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Although Marquis Gliad Vale’s mansion in Cosoar was the epitome of opulence, his townhouse in the Capital was known for its quiet elegance.

 Kieran and Prince Ian Sergio walked together on a muted blue Persian carpet down a long hallway.

“Hey, Kieran.

Relax a little.

You have long known that I was smitten at first sight,” said Ian casually.

Kieran’s ire rose at Ian’s nonchalant tone.

“No matter how smitten you are,” Kieran countered, “to talk about marriage! Canillia is still too young!”

Kieran’s mind was in chaos.

Ian is free-spirited.

He always was.

But he is a royal.

And royals shouldn’t do anything so reckless.

If Kieran had known that this was going to happen, he would have kept Canillia’s true identity hidden.

“Should I have returned to the Empire earlier” he asked aloud of himself.

Kieran wanted to free his sister Canillia from her oppressed life and help her build the life she wants.

However, a marriage proposal from Ian would upset everything.

Canillia’s secret would be completely exposed and the King of Goere would push for the marriage for his own benefit.

Kieran’s worries were suddenly compounded by a new thought.

“Lia could face a lot of trouble—even harm—because of your reckless suggestion, Ian,” said Kieran evenly.

Ian’s face darkened at Kieran’s controlled tone.

“Trouble, perhaps,” Ian said slowly, “but she won’t lose her life.”

“Her life” Kieran exploded.

“Are you saying her life is in danger From whom The anarchists in Louvre”

“Kieran, did you really think that the Marchioness would leave Canillia be I’m disappointed in you,” Ian said, shaking his head and clicking his tongue.

Mother wouldn’t, thought Kieran.

Kieran clenched his teeth and glared at the end of the hallway.

The sunshine from the eastern windows laid heavily on his shoulders.

Ian walked leisurely past Kieran and turned to face him.

“You’re the one getting married for the benefit of your family.

My love for Canillia, reckless as it might be, is an honest love.

And honesty changes things.

You will see.

Kieran looked helpless and murderous simultaneously.

Ian continued, “If I could put a ring on her finger right now, I would do it.

I am exercising all the patience I have.”

“Prince, you are insane.”

“Oh, you are not the first person to tell me that,” replied Ian a bit playfully.

Suddenly, his playfulness gave way to annoyance.

“Kieran, I am not the only one who has eyes for Canillia.

Oh, the Kayan Empire is becoming hostile.”


Claude observed his father, Duke Maximilian.

The Duke occupied such a place of power, that even the Emperor would be formal with the Master of the North at times.

But now the Duke was unshaven and weak, having trouble lifting a cup of tea.

“What happened to the assassin” asked Claude.

“He killed himself.

He cut his own throat, so we wouldn’t learn of his identity or his mission,” This answer came from Knight Kyle who was standing behind Duke Maximilian.

“All three assassination attempts”

“The first attempt was poison.

Although we investigated everyone in charge of the meal, our findings were inconclusive,” the Knight explained.

“Then you didn’t investigate everyone! Poisoning is done by someone close at hand,” Claude said sharply.

“My apologies,” murmured the Knight, hanging his head in shame.

As Duke Maximilian struggled to rise from his seat, he said, “Such pesky things.

I let them have their way on the last attack, so let Kyle go now.” He went to his bed and looked at a document left by an attendee.

Claude tried to suppress his anger.

Thoughts of loyalty and life swirled in his mind.

If the assassin chose to kill himself, then the person behind the attempts must be important and powerful.

“Were they after our diamond… or our family” he asked.

“I am not sure.

Perhaps both,” answered the Duke.

“How can you be so calm You almost lost your life!”

The Duke regarded his son.

“You are so grown up now.

This could have been a chance for you to inherit my title.”

“No!” protested Claude.

“I wouldn’t take it… not for another decade.”

“I should have gotten myself another son,” said the Duke, half kidding.

“It isn’t too late for that,” replied Claude in turn, noticing the look of pride on his father’s face.

Claude wasn’t a perfect young man.

Yet, he was precocious and the image of his father at that age.

The Duke, holding the document, said, “Son, you may go now.

I need to rest.”

Claude remained in the room by his father’s side, noticing just how small the powerful man now looked.

He summoned the royal doctor to tend to the ailing Duke and then left the Palace for the Academy.

Claude didn’t bother to change his attire.

Instead, he walked directly to the stable, saddled up his horse, and headed to the Academy.

His mind swirled as he sped along, the wind ballooning his coat.

If Geore is behind the assassination attempts, then there will be war.

Ian Sergio is known as a warmonger, but is there another reason behind his visit Or, is the Empire the mastermind behind the assassination attempts

Claude arrived at the Academy, hardly knowing how he got there.

The calm of the lake sharply contrasted with his chaotic mind.

This is where Claude had first met Canillian.


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