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“Young Master! Hurry!”

Her sleep was completely interrupted thanks to Pepe pulling off the bed sheet without a warning.

She wasn’t able to sleep properly the past few days because of the envelope Frank had given to her.

Going to Louvre with the Marchioness prompted the whole thing.

She was conflicted between wanting to find her mother immediately or finding her after graduation with the hope to live quietly.

But it was the latter that won in the end.

There were only five months left until graduation.

The time would fly by.

If she annoyed Marchioness by not completing it, her anger would be taken out on her mother.

The Marchioness might even find her mother before Lia did.

It would be okay to send a letter, right It would be okay to say to meet next year.

And let her know that I’m doing well

Frank said she’ll need a ready heart to open the letter.

He indicated that there might be something dangerous that could happen—and then disappeared.

Lia mustered up her courage last night.

She opened the envelope Frank had given her and removed the paper within.

The paper had a faint smell of oil.

It was the same smell as when a tailor was ironing.

Pepe called, “Hurry! The Prince and Kieran are downstairs!”

“What The Prince”

“They’re heading to the North.

With Master too.”

“But, why do I—”

“You have to send them off! You have to go with Kieran to the North!”

Pepe’s hands were rather rough as she seemed to be in a rush.

Pepe put on the tidiest clothes on Lia, but did Lia’s hair hastily and annoyingly.

Lia wet her stiff hair and brushed it.

“I put the satchel of clothing in the carriage already and checked on the basket of snacks.

Ah, and you’ll be riding the train from here to Del Casa.

You’ll ride in the carriage after getting off at Tulures Station.

The North is the largest territory in the Empire.

It’ll take you about three days in the carriage to the neural region, so be careful.”

It felt like she was listening to Betty whenever Pepe nagged like this.

Lia nodded fast and remembered the information Pepe gave her.


Her eyes twinkled at the word train.

She looked out the windows with her eyes full of curiosity, and frowned again when she spotted the Royal flag.

A mob had gathered to watch the Prince as he left for his campaign.

Some cheered and bid him a safe return, others sobbed.

Wade and the nobles rode on casually, despite the cheers, shouts, and sobs.

Out of all of them, Marquis Gliad in his naval uniform and Prince Wade in an army uniform stood out as the most elegant.

Lia took her belongings and hurried out of the mansion with Pepe.

“You’re late, Canillian.” Wade waved his hand at Lia after spotting her first while lighting a cigarette.

Kieran and Gliad, who were receiving a report, also saw her.

Lia greeted them formally and kissed the back of the Prince’s hand.

“It’s been a while, Your Majesty, the Prince.

Have you been well”

“It was hell of an incarceration.

Father has a lot to worry about.

He’s still in the room fearing an assassination attempt.

 Thanks to that, I was locked up.


Wade was displeased.

“Let’s go, Sir.”

Kieran took the little bag in Lia’s hand and gave it to a servant.

Then, he examined her thoroughly from top to bottom and wrapped his hand around her shoulder.

Kieran appeared nervous.

Everyone else was the same.

They seemed cheerful–like they were going on a trip, but it was probably to mask the fear of going to war.

It was hard to see their smiles, knowing they concealed the fear of death.

Lia went to the Salamande station, located in the outskirts of the town.

They would ride on the army transport train and once arriving at Tulures station of Del Casa, they would have to ride in the carriage to the neutral region.

The train platform was large and made of steel.

Lia, who was getting in the same car as Kieran, remembered that she had forgotten to bring the brooch.

Kieran, who was getting on behind her, saw her flinch, and asked, “What is it, Lian”

“Ah, I forgot to bring something—”

“The Duke’s item”

Lia nodded in surprise.

She didn’t know how he knew, but Kieran didn’t look too happy.

“Get on the train.

We’ll give it to him another time.”

“Okay,” she said, nodding in agreement.

Their assigned car had a compartment where four people could sit facing one another.

Lia’s bag was already there.

Lia looked around in amazement.

Kieran then grabbed Lia’s shoulder and sat her down.

He quickly drew the curtain on the compartment door window.

Kieran and Lian were well-known.

With the curtain drawn, soldiers who came to get a glimpse of them left disappointed.

“Now tell me.

You’re taking me there on purpose, right” Lia asked.

The train started moving, emitting a puff of steam.

She could see people on the platform bidding goodbye—sending a child, husband or brother off to war.

She felt their sadness, regardless of the rank of the soldiers.

“It’s just that I thought I’ve never really spent time alone with you.”

“That’s because— You were busy after coming back to the Empire.”

“It was a very good excuse.”

Kieran nodded a few times, took out something and gave it to her.

She looked confused and then took it.

“What is this” Lia asked.

“A letter you have to give to the Duke,” replied Kieran.

“To Duke Ihar”


The question is from the Princess and Claude will answer.

But, you will deliver in person and you must get an answer.”

“What do you mean”

“You’ll know once you give it to him.

Tell Claude to read it on the spot and give you the answer.

And it’ll also be a good experience for you to leave Etaire for a bit.”

Kieran patted her head sweetly, fixed his gaze out the window, and didn’t move.

LIa’s hands tingled from wanting to open the envelope fastened shut with the Royal seal.

Just what kind of question was it that needed an answer on the spot But, she didn’t doubt him.

Out of everyone, Kieran would be the last to make her do something dangerous.

Kind and sweet brother.

Kieran saw Lia staring at him, sighed, and frowned.

“I don’t like you both.”

“What do you mean” she asked, puzzled.

“I mean, I don’t like both of you.

You are both too much for each other,” he said cryptically.

Lia didn’t understand him so she just smiled brightly and stared out the window where there was a wide-open field.

Kieran’s sigh deepened at seeing this, but it was still peaceful here.

It would be—until the train stopped.


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