eyes, whose mouth was covered with the mask, began to curve as if he was happy.



With the sound, the two crumpled pictures fell to the ground.


The pictures showed Han Soo-Young, and Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who had just passed by.




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