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As a result, Han Qingsong became the director of the Public Security Bureau in a blink of an eye.

She had to come here to beg for her son’s stead,but she really wanted to puke a mouthful of blood.


Lin Lan saw that the old lady and Yu Wuzi were putting pressure on Han Qingsong, so she said, “The fourth child is confused for a while, so I won’t pursue it.

It’s all about education, so if it’s convenient to bring him back, just do it.”


She would be a good person in public, so if the old lady slandered her and claimed that she wanted to kill the fourth child, people would not believe it.


The old lady immediately followed, “Yes, Old Three, you see that your wife has said the same thing.

She is not angry anymore, so bring the fourth child back.”


However, Han Qingsong said, “The state has national laws, the military has military regulations and they all act in accordance with the rules so no one will be wronged.

No one should bend the law for personal gain, accept bribes, or be corrupt.

These are the requirements of the party and cadres; no cadre should violate it.

If I violate it, I will also go to a labor camp.”


Old Lady Han opened her mouth like she was being slapped, but she didn’t expect Old Three to be so disrespectful.

She couldn’t help but slightly regret not telling Old Three to do so in a low-key setting.

Now, she was the one who couldn’t regain her reputation in front of so many people.


Yu Wuzi also accused Han Qingsong of being impersonal, claiming that he wouldn’t even help his own brother and a member of the village.


Han Qingsong’s face froze and he glanced at her, “Would you like to be the Director for me”


“Y-you… why are you saying such things”


Han Qingsong looked serious, “I’m serious.”


Lin Lan had a hard time holding back her laughter.

They had to mess around with a serious person like Han Qingsong.

Of course, ordinary people couldn’t stand it.


At this time, the Security Director also came back from the commune, and when he heard the movement, he came over to ask about it.


“You’re all forcing Qingsong to make mistakes the moment he takes office.

Do you want to send him to the labor camp The Secretary Head has let you all go, don’t go looking for trouble.”


At this time, each village was self-contained and the members were not afraid of outside cadres, but they were afraid of the Secretary Head and the Captain of the village.


Yu Wuzi and the others were shouted at and ushered home by the Security Director, but Old Lady Han entered the room.

She sat on the kang and began to cry and wipe her tears.


Lin Lan ran on her, “You don’t have to cry, old lady.

You can tie up my husband with a rope and send it to the fourth child for company.”


If it was said that the future of Old Three was taken or if the fourth child could be exchanged for the third child, the old lady would definitely be happy.

Lin Lan couldn’t help but hate her when she saw her like that.


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