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For about two hours the three of us were taught by Professor Abel Grossman.


In my case, I had to repeatedly wield a dagger in front of a training model.

To be honest, it was extremely ignorant, tiring, and boring to do repeatedly, but at least I was better than the other two.


In Lee Yu-Na's case, she had a huge number of old weapons piled up in front of her that she had brought from somewhere, and she was told to polish and sharpen them one by one.

She ended up spending the whole class cleaning the weapons.


In the case of Jin Ye-Seul, it was even more serious, she went into the Sparring room alone with Professor Grossman, and by the end of the class, she showed up with her whole body in tatters.


I figured it was because I knew what was really going on.

She noticed that Jin Ye-Seul fought with her body art, so she used the same body art against her.


However, in the case of Lee Yu-Na, she seemed to have accepted it differently from me.

She grimaced as if she had been beaten up, and as soon as class was over, she dragged Jin Ye-Seul to the infirmary.


“I have no luck.”


As I watched Jin Ye-Seul go in to receive her treatment, Lee Yu-Na sighed quietly.


“What the hell is she doing with us What does it matter if she's a professor No matter how much she is, how does she make a person look like that from the first day”


Lee Yu-Na looked pained as she looked at the infirmary door.


“Haaa, I can’t say anything until I'm like that… .”


Apparently, Lee Yu-Na had developed a strange sympathy for Jin Ye-Seul.

To be honest, considering the background and story of how she grew up, it wasn't unconvincing…….


‘Of all people to choose, Jin Ye-Seul'


I thought to myself and shook my head slightly.

Meanwhile, Lee Yu-Na sniffed and frowned, smelling her clothes.

Even I could smell the iron, oil, and chemicals, who was next to her.


“Are you okay I saw you wielding a dagger for two hours.”


“I'm fine… .”


I remembered the skill I had just acquired, by wielding the dagger.




― Dagger Mastery (Growth / Introductory 0.00 %)

This is an essential skill for better handling dagger-type weapons.

It aims to bring out higher efficiency and lethality through dagger-type weapons.


― Inflicts additional shock when attacking with daggers.

― You will be able to use daggers more skillfully.


( ) Additional corrections will be added because it was learned by receiving the correct guidance from a master.


Whatever her training method was, it was clear from my point of view that I had achieved specific results.


There was no way to acquire this kind of mastery skill except to have it from the beginning or to get guidance from a specific person.

And Abel Grossman was one of those few specific people.


‘Besides… .'


Professor Grossman and Lee Yu-Na were one of those combinations that should not get worse.

I simply nodded and answered.


“It’s the first time I’ve been properly trained, so I can't say for sure."




At my words, she looked as if she had forgotten what to say for a moment.

Then after a while, she murmured as if asking me.


“But Why did you start training all of a sudden"


“There's going to be a guild invitation ceremony soon.”


"It's because of that."


Lee Yu-Na nodded.

In fact, it was a fact that most students with some level of intelligence would have noticed.

That was because the guild invitation ceremony was a meaningful event for the Orhe Academy, numerous guilds, and finally, the faculty and students in this world.


Most of the graduating students, not only here but in all academies, want to join a guild, a large corporation, or even the state.


And it could be seen that the opportunity to formally appeal to such guilds was extremely rare.

Since there were few events as large and serious as this guild invitation ceremony, it was only natural for everyone to prepare thoroughly.



“We have to show something there and make an evaluation so that, it will make the guilds do calculations whether they want to or not.

And because there was a small accident in the mock dungeon, the freshmen did not have any practical training this semester, right”


"That's ......



Lee Yu-Na nodded her head.

Of all the playable characters, if there was one person who was in desperate need in many ways, it would have been her, so she was probably very relieved inside.


"Oh, is it over"


Then, when her Jin Ye-Seul, who had finished her treatment, came limping to us, Lee Yu-Na quickly approached her and tried to help her.

However, Jin Ye-Seul gently refused her help.


“It's, it’s okay.”


"Uh…… Okay."


"Thank you for worrying about me."


Jin Ye-Seul said so and firmly expressed her intentions.

At Jin Ye-Seul's refusal, Lee Yu-Na awkwardly withdrew her hand.

It was when I was standing awkwardly between the two of them.




The three of us turned our heads almost simultaneously as we heard a rustling sound from across the hallway.

There was a man carrying an unconscious student on his back, rushing toward us.


“It's a patient, excuse me!”


With that, he walked past us, an armband on his arm announcing that he was a supporter.

He sneaked out between us and headed towards the infirmary, but his peculiar back was clearly a memorable sight.


'That person is definitely.....



As I was reviving my memories, Jin Ye-Seul muttered in a low voice.


"What's going on"


“'It's been like this from day one...  .”


Le Yu-Na let out a small sigh, and only then did I get a rough idea of ​​what had happened.


‘Ahn Do-Hoon.

That guy.’


He was a more memorable guy because he was one of the more unusual playable characters, unique in many ways.

Above all, Ahn Do-Hoon was the only one with a dirty personality who would beat his opponents until they fainted from the first day of class.


‘I really hate it… .'


It was hard enough to worry about Jin Ye-Seul alone, but if I think about it, Ahn Do-Hoon was also one of the key figures to watch out for.


On top of that, there was also the matter with Na Il-Jun, so it was obvious that if I became directly involved with him, something troublesome would certainly happen.


However, one of the people holding the largest stake in the guild invitation ceremony a few days later was none other than Ahn Do-Hoon.

It meant that no matter what I did, I couldn't avoid getting involved with him.


'I hope nothing happens…..



* * *


But who was it

The ominous premonition had never been wrong.


Not long after thinking that it would be better not to get involved with Ahn Do-Hoon and his gang, I ran into them.

That too, in front of the narrow hallway.


“…… .”


I paused for a moment, but I walked towards them as they approached this way.

To be honest, unless there was a direct relationship, it was best to pretend to know nothing and pass by.


Most importantly it might not be Ahn Do-Hoon, but the guys he was dragging were those who were good for nothing.


I was just about to ignore and walk past them.

A particularly large male student suddenly pointed at me and muttered while looking through this side.


"Huh It's him, it's him."


Then a female student and another male student around Ahn Do-Hoon immediately looked this way.




“Do you know him”


The big guy frowned as if trying to jog his memory.

In the midst of that, the finger toward me was still not lowered.


“No, it’s him.

that… what."


After a while, the contemplating guy shouted loudly as if he had remembered it.


"Yes! Na Il-Jun, he's the one who won the fight with him! The E-rank!”


I could feel Ahn Do-Hoon, who had looked uninterested in his shout until now, staring at me as if his interest had finally been piqued.

I sighed inwardly.




“Oh, is that him That's cool.

But he looks really ordinary.”


The female student with bobbed hair looked at me with a rather interested expression.

In the case of another male student, he looked at Lee Yu-Na and Jin Ye-Seul rather than me, with a look of surprise on his face.




When Lee Yu-Na spat out as if she was offended, one of the male students' eyes twitched.

Looking at it, it seemed like the two of them already knew each other, but they didn't seem to have a very good relationship.




It looked like there was going to be a problem there too.

It wasn't very good.

It was when I was thinking that way.


“Wow, but it's really strange.

How could such a weak-looking guy....



“Hey, Yoon-Jae.”


Ahn Do-hoon opened his mouth with a smile as he pulled down the big male student's finger.


“Uh, huh”


“You can't point at people in a bad way.

It's rude."


When Ahn Do-Hoon grabbed the male student's finger, the two people who were talking behind him also immediately shut their mouths.

And the way they looked at Ahn Do-Hoon with anxious eyes showed how well Ahn Do-Hoon was holding his gang.


"What are you doing You have to apologize."


“Uh, uh…  .”


At Ahn Do-Hoon's words, a male student called Yoon-Jae looked up at me with a stiff face and bowed his head.


“I'm, I’m sorry.

I was pointing… .”



It's okay."


What was the point of accepting the apology 

When I roughly waved my hand thinking this, the guy nodded several times.

And when he stepped back and breathed a small sigh of relief, he looked so helpless that it did not match his size.


“Your name is Yoo Ji-hyuk, right”


And Ahn Do-Hoon did not even give a glance at him as he lost interest and looked at me.


“I heard that Il-Jun caused you a lot of trouble.

I'll apologize instead.

He's a little ......

like that."






From the outside, Ahn Do-Hoon was very friendly to me.

There was no hostile attitude anywhere in his smiling expression and his relaxed posture.

That was why I was confident that he was the most broken character among the playable characters.


[You can feel an overbearing magic force pressing down on your body!]


[The banshee's necklace succeeds in resisting! The pressure on the body disappears!]


‘Look at this bastard, this’


With a smile on his face, he was constantly sending mana to me to apply pressure.

This was exactly the kind of technique that Ahn Do-Hoon would use, and it was almost unnerving.


“Well, it happens."


I said as if it was no big deal and looked at Ahn Do-Hoon.

For a moment, I could see his eyes swaying slightly.


“I heard he is still out of your mind, so give him my regards later.

As a friend”


He smiled a little at my answer.


"That's how it should be."


With that answer, Ahn Do-Hoon took steps towards the way he was heading.

Then the three of them, who were just looking behind him, hurriedly began to follow him.


"What the hell, that jerk."


Lee Yu-Na muttered like that.

She then patted down her arm and it seemed that he didn't put pressure on me alone.

Her eyes were bloody as if she had noticed the rough situation.


‘It’s scary, I'm scared.’


Right next to Ahn Do-Hoon, who suddenly started a quarrel, was Jin Ye-Seul.

It was only the first day, but I was already feeling bad that there were already two people I need watch out for.


* * *


After parting ways with Lee Yu-Na and Jin Ye-Seul, I went straight to the alchemy club.

Today's class ended after meeting the advisor, so I had a bit of spare time.


Watching the ending several times, I realized through my body that it would make things easier if I showed my face at the club room at times like this.


‘More than anything else, it would be easier in the future if I had a relationship with either Cass Lyle or Professor Blesbuck.’


Just being friends with a highly skilled alchemist would increase the number of options I could take in various events to come.

Of course, there are ways to find knowledge using the setting book, but….


‘When am I going to be looking for all that stuff'


In terms of efficiency, of course, this was better.

Bearing in mind the various incidents to come, I naturally had to build friendships with both of them.


It was when I headed to the alchemy club with that thought.




I unknowingly let a voice out of my mouth.

The alchemy club, which would normally be so quiet, was now crowded with countless people.


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