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Chapter 2252: Important Questions

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“Ive always been responsible for my words.

Your daughter-in-law is indeed Old Master Fus biological granddaughter.

Just now, when you called Ye Jian, I happened to be accompanying her to see Old Master Fu in Dan Gui Garden.

The old mans grandson is also my comrade, Li Jinnian.

Ye Jian is still accompanying Old Master Fu in Dan Gui Garden.

I asked her to come over with Li Jinnian tomorrow for the promotion ceremony.”

Commander Xia was panting.

He didnt believe it before, but now, he believed that Xia Jinyuan wasnt lying to him.

His daughter-in-law was actually… Old Master Fus biological granddaughter!

Even though he had been through a lot, he was still shocked for a long time before coming back to his senses.

He said in a low voice, “Previously, the military had investigated Little Ye, but they didnt find out anything.

How did you know You didnt even say anything! You actually didnt mention anything to me about such an important matter!”

Although he was shocked, the questions he asked were still sharp.


Seeing that the commander-in-chief didnt look too good, Xia Jinyuan knew that this matter had a huge impact on him.

He hurriedly said, “Drink some water to calm yourself down.

I didnt find out about it much earlier than you.

It all happened this morning.

“I rushed back to the hospital because I was afraid youd be waiting for me.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you about this.”

Commander Xias expression softened.

The news had come too suddenly.

He still had to digest it.

“Are you sure its true Tell me how you found out that Little Ye is the old mans granddaughter.

This is such a big matter.

Its not something that you can just simply acknowledge! Once something goes wrong, the few of you will have to remove your military uniforms!”

This was no small matter.

It was mainly because the old mans identity was special.

The sudden appearance of his biological granddaughter was not something that could be resolved with the door closed.

Xia Jinyuan told him about the photo in Li Jinnians hand and how Ye Jians parents missed out on each other back then.

In the end, the old man secretly sent people to inquire about it in detail.

“… Father-in-law was confined, and as he was afraid of implicating Mother-in-law, he waited until the old man visited him a year later before he dared to bring it up.

He didnt dare to say it aloud and only wrote a few words in the old mans palm.

“The old man secretly went to the army to ask around with the photo left behind by Father-in-law and Mother-in-laws name.

He asked around for 20 years.

It was not until Li Jinnian came over with the photo today that we found out about the twists and turns.”

Commander Xia, who listened to the entire process, sighed heavily.

Suddenly, the commander-in-chief thought of a very important question.

He frowned and said coldly, “This matter has to be suppressed and properly confirmed.

Have a good rest.

I still have something to do in the military!”

Without saying what the matter was, Commander-in-Chief Xia hurried away with the guards.

Sun Xueqing was Old Master Fus daughter-in-law, and Old Master Fus son, Fu Yusheng, was the chief engineer of the countrys navigation research.

Back then, Fu Yusheng was suddenly detained for an investigation that lasted for a year.

A year later, Old Master Fu went to inquire about Martyr Sun Xueqing but found nothing.

When Little Ye was three years old, Sun Xueqing passed away.

All the information was erased… Commander Xia thought of all kinds of things, and his footsteps became faster as his expression became even colder.

Why did it seem like someone was deliberately targeting the Fu family!

Xia Jinyuan did not chase after him to ask for the reason.

He told Old Xia that his father-in-law was suddenly recalled and locked him up for a year.

He wanted Old Xia to think in a certain direction.

The powerful and smart Old Xia must have already gotten it.

Xia Jinyuan would leave the rest to the military and the military commission.

He and Little Fox did not have to interfere for the time being.

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