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Chapter 11 – Let’s hatch a dragon egg

Allison was pretty shocked when I told her about my encounter with the elf, Manuela. I’ve never met an Elf before.

Isn’t she supposed to be a very important person I’ve heard that they are usually treated like royalty or nobles of very high standing., said Allison.

She is right but, She came attacking right out of the gate.

Her standing was the last thing on my mind., I said, still exhausted by it all. Hmmm.

Do you think she is meeting with the feudal lord now, asked Allison. I guess so., I answered non-committally. I wonder what she came here for. I wonder what she came here for., said Allison, mirroring my own thought.

I shrugged showing palms. I have no clue either.

That day, we took another Rank-D quest and completed it pretty easily.

Allison and Cornelia were gradually getting better at using the water attribute.

Moreover, it looked like they’d put some thought into using the composite Abilities of the water and lightning attributes.

As for me, water balls alone span the width of my magical repertoire, so I continued following them around like a duckling.

When we returned after finishing our request, we found the guild to be noisier than usual. I wonder what all the commotion is about, said Allison as she handed over the signed request sheet to the receptionist.

Seeing my name filled in the request form, the receptionist raised her gaze. Are you Mr.

Nicola, she asked.

When I confirmed that I was indeed Nicola, she said, Please wait a moment., and entered a room behind the reception. Nicola, did you do something, asked Cornelia dubiously. No, I didn’t do anything., I replied while shaking my head.

While we were waiting as instructed, the noise in the guild suddenly grew louder.

We noticed the reason for the commotion soon after.

A well-dressed man came out with Manuela by his side.

She wasn’t wearing her scarf this time, and her beautiful face was in plain view.

Her ashen grey dress with fine golden embroidery gave her a more imposing presence compared to her outfit that morning. That’s the Guild Master., whispered Allison seriously.

It would soon be a month since I came here, but this was the first time I’d laid eyes on the Guild Master.

Manuela walked towards me, smiling cheerfully. Nicola, this would make it the second time we meet today.

I’d like you to do a task for me., she said brazenly.

I couldn’t stop myself from scowling. You still haven’t apologized for this morning.  Not only did she threaten to kill me, she left me drenched and sitting in dirt by then end of it.

Hearing me say that, the faces of Guild Master and the adventurers nearby turned pale. You! How dare you speak in such a way to Lady Manuela!!, said the Guild Master greatly perturbed.

Manuela forestalled him from saying anything further. It’s fine.

We are the ones making the request here.

I’d like to discuss something with you, is that okay

While I was debating if I should lend an ear to her request, Allison, this matter is related to you too., the Guild Master put Allison in the hot seat too. Me, asked a startled Allison. What’s this all about I don’t want to get mixed up in something tiresome.

But, there’s no point in overthinking it either. I’ll at least listen to what you have to say., I declared.

We were then escorted to one of the meeting rooms in the guild.

The room was large and was furnished with a long table that could comfortably accommodate a conference of 10 people.

Me, Allison and Cornelia sat on one side of the table, while Manuela and the Guild Master chose seats opposite us. What is it that you wanted to talk to us about, I asked once we were all seated. Do you guys know about the griffin near the village Kiza I’m sure Allison does., started the guild master.

… Yes, I do., said Allison frowning. The griffin that Jason said he’d driven away huh. This is regarding the griffin that Jason’s party attacked wilfully about a year ago to showcase their strength.

They were demoted for that, but looks like they haven’t learnt their lesson yet.

After climbing back up to Rank-B they’re once again causing problems.

Looks like they need another reminder., said the guild master sighing. So what about that griffin, I asked trying to keep us on topic.

The one who answered my question this time was Manuela. The griffin was injured in that unprovoked attack.

It was resting in its habitat without being able to move around much.

And then, a dragon appeared.

The village head did say that a dragon was spotted once. That dragon left its egg with the griffin.

I learnt this directly from the dragon’s mouth when I went to meet it.

You may think of it like a cuckoo leaving its egg in a crow’s nest.

And that’s the egg in question., she explained pointing to the stone that was on the table. That was an egg Or rather, she is acquainted with a dragon

I was aware that dragons left their eggs with other monsters.

I believe they only entrusted them to very powerful monsters.

The egg would absorb the mana of that monster and grow strong.

Not only the mana, if the egg was entrusted to a monster possessing the water attribute, it would gain the water attribute, and likewise for other attributes.

Usually in such cases, the one saddled with the egg has no benefits, but dragons are different.

Yes, they absorb the monster’s magic, but in return it has a healing effect on the monster too.

Well, it’s just a scheme to ensure that the egg isn’t discarded though., continued Manuela. That’s why it chose that griffin to give its egg.

Interesting., said Allison nodding in understanding.

Thankfully, the griffin’s wound has been healed, but it cannot take care of the egg much for much longer, it’s been feeding its mana bit by bit to it for a year already, it won’t last much longer.

It can move around its own habitat now, but it’s been greatly weakened.

That’s where I come in, the dragon requested that I give its egg my mana in place of the griffin, and that’s why I’m here.

After all, I received quite a lot in return., said Manuela with a really elvish smile.

I see what she’s driving at now. And now, the issue at hand., continued Manuela. Nicola, could you join me in feeding mana to the egg


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