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Pregnant for BrotherinLaw Chapter 10

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I hate everything, I just hate everything right now, I was supposed to be the topic of discussion today. All the tabloids were supposed to be talking about me. About the great Kendra, about the girl who came from grass to grace. My pathetic little sister couldn just stop and give me a chance. Every time, she has been there taking the opportunity she got. Yeah, I am bad, Xander suggested we get her a good dress and even asked Sofie to get her a dress from their design but I had to make sure she didn look as good as me. Thats why I got her that cheap crappy dress, let her walk in here, and I will tell her that dress was half a million dollars. She won hesitate to pay for it in one way or another.

"You need to calm down, you will hurt yourself and the baby," said Josh from his seat. I don care, this was not even the plan, to carry a baby in my belly. I am twenty-seven, a young pretty lady, and I am not ready for motherhood. Now, having a huge belly is one of the things that I wasn expecting. Who wants to be controlled by mood swings and puking every second? Who wants to be walking around with a huge face and nose? Not me, but here it is, I will have to work with it. I hate it, no other option but to carry it now.

"At what time is she coming again?" I asked, tired of the pacing up and down. Josh got me water from the kitchen, I hate their house, I come here only if I am forced to like now, I am forced to come here and I will have to deal with it.

"She doesn have a phone, remember, I know she will be here very early, don worry about it." I look over at the room, the last time I was here they had not cleaned up properly, I don know if Josh is making it hard for Sofie to stay here or what, why would I even care?

I walk over to the fridge to get something to eat but the squeaking of the door makes my appetite dissolve at the handle of the fridge and my nose flares up to look who just walked in.

Look at her, is she wearing, Xanders clothes? Who the hell asked her to wear those? I am the one supposed to put on those, not her! She stands at the door and looks at me. I don have time to see her open her filthy mouth.

"Come here right now! Near hear my face!" I shout and I feel a pinch in my belly but I stop it. I think its the walking up and down that I have been making.

"Look, size...."

"Don , don you dare call me your **ing sister you bastard! You took everything from me, now I see you want to take my husband from me, you want to take the only thing that I managed to get from me! Why did my father even place his dick in your mothers pussy?"

I couldn control myself anymore. I don like the feeling that Vanessa is here to steal, Xander away from me. The way he was concerned about her yesterday, the way he was texting his sister just asking her if she was fine. Here I am, all pregnant but he can even text me every time to ask me if I am doing okay!

Vanessa stood at the door, she didn react to my statement, wasn I loud enough to make her flinch? The way she always flinches and escapes out of the door when I shout something.

Josh looks at her and stands up, just what I needed. I want him to slap her face, I want him to beat her up so that, the stupid beautiful face that she thinks she has can be messed up and remain with scars and cuts all over.

"Look, babe, where have you been the whole night, I was searching for you." Josh started in a reasonable voice. His hand was folded into a fist hidden behind him. He walked to him and Vanessa stood by the door looking at him after her she couldn give me an answer.

"I was at Sofies, I had nowhere to go." Josh sped up in a flash of lightning and stood by the door. He grabbed her hair and dragged her towards the table. Vanessa stumbled and fell hitting her face on my legs. I kicked her over and she hit her back on the table. That is what I wanted. She better say the truth, the way Xander was concerned tells me more than just her going to Sofies.

"I am going to ask you again, seems like you didn hear me, where were you yesterday?" I walked towards her. She was lifting her hands over her head. I wasn going to heat her, I only wanted to know where she was, and if she is planning on spreading her legs to Xander.

"Babe, I was at Sofies, you can ask her. I was with her." She said but Josh was not having any of that. He was determined to teach her a lesson and I was waiting for it. I looked at him and he bent down to pick Her up.

"We always have the key on the flowers, plus you can sleep with the neighbors. Must you go to Sofies or were you planning to have her sympathize with you so that she can give you the shoulder?" asked Josh holding her by the neck.

"I don believe her, I think she even spread her legs for Sofie."

I walked to her and placed my hands between her legs, yeah, I wanted to know the truth, I always know when Xander has touched me because his scent is always between my thighs even after showering, so its either Xander touched her or Sofie was the one who licked her clean and pretended to be concerned. The nerves of that girl!

Smelling her thighs, I couldn come up with any scent. Maybe she was telling the truth, maybe she just went there to sleep but why would she have Xanders clothes on?

"You know what, this smells like Xander!" I just wanted drama, I wanted Josh to be angry with her. I can have her life ok all cute while I am here getting ugly because of a stupid life growing inside me!

I stretched my hands to her shirt but she forcefully pushed me away. I stumbled back and hit my back on the table before falling. A pain traveled down my spine as I tried to stand up. I couldn feel myself as my legs shook.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn mean for that to happen, I am so sorry about that." Vanessa started crying the whole jumping from Josh to me. Josh run to me too but I didn want him to touch me, how could he be so weak to let Vanessa push me down? Vanessa tried to hold me but I pushed her away. I couldn feel anything. My legs were numb and a sharp pain was hitting my belly.

"Aah, please, someone call Xander, tell Xander to come here.," I cried while grabbing my belly. Vanessa ran to my phone while Josh remained with me. She dialed Xanders number and called him.

"You see what she has done? You see how she wants to eliminate me so that she can remain with him? I think she **ed Xander!" I cried while whispering in Joshs ears. Josh was calming me down.

Vanessa came back and said he was coming. I didn want to see her, I didn want Vanessa near me, "can you please leave me, please Vanessa, I am happy with him, see what you have done. Please, just let me have him, would you?"

Vanessa looked at me and nodded while wiping her tears, she walked back and looked at me with shock.

"You are bleeding, what is happening?" She asked looking at me. I looked down at my feet, blood was spreading on the floor. It was scattered all over my feet.

"You have done this! You pushed me too far and see how I am bleeding, you have hurt my baby!" I shouted looking at the way I was bleeding. I know I was happy because I didn want the baby. I just lashed at her because I want her to feel the guilt of what she has done.

"This is all your fault! This is all your fault! You want to kill me! You want to finish me! You want me to leave Xander for you! See you have messed me up! Get out of my face!"

She jumped out and rush out through the door. I didn even want to see her face. She should look for somewhere to stay.

"She will destroy everything! The way her mother destroyed my family, the way her mother made my father leave us!"

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