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Lia could only smile as Wade looked at her.

“Arent you curious about the rumors” asked Wade, “The academy was practically shaking that the students could finally see you.

Youre quite famous there.”


“Yes, you were pretty then, but now…”

“Thank you for remembering me.

Its probably because Im physically weak.”

“Its strange when your father was in the Navy.

Anyway, were here.

Lets go in.”

The crown prince opened the door to the Imperial tailors place.

Every noble who had come to be fitted by Frank stood up and greeted him in surprise.

Lia was tensed but Wade seemed indifferent to everything around him.

The ladies covered their faces with fans, the men twirled their moustaches and the academy students, having been there for their uniforms, all looked at Lia.

Lia and Wade made their way through a hall with a red carpet to the tailors workshop with a servant guiding them through.

The tailor who was in the process of measuring someone else with rolled sleeves, looked up and greeted them.

“I havent any appointment with you, Your Majesty,” said the tailor.

While he seemed very bold and straight forward, the crown prince didnt seem to mind.

The prince made his way to the sofa by the window and made himself comfortable.

“Im not here for myself,” said the crown prince, “Claude, look who is here.”

Wade sat crossed legged as he ate a grape.

It had been Claude whom Frank was taking measurement for.

Lia held her breath as Claude turned around to her while he buttoned his shirt.

It had been four years and he was almost a man now.

He was taller, broad-shouldered, and his features had matured.

It reminded her of the time that had passed.

Four years.

“You havent changed,” smiled Claude, as he made his way to her buttoning the rest of his shirt.

“Hello Canillian.”


Lia lowered her face as she stretched her arms wide to be measured.

She was not alone.

Claude and Wade were observing her.

Her gaze drifted to Claude more than once only to find that he was looking at her too.

His pure blue gaze.

At least that was the same.

The two looked at her in silence.

“Could you take your shirt off, Sir Canillian” asked Frank the tailor.

He seemed to be bothered that the clothes that she was wearing were a bit bigger in size so it fit her loosely.

“Cant I be measured like this” she asked.

“Your clothes are too big, the uniform to be made should fit you perfectly,” said Frank, “It will pose a problem while measuring you.”

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The tailor looked bothered at her wearing clothes bigger than her, and Lia asked back as she thought she had a problem.

Lia hesitated.

The tailor was waiting for her.

She was wearing underclothes that Betty gave her.

The corset-like vest came up to her abdomen, but it wouldnt do if they saw her in that manner.

“Can I be covered” she asked.

The tailor nodded and gestured to the servants to cover her.

Lia then took her cravat off.

Thankfully, Wade and Claude were deep in conversation about the diamond mine in the neutral lands, or a count trying to expand his tobacco factor, etc.

Her father and Anher used to talk such stuff as well, and sometimes Kieran would pitch in.

She listened to see if Kierans name would come up in their conversation.

Lia took off her shirt and she met Franks gaze.

If he saw her thick neckline and curves, he pretended well to be indifferent about it.

He did not ask anything.

He measured her quickly and asked which color of cravat she would like.

He gave her a new shirt, as well.

“It will be better than the one you wore here today,” Frank whispered so that only she could hear, “Trying to cover too much highlights the things that one is trying to hide.” The servants stepped back when she was done wearing her clothes.

She didnt know why Frank kept her secret.

He could have given her away at the precise moment or uttered something to expose her to the two other men in the room, but he didnt.

He didnt seem like an enemy or had her father told him to keep it a secret Lia nodded and thanked him while she finished donning her clothes.

Wade approached her and grabbed her shoulders.

“Its the first time Frank found a client so difficult,” he chuckled.

“Canillian, we seem to have so much to talk about.

Come to my palace.”


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