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A carriage led by eight horses ran along the Etear Street.

There was a large urban district to the west, the commoners neighborhood to the east of the street, and Louvre came into view if you went further east.

Lia could not take her eyes off the window.

She had seen the Marquiss lands a year ago, and Cosoare had been a place with commoners dressed as well as noblemen, well-paved roads, and clean buildings.

Lia had been shocked.

She had thought the capital was filled with criminals and rugged people.

Lia saw massive museums and elaborate shops where ladies and gentlemen entered and left, as though right out of an exquisite painting.

“I heard that you have stayed in Louvre before,” asked the Marquis, “Did you have time to loiter outside”

“Yes, we did stay in the Louvre,” said Lia, “But mother said it was dangerous outside.”

“She did”

Lia nodded.

It had been a long time since Lia had spoken aloud about her real mother.

Her eyes prickled with tears.

“She was right, of course,” said the Marquis, “However, it can also be a very interesting place, depending on who you are with.”

Lia tried to be calm.

The Marquis looked at her with concern.

Louvre was the most dangerous district in the capital, people died there every day.

However, Laura had told her daughter that outside Louvre was more dangerous than it was inside the district.

The Marquis understood why.

She wanted to keep their daughter away from prying eyes.

Anastasia would be relentless in her search.

Louvre had been the only place where they could stay.

Before he could pat her on the head to comfort her, the carriage entered the palace grounds.

The gardens stretched far as the eye could see and the buildings were luxurious beyond ones imagination.

The Marquis told her that the main building was further inside.

The carriage stopped, they drove past the main palace, which was so huge and beautiful, to the tailors outhouse.

The outhouse was made of red bricks.

Lia stepped down from the carriage.

They had been in the carriage for so long that she still felt like she was gliding.

“Its the first time that I have ridden a carriage for such a long journey,” said Lia.

“Really” asked the Marquis, “Are you alright”


They stood there for a moment when a voice came from behind them.

“Marquis Gliad Vale!” said the man, “I am James Owen.”

“Baron Owen,” said the Marquis, “How do you do”

“Very fine, thank you,” said the Baron, “The emperor has requested a meeting with you, and I am here to escort you to the Great Hall.”

The Baron glanced at Lia.

The Marquis face flashed with irritation.

“I had informed my visit was very informal and that his majesty shouldnt be notified.”

“Well, everyone knows your carriage in the capital.”

“I am only here for my sons uniform.

I will see him after I have met the tailor.”


“Please tell his majesty the same.”

The Baron turned pale, but he didnt step back.

“I will guide Sir Canillian Vale to the tailor,” said a voice from behind and the Baron bowed.

The Marquis also bowed.

“Your Majesty,” said the Marquis.

Wade Pon Wales, crown prince to the emperor, was on horseback.

He had a deep, brown hair and warm golden eyes.

“It has been a long time,” said the crown prince.

Lia had heard that Claude had been with the crown prince that fateful day.

While she didnt remember him, it did seem likely that they both knew each other.

The crown prince got off from his horse and took off his gloves and offered it to Gliad, who kissed the back of his hand in a gesture of respect.

“Will you be all right” asked the Marquis, tapping her on the shoulder.

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“Yes, I think so,” she said.

“The tailor will recognize you on sight.

I will be back soon,” said the Marquis.

She nodded.

“Please, Father is waiting,” said the crown prince, smiling.

Lia glanced at the Marquis gesturing to her that she would be alright and followed Wade.

His servants followed them at a distance.

The prince waved them away and they reluctantly left them alone.

Wade and Lia walked through the hyacinth garden.

“You seem to have grown but your face is the same,” said Wade.


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