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Chapter 30: Im Not His Girlfriend

So when Gu Man walked out after changing, she saw the two of them staring at her.

Cui Lins gaze was no longer teasing, and hearts were almost flying out of the eyes of the young girl beside him.

Gu Man felt a little scared by her staring.

Did something happen when she was changing Gu Man asked Bai Yun with her eyes.

Bai Yun shrugged and waved his hand, indicating that it was none of his business.

Could it be that the two of them were possessed

“Miss, you look so good in these clothes. I chose it. Do you like it” The little girl looked at Gu Man with sparkling eyes. She grinned until her eyes narrowed into slits. Bai Yun seemed to see a puppy sticking out its tongue and wagging its tail at Gu Man.

“Ahem, Bai Ling, watch your image.” Bai Yun looked at his sisters infatuated expression and wanted to cover his eyes.

Gu Man saw that this little girl who looked to be fifteen or sixteen years old had clear and bright eyes and an innocent smile. She had an instant liking for her as well.

“I like it very much. Thank you!” Gu Man smiled slightly.

Gu Man rarely smiled. Her personality was cold to begin with. Besides, in the past two days, she had been surrounded by annoying people and things. She could not smile at all.

Now that she met such an innocent and cute little sister like Bai Ling, she was really happy.

When Xiang Yin entered, he happened to see Gu Mans smiling face.

The few times he saw Gu Man, her face was either dark or she pursed her lips, looking cold and unapproachable.

But now, there was a faint smile on her lips. Although it was not obvious, those who had seen her would know that this was already very rare.

Xiang Yins heart softened and the corners of his mouth curled up.

On the other side, Bai Ling had already grabbed Gu Mans hand and shook it. “Miss, youre so good-looking!”

Gu Mans appearance was pure and bright. Her delicate and flawless skin was even fairer than ordinary people. Her rose-petal-like lips were slightly pink because of her delicate body. Her peach blossom eyes were usually lowered, but when she smiled and looked up, it was as if she was looking at peach blossoms in March.

Gu Man didnt know how to answer Bai Ling. She wasnt used to such intimacy and praise.

However, the friendly Miss Bai Ling did not need Gu Man to answer at all. She continued, “Miss, youre my brothers girlfriend, right”

Bai Lings words stunned everyone in the room.

Girl, arent you being too imaginative

Bai Yun spat out the water he had just drunk.

He coughed and shouted at Bai Ling, “Bai Ling, stop talking nonsense.”

Bai Yun could feel Xiang Yins cold aura floating toward him. This girl was digging a hole for him.

“Hmph, Brother, dont deny it. Youve already bought clothes for Miss. Isnt it because a man likes her that he buys clothes for a woman Dont worry, I know that our family is forcing you to get married. I wont tell them. Miss is still young. You all should date first before thinking about marriage in the future.” Bai Ling felt that she understood very well.

Bai Yun quietly moved away from Xiang Yin. Stupid girl, not only did you dig a hole for me, youre already burying me.

Gu Man pursed her lips habitually and frowned slightly. She looked at the girls big eyes.

This girl must have misunderstood...

Gu Man gently held her forehead and said, “Im not your brothers girlfriend.”

“Youre not my brothers girlfriend Then why would my brother buy clothes for you He used to like a girl. He would buy clothes, shoes, and jewelry for her.” Bai Ling felt that she didnt understand.

“Your brother is just a friend of mine,” Gu Man explained patiently.

“I see...” Bai Lings tone lowered, looking a little disappointed.

Then, Bai Ling glared at Bai Yun. “Its all your fault for not being liked by Miss. If only Miss could be my sister-in-law!” 1

Bai Yun wanted to raise his hands and surrender. Alright, it was wrong of him that someone did not like him.

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Only his sister had such a magical train of thought.



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