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Time passes, and soon it became February 5, 1511, in the Sea Circle Calendar.

"It's up...

The Eternal Pose is up, Nii-san, come and see!"

On this day, the four enjoyed their lunch break as usual.

El, who was feeding the pterosaur tied to the stern of the ship, suddenly heard Nami's cry from the bow of the ship.

After a while, Nami's trotted over.

Handing the Eternal Pose on her wrist to El, Nami said excitedly: "Nii-san, the Eternal Pose is pointing to the sky, have we entered that special sea area where the sky island is suspected"

"Go up and see if you don't know."

El touched the pterosaur, who had become extremely docile and smiled.

"Yesss, we're off to the sky island!" Nami cheered.

Carina and Kuina are also looking forward to it.

The three girls returned to the cabin together, and they quickly packed their things, each one of them was carrying a small bag.

El also came out with a backpack, which contained the remaining nutritional supplement, some clothes, and the items purchased on the black market.

"hehehe, it's time to play your part."

Handing her small bag to Nami, Carina walked in front of the pterosaur, patted its body, and opened her mouth under the pterosaur's wide eyes full of spirituality, the she took a bite on the pterosaur's shoulder.

Then without waiting for the pterosaur to scream, its huge body is like it encounters a black hole.

It enters Carina's mouth like a jelly candy and falls into the Baku Baku space.

In the next instant, Carina's body starts to change, they saw that except for her head, her body from the neck down had changed from a thin human body to a huge pterosaurs body.

After turning into a pterosaur, Carina's height directly changed from 148 centimeters to more than 5 meters.

Originally she was so small that she could only carry Nami on her back, now she became so big that it would not be a problem even if she carried a few people on her back.

In particular, if the wings, which are transformed from hands, are fully opened, she will be about ten meters wide.

"It's amazing, Carina, your physique has become stronger again."

Nami, who trains Three Heads and Six Arms with her every single day, is no longer unfamiliar with the Baku Baku no Mi fruit, causing her to exclaim in amazement: "I thought you could only transform into half size of the pterosaur, I didn't expect you to completely transform."



come up, staying in this form is draining me.

" Carina first smiled proudly, then hurriedly urged them.

Hearing this, El held Kuina and Nami then jump and sat on Carina's back.

"I'm about to take off." Carina, then spread out her huge wings to incite a strong air current, and fly into the sky

The pterosaur is indeed an extinct creature, and its speed is definitely one of the best among the large birds.

Other birds, flying to a certain height will have difficulty continuing to rise.

But Carina just flapped her wings a few times, and she turned into a black spot.

After a few more flaps, the ship will completely disappear in their eyes.

"Wow, is this what it feels to fly"

As she flew, Carina shouted.

"It's a great feeling, I find myself liking the Baku Baku No Mi fruit more and more."

Hearing this, Nami, who hugged El tightly with Kuina, spit out: "Baku Baku No Mi Fruit's three abilities "digestion", "transformation" and "synthesis" are really too outrageous."

Kuina nodded in agreement and said, "Eating gun, you can turn into a gun, eating a house you can turn into a house, if it weren't for its weakness on seawater and sea stone, and a 24-hour time limit, Carina could eat all the creatures in the world and have the talents of all creatures into her."

"If there is no time limit, then Baku Baku No Mi Fruit would not be one of the Paramecia's top devil fruit, but it would be the strongest in the three types of devil fruit." El smiled and said.

"That's right, if there's no time limit, Carina will be able to eat all the devil fruit users."

Just when the three were discussing the Baku Baku No Mi Fruit, Carina quickly carried the three and flew to an altitude of more than 6,000 meters.

The White Sea, which was seven kilometers above the sea, was only a few hundred meters away.

"Nami, Kuina, take one on the contents of my backpack."

El said while Holding the two girls so they don't fall.


Knowing what El was talking about, the two girls, opened El's backpack and took out two pink corals.

This coral is not an ornament, but a special item from the fish-man island which dwells 10,000 meters below the sea level - Bubbly Coral.

As the name suggests, this coral can make bubbles, and the quality of this bubble, it's very difficult to crack.

Even the seawater pressure of several kilometers cannot pop these bubbles.

Some people who have been to Fishman Island or know the function of Bubbly Coral will prepare a few Bubbly Coral so that they won't die in the deep sea and survive with Bubbly Coral.


Bubbly Coral is not only a bestseller in Sabaody Archipelago and Fishman island but also one of the black market bestsellers.

At this point, El also found it out by accident when he bought the sea stone handcuffs.

El's original idea was to wait until Carina's ability to fly into the White Sea was relieved by the influence of the sea, and then rely on his strong physique to swim to at the White Sea with the three girls in his arms.

With Bubbly Coral, it doesn't have to be so troublesome, and the three girls don't have to suffer.

"Get ready, when Carina rushes into the clouds, squeeze the coral in your hands." El reminded.


Nami and Kuina nodded vigorously, while looking at the white clouds that were getting closer and closer, their small hands holding the coral bubbles tightened slightly.

When Carina crashed into the clouds.

A huge bubble formed by Bubbly Coral, like a pair of invisible big hands, pushes away all the seawater and wraps the four like a protective suit.


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