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Lia’s face immediately hardened, and her smile faded quickly.

She looked straight back at Tholin and responded, “My brother will not be coming back to the Academy.”

“Did he become a citizen of Geore after staying there for four years I’m sure he’s aware that he cannot inherit the title if he does not finish the Academy.”

“Oh dear, did you not know He completed the Academy four years ago.

It seems like you are slow to catch up,” Lia retorted sarcastically.

Tholin’s face turned red after Lia slowly nodded her head while stroking her smooth chin.

There were many reasons, but Tholin hadn’t taken a liking to her since they’d first met.

He always glared at her in contempt and made fun of her from time to time.

At her counterattack, Tholin clenched his fist in his pocket and ground his teeth.

“It looks like you somehow got accepted while having such a girly face.

But don’t forget you should not be looking down on me as a first-year student since I am in my ninth year.

Also, you should know that there is no one here who’s happy to see you.”

Lia held onto her trembling hands.

She tried to calm down as she told herself he was only picking a fight, but Tholin’s last word dropped her mood to the ground.

“Canillian, you are the shame of the Marquis Vale family.

The rumor will spread in the Academy, and the name of Marquis Vale will be tarnished, because of you.” Tholin’s voice sounded strangely excited.

Lia didn’t break her gaze with Tholin’s passing glance, and she scoffed at him loudly, “Ha, Count Tholin.”

Tholin stopped and turned his head when he heard the voice that was suppressing laughter.

And Lia approached him while shaking her head as if he was pathetic.

Then she lifted her chin and walked right up to him.

Tholin stepped back in surprise at her bold approach, “W-w-what!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t tolerate cheek from a lowly count that never showed up in the history books.

The fact that you dared to mention the Marquis is a big mistake.” Canillia examined Tholin’s face with eyes that did not hide her rage.

Even though she didn’t know where the courage came from, she was used to worse insults and contempt.

Tholin’s attitude didn’t even count as child’s play.

“Also, I’m not in my first year but rather, my ninth year.

I will see you from time to time.

If you don’t like me, then make sure to stay out of my sight,” Lia spat at him.


Tholin’s face turned so red that she felt awful.

They’d become the center of attention, and the students that were watching the fight followed Lia’s footsteps.

Some approached, wanting to talk to her, but stepped back each time.

Lia ignored them because the only thing on her mind was the ninth year.

She’d spat that out because of the stupid Tholin, so she would have to stick with that now.

Lia sighed because she knew that Claude would give her a hard time when he found out she’d chosen the ninth year.

She was perplexed that she’d naturally thought of Claude, so she hurried her steps to hide the expression on her face.

Unlike the students that turned toward the building, where the lessons would be taught, Lia stepped into the main entrance and smoothed her clothing.

The administrator, seated at the desk in the front, greeted her dryly and then knocked on the dean’s office door.

“The dean is waiting for you,” the administrator soon announced.

“Thank you.” She bowed to him and went into the office.

But the dean wasn’t alone.

Sitting opposite him was a man that looked like one of the royal guards, speaking to him about something.

The dean looked up and greeted her with a smile, “Ah, Mr.

Canillian, do come in.”

“Hello, sir,” she replied politely.

The general only greeted her with his sharp eyes and a nod of the head.

There must be a reason to allow her in even though there was a guest.

“I was going to look for you.

So, did you choose which year” The dean wanted to know.

“Yes, I was thinking about the ninth year like you suggested, although someone recommended the eighth year.”

“Hmm, the eighth year.

It might be easier to get used to, but you might lose interest because of the work.

I still recommend the ninth year.”

Lia kept glancing at the general who was staring at her, and she felt vulnerable.

After examining her from head to toe, the general lifted a teacup and took a sip of the warm liquid.

“Looks like there won’t be any better suitor than Mister Canillian like you said.” The general said something she didn’t understand while he smiled satisfyingly and continued to observe her face.

“Right But I still haven’t gotten an agreement from him,” the dean replied.

“There’s no need to keep pushing it back.

Canillian, do you think you can help us out”

Lia, who was examining the document handed to her by the dean, lifted her head at his sudden question, “There’s something I can help you with”

“Sign here first,” the dean said.

The document was about entering as a ninth-year student.

If she signed it now, she would be involved with Count Tholin and his crew, whether she liked it or not, as well as Duke Claude.

Of course, she heard that it might be a stretch that Claude was in the ninth year.

He barely attended classes and didn’t take the tests.

And because of that, a rumor had been spread, which said that the Academy was owned by Duke Ihar.

It was a logical opinion, so most people believed what the student had said.

Lia closed her eyes and signed the document.

Then the dean clapped and called the administrator into the office.

He handed him the scroll and said, “Take this to Principal Kirkham.” The administrator took the document and left the office with a sour look on his face.

In his opinion, things had happened too quickly.

“So, what is this favor I can do for you” Lia asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Is your voice normally high” The general queried.

“I beg your pardon” Lia had no idea why he wanted to know that, and she looked at him in confusion.

“And do you perhaps know how to handle something like a dagger” The dean asked.

“A little, but not very well.”


Then please help us out.

I want to ask you for a big favor.”

Lia nodded her head, “Go on.”

“It might be a bit difficult, but it’s for the safety of the citizens.”

Seeing the serious look on the general’s face, she started to feel a bit uneasy. What is this all about The safety of the citizens An unusual request and weapons. Her dark green eyes reflected the two men as she stared at them directly, looking perplexed.

Finally, the general said, “We are looking for a boy who will play a noble youngster.”


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