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At his indifferent but seemingly serious suggestion, Lia jumped, “No, you cannot! Promises made are to be kept.

It sounds like an important matter that you need to attend to.” As her house came into view, Lia began to panic.

She was worried he would go ahead and push his meeting forward for her.

As if he read her mind, a sigh escaped Claude’s smooth lips, “Don’t worry.

I will leave after dropping you off.” His voice sounded strangely lifeless.

Lia nodded sheepishly and let go of his arm.

It was impossible to try and comprehend what kind of person this man was.

Before she knew it, the coachman began to slow the horses down, and the carriage stopped right in front of the front door, where the hydrangeas were in full bloom.

She jumped out of the carriage and greeted Claude politely with her hands together, believing that he’d leave right away.

“Thank you for today.”

However, she was sorely mistaken.

Claude followed her out of the carriage and handed the coachman his fare.

“I will stay here until my other carriage arrives.”

She felt as if she’d been punched in the gut.

Claude smiled, “I feel like a villain whenever I am with you.

Do you know that”

“I’m sorry, what”

“You are the only person who shows you hate me to my face.”

“I do not!” Lia replied far too quickly.

“Then you must hate me secretly,” Claude said teasingly.

Averting her gaze after listening to his accusing words, she noticed a horse tied up at the left side of the house.

Claude also saw it and could tell that it was of excellent breeding.

Its dark-brown coat was flawless and shiny, which also showed that it was well cared for by someone.

“You must have a guest,” he spoke softly as his eyes narrowed.

“Yes, but this is an unwelcome guest,” she replied, sounding highly irritable.

Claude stormed up the stairs and knocked on the door.

It seemed as if he knew who the guest was.

Startled by his sudden movement, Lia frowned and followed close behind.

The door burst open, and a servant stepped back in surprise at the sight of Claude, who walked in immediately.

When asked who had arrived, the servant looked up at Lia.

Then, with a shaking hand pointed to the living room as she stumbled over her words, “From Cosoar.

No, From Geore.

I mean, from far away, a guest has come to visit you.”

It can’t be! Lia could guess who the guest was, and she ran to where the servant was pointing.

As expected, on the spacious sofa sat Ian Sergio.

Claude walked over to him, looking furious, and said coldly, “Prince Ian Sergio.”

Ian seemed to be asleep, but his eyelashes fluttered when he heard his name called, and he replied, “If it isn’t Duke Claude Del Ihar.” Ian’s lips lifted at the corners when he saw Lia, and he opened his arms wide.”Canillian, come here!”


The Duke’s carriage stopped at the mansion after Lia and Claude had already gone inside.

But the owner didn’t acknowledge their arrival.

After waiting patiently for some time, the attendant and coachman took care of the horses and gave them some feed and water.

Inside, the house was bright from the sunlight, but the atmosphere was unusually chilly.

“Your Highness.

I heard you have plans to have a formal dinner with Count Garion,” Ian said as Lia carefully stood in front of Claude.

With his eyes firmly fixed on Ian, who looked like a playboy spread on the sofa, Claude suggested, “Canillian, let’s invite our guest to my townhouse.”

“No, Lord Claude.

Prince Ian is a guest of the Marquis.

Therefore, we cannot,” Lia replied firmly.

“So you will stay together here” Claude asked, his eyes looking tense.

“Is there a problem We are moving him to Marquis Gliad’s townhouse.

He will arrive home soon anyway.

Then they can meet up.” She spoke only the truth, and her eyes never left Claude’s.

It seemed as though he was unhappy that Ian was inside her house.

Not only that, but he also seemed infuriated, and she wondered if it was because he couldn’t invite a foreign prince to his estate.

Claude suddenly snatched the pretty candy bottle that Lia was holding, like it was a treasure, and reflexively, she reached out but couldn’t stop him.

“Lord Claude! How can you take back what you gave”

“I want you to stop smelling so sweet,” Claude said, gritting his teeth.

“What” Claude’s words were difficult to understand.

Especially these that he spat out occasionally, which made her head feel like it was going to explode from trying to decipher their meaning.

The shocked Lia wet her red lips and was about to continue speaking when Ian came closer.

He then stretched his arms out and lowered his body to rest his chin on her shoulder.

“Candy again Was the one I sent you last time not enough I suggest that you eat proper meals, Canillian,” Ian joked.

Lia turned her now red face, and Ian’s lips unexpectedly swept across her cheek.

In that precise moment, Claude’s hand squeezed between her cheek and Ian’s hand.

He was fuming at the fact that Ian had sent candy to Canillian.

Ian’s softly scrunched-up lips landed on the back of Claude’s hand instead of Lia’s lips.

Claude then grabbed Lia’s shoulder and pulled her away from Ian as he glared down at him.

“If it is a meal you want, I can provide that, Prince Ian Sergio.

I can show you Ataer’s restaurants.”

“I would like Canillian to do that,” Ian smirked.

“Receiving the Duke’s escort will be safer.

It is the capital after all,” Claude replied.

“That does make sense.” Grinning, Ian blew on Lia’s shoulder where Claude’s hand had touched, as he pulled her behind him, “But I am still fatigued from my journey, so I plan to lay on the sofa all day with Canillian.

I don’t plan on going anywhere.

So you may leave, Lord Claude.”


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