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Her eyes were empty and her back hurt.

Honestly, every part of her body hurt so no matter what position she put herself in, every part of her ached.

She could understand why Claude came to the cottage in Cosoar more often than heading to the North.

The journey to Del Casa from the Capital, home of the Academy, was a fight against boredom, frustration, and pain.

The train didn’t stop unless it had to refuel.

After getting off the train and then riding in the carriage for three days, Lia groaned at even a slight bump and couldn’t bear the pain.

“Del Casa is completely dark.”

It was around the middle of Mount Veorbia, which was about 200 kilometers away from Tulures Station, where Wade switched from a horse to a carriage.

Thanks to that, Lia couldn’t even stretch properly, being stuck between the two men.

She dozed on and off repeatedly.

“This is the Ihar family’s territory and basically their nation.

The people here treated Duke Ihar like a king.

He transformed such a dangerous region into the most prosperous place in the Empire.

So, it was only natural,” said Kieran.

“Claude must feel overwhelmed,” said Wade.

“He’ll still do well.

Your Majesty, I sent the message to Geore.”

Kieran glanced at the dozing Lia and made her lean against his shoulder.

Then Wade, who somehow leaned against Lia’s shoulder, sounded like a thug when he asked, “You’re going to act like a spy”

“Not at all.

I just,” Keiran hesitated, “wanted to let them know.”

“About what”

“Eren Sergio was the one who planned this,” Kieran explained.

“For his own glory, Marquis Shelby wanted to swoop in and save the Emperor from being poisoned.

That would put all the blame on Prince Ian.

However, it didn’t go according to plan and that’s why the Duke was harmed.”

Wade nodded and squinted.

“That means there would be a connection between Marquis Shelby and Eren Sergio,” surmised Wade.

“Just like you said, it could mean a change in the succession plan in Geore,” confirmed Kieran.

“Well that hothead probably won’t let go of his brother who tried to kill him.

But, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to start a riot.”

“So, I request that you suggest an alliance with Prince Ian.

No good will come with a prolonged war,” stated Kieran.

Lia couldn’t open her eyes.

She couldn’t interrupt their conversation and she felt winded just listening to them.

It was the first time Ian’s name sounded so scary.

She opened her eyes slightly and gulped a little while looking at the sunset.

As they approached the neutral region, there was a faint smell of gunpowder.

“It’s the Empire’s army flag!” The scout who had gone ahead yelled, as they waved the Royal flag.

They opened the carriage window.

The place was thick with the smell of gunpowder.

Far away, there was a camp with the Empire’s flag.

They were in a neutral region now.

Seeing bullets fly from in any direction would come as no surprise.

The soldier that had found the reinforcements saluted joyfully and moved toward the barricade.

The horses kicked up dust as they moved across the border and a seemingly endless field stretched across the horizon.

They arrived at the Empire’s basecamp after dark.

Lia noticed that, out of a few hundred tents, there was the only one that had a flag.

But it was odd.

The flag bore an eagle with its wings outspread holding clematis.

This was not the Ihar crest with which she was familiar.

Wade smiled proudly as he saw the flag waving majestically.

“Isn’t the clematis the Ihar family crest” asked Lia.

Wade chuckled at her question and pointed at the nearest flag.

“The Ihar symbol is an eagle.

The clematis belongs to the Duchess.

Only the Mistress of the Ihar family, or the young lady that is to become the Mistress, can touch something that has clematis on it.

Have you seen it before”

Lia shook her head in panic.

“No matter how much Marilyn wanted it, Claude didn’t give it to her.

That might be the reason why Marilyn is causing you trouble,” said Wade knowingly.

It had hidden meaning, but Lia wasn’t listening to Wade anymore.

How angry must he have been to lose something so important

Her hair stood on end just thinking about it.

The carriage finally stopped, and soldiers ran out to greet them.

She left the carriage with her heart thumping.

“Glory to His Majesty the Prince!” The soldiers’ shouts filled the sky.

They cheered loudly as though it were a festival.

Lia covered her ears with her hands and looked around for Claude.

But she couldn’t find him among the crowd.

“I heard he was injured slightly.

A bullet brushed past him.

He’s resting in his tent.

Go there.”

“What” asked Lia.

“Is he hurt”


Lia subconsciously held her breath and looked up at Kieran.


The sky sparkled as though someone had just sprinkled hundreds of stars across the heavens.

“If—and it’s a big if—something bad happens to you,” said Kieran, “remember the path you came down.

I don’t know what might happen.


If you feel like your life is in danger, turn around and run away without looking back.


“What do you mean”

“You’re smart, so you can remember, right”

Lia nodded and had an odd feeling.

Upon seeing the sadness in Kieran’s face, she couldn’t question him anymore.

She felt that, to a degree, she understood what Kieran was trying to say and why he had brought her here.

Lia bit the inside of her lip hard.

Kieran finally smiled and pushed her slightly towards one tent.

It was the largest and fanciest tent she had ever seen and a familiar face was waiting in front.

“Sir Ivan.”

Ivan, who was staring far away with a stern look on his face, opened his mouth wide.

Lia pointed at the tent, looking a little discouraged.

“May I meet the Duke”

Ivan, who couldn’t hide surprise in his face, hurriedly stepped aside.

“Thank you, Sir Ivan,” Lia said as she headed in.

“La— No, hurry in.

Sir Canillian.”

Lia tilted her head and walked through the entrance of the tent.

The tent contained many different types of guns and a large table.

Claude was in a small bed.

The only light was from an oil lantern that was about to burn out.

She thought he was asleep, but he sighed and spoke.

“Seems like the Prince is here  Arriving so obnoxiously loud.

Go tell him.

That I’m sleeping.”

Lia didn’t know what to say to him; he was confusing her with a soldier.

She took out a letter Kieran gave her and carefully approached Claude.

Would it be possible to just leave the letter and leave

She noticed a bandage around his waist as he was lying there with an arm covering his eyes.

They said the bullet brushed past him, but—

Her heart sank as she saw faint traces of blood.

Lia momentarily forgot the reason she was there and blankly stared at his injury.

She was frightened thinking that this man could lose his life on a battlefield.

She moved her gaze after taking a deep breath and gulped.


He spoke her name!

His blue eyes were like jewels as he looked right at her—but blankly—like he was dreaming.

Then Claude called her name again.



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