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Rising to the top with my cultivation system Beast hunt

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"gasps" The guard gasped as on the floor over 20 silver coins was on the floor.

"Apologise, this fool for not recognizing young master." The guard said as he kneeled down as sweat trickled down his forehead.

"Shit. If the manager was to find out if I offended a rich customer I would be killed without mercy." The guard muttered as he panicked.

"Hmph" John snorted as he walked into the store without caring about the guards apology.

Inside the store, Johns eye widened as he was greeted by the sight of countless different type of weapons inside the store.

"Swords, Spears, daggers, bows," John muttered as he was shocked.

And each of the sword was emitting a powerful aura.

Regaining his composure after some time, John walked up to the sword section as he realized that there were swords of different cultivation grades also.

"Weapons are of 3 qualities. Low quality, average quality and top quality." The systems voice rang in his head.

John then walked up to swords placed on the shelves as he checked out their prices.

"This is quite cheap" John said as he laughed.

The price of 1 average quality sword was 1 silver.

And the sword he eyed was very good of a quality as it was able to even fight against beasts in the 8th level of the mortal realm.

He then grabbed the sword as he carried it with his hand to test its weight.

"Woah" He said as he felt the weight pull him down.

"This is took heavy for me." John said as he went to look for another sword.

After a few minutes he found the perfect sword for him as he was able to wield it with ease.

"Nice. This sword is able to damage beasts even in the 4th level of the mortal realm, young master." The shopkeeper told him as John paid for the sword.

"Thank you for your compliment senior." John said politely as the shopkeeper was a cultivator at least of the 5th level of the mortal realm.

John was unable to discern the exact cultivation of the cultivator as his own cultivation base was lacking.

In the world of cultivation it was better to have friends than foes.

After paying for the two swords one at the low quality and another one at the average quality.

The average quality sword was meant to save his life in case he ran into a beast stronger than him.

"Young master would you also like to purchase a storage ring with it. It would be convenient for you to carry your weapons around." The shopkeeper said as be brought out a ring from a nearby cabinet.

"This storage ring has around 50 cubic meters of space." The shopkeeper said as he handed it over to John.

As it made contact with Johns skin, instantly John was able to see that a separate space existed inside the storage ring.

"This is handy." John thought to himself as when he went beast hunting, he can simply store the corpse inside the storage ring. This way he could also sell the corpse to earn money.

"How much is it?" John asked as when he heard the price he was stunned.

"1 Gold" The shopkeeper said.

John was shocked as the price of the storage ring was 100 times than a average quality sword.

Despite his initial shock, John nodded as it was worth the 1 gold coin.

"Alright." John said as he handed over 100 silver coins.

At the end, when he left the shop his pockets was lighter had he 25 silver coins remaining.

"Shoppings done!" John said as he walked off in the distance after giving the guard a look of contempt one last time.

John then rushed to the mine, to start mining as he soon hit his 10 kg target.

After mining, John walked off to the forest where the beasts resided.

As he approached the forest where tall trees stood he looked at the "Danger!Beasts reside here" Sign, John gripped his sword tightly as he entered the forest.

His guard was up at all times as he slowly entered the forest.

Soon John met his first prey,

"Water elemental frog at the first level of the mortal realm." John thought to himself as he approached the frog which was 1 metre tall quietly.

"Based on my knowledge, that frog has good defense but its attack power is quite weak. It is also quite agile. " John recalled as he was now few metres away from the frog.

"Croak" The frog sensed a intruder as it jumped out at John who was holding the sword.

"Boom" John displayed his swordsmanship as a battle broke out with the frog.

The frog stuck out its 3 metre long tongue as it attempted to wrap John with its strong tongue.


John chopped off its tongue as he also formed a deep slash on its body.


The frog turned around and attempted to run away as it jumped quickly.

"Not so fast!" John shouted as he chased it at full speed as he soon hunted it down.

"Croak" It croaked weakly one last time before it died as a warm stream of current flowed through John as he gained a new water element.

"Let the hunt begin." John said as he went on a massacre for the next 7 hours.

At 6pm,

"Its time " John thought to himself at the sun became to set.

At the end, John had managed to kill 15 beasts including the frog John killed.

Among the 15 beasts, 8 of them were fire elemental beasts, 6 were water elemental and 1 was of the earth element.

His stats all rose slightly as his cultivation increased to the second level of the mortal realm for the fire element as he killed the last fire elemental beast.

His blank attributes also reached 84 altogether.

After his aura stabilised John went to buy dinner for his family and to sell the ores and the beast corpses.

The beast corpses sold for 3 silvers altogether as John collected his money before returning home.

As he walked back home after buying dinner he decided to invest some blank attributes in swordsmanship as that was what he relied on to defeat the beasts.

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