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The weather was neither hot nor cold, but Lia felt her palms getting sweaty.

Angel came to the mansion early in the morning, notified her of the time she would be meeting the Marchioness, and left.

A sudden call.

She felt she knew the reason.

It was probably about what she said to Marquis Gliad a few days ago.

That she’ll live as a lady.

The townhouse door opened 30 minutes after the said time and the Marchioness’s carriage stopped in front of Lia.

Anastasia’s escort knight disembarked and spoke to Lia.

“Please get in,” he said with a cool tone, standing aside so Lia could enter the carriage.

Anastasia, still seated, lifted her head a little and met Lia’s eyes.

What kind of hysteria will she be performing today

“Hello, Mother.”

“Yes, Canillian.”

Lia sat across from Anastasia and looked out the window.

Then the knight sat down beside her, essentially blocking the carriage door.

“It seems like you grew.”

“Hmm Ah, yes.

A little.”

“Your hair grew longer.

I’ll send a barber to your house.”


She avoided her gaze, keeping her answers as short as possible.

She was curious as to where they were going, but she thought that Anastasia wouldn’t tell her anyway.

Lia naturally moved her gaze outside.

The brooch on the Marchioness’s collar showed the Marquis Vale’s crest.

As she watched the two beasts with sapphire eyes intertwined, she thought that the Duke’s crest was quite romantic in comparison.

When should I tell big brother

The brooch that Claude left was still in her drawer.

She didn’t know when he would come back for it, so whenever she heard a sound outside, she looked out the windows—so much so that Pepe kept waking up.

Pepe said her heart dropped whenever Lia opened the window to peer out and joked that she should install a net there.

Lia let out a scoff and realized they were on a street familiar to her.

She lifted the curtain up a little to look out the window and her face became stern.

It was Louvre.

The beggars all stood up as they saw the noble’s carriage.

The carriage slowed down accordingly.

“Do you know where this is” Anastasia’s questioning voice was flat.

“I do.”


There’s no way you wouldn’t,” Anastasia said curtly.

The escort knight opened the door and got out.

Lia realized that he was waiting for her to disembark.

“Why are we here” Lia asked.

Oddly, she didn’t want to leave the carriage.

“This is your home.

Aren’t you happy to see it It probably has been a while.”

“I want to know the reason behind this.

Why are you doing this Are you angry because I said I want to go back to being a lady”

Anastasia got out of the carriage, answering Lia’s question with a dull expression.

Then she slowly walked into the alley that was so shaded, it was actually dark.

Lia, surprised, practically jumped out of the carriage in order to follow Anastasia.

There was a rumour that the poison that killed the Duke might have come through Louvre, so even the nobles were careful about passing through here.

But, the Marchioness confidently came to Louvre.

Was she safe being spotted in Louvre

If a rumour started saying that the Marquis Vale’s carriage went to Louvre with guards in the middle of the day, it would be Anastasia—not Lia—shrouded in suspicion.

“Mother.” Lia loathed to have that title cross her lips.

Marchioness, who was ahead of her with the knight, finally stopped.

“I’m helping you go back to your home, Canllian.”

“But this is—”

“If we go to the place from where we got you, mightn’t your mother be still there”

“I can do that alone.

Stop, Mother! You’ll be in trouble if you’re spotted by other nobles.”

A few drug-induced denizens approached them, but when they saw the weapon carried by the knight, they averted their eyes and drew no closer.

Lia looked around and hoped Anastasia would change her mind.

However, the Marchioness persisted.

Lia didn’t understand her stubbornness.

It seemed to Lia that Anastasia was angry and wanted to lash out.

“Your existence has already made enough trouble for me, Canillian.

I can no longer endure either.”

“I’m sorry, Mother.

Don’t go in there.

I can do this alone; not with you.”

Anastasia, even as Lia tried to stop her, stared into the alley with a dull expression.

Lia was agitated.



“I really,” she hesitated, “don’t like you.

I really, really don’t like you.”

As Anastasia started speaking, it appeared she was talking to herself, not to Lia.

Lia stopped in front of the Marchioness, so that she couldn’t advance.

“I know.

I had no intention of being loved by you.

Also, my mother almost killed older brother.

I know it was wrong and that she should be punished.

Isn’t that why—.

Why I’m here”

She confidently met the Marchioness’s eyes.

Anastasia squinted spoke: “But my son truly cares about you.

Even though he knows that he almost lost his life because of your mother’s greed.


He’s a very kind child.”


“But I’m disappointed.

Like mother like daughter.

I heard you became so close to the Duke that you call each other by your first names I told you to know your place!”

Anastasia’s voice trembled.

It was evident that she was trying not to be riled up.


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