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Xu Tingdeng also went up with an expectant expression.

“Brother, Im very impressive too, right”

Xu Yuandeng only hummed softly before falling silent again.

Xu Tingdeng immediately looked hurt.

Why didnt his brother praise him! He felt aggrieved, but no one cared.

Xu Hanxue ran to Xu Tingdeng considerately.

“Second Brother, your performance was so good.

Youre so awesome!”

Xu Tingdeng caressed Xu Hanxues face happily.

His sister was the best.

Seeing such a harmonious scene, Ao Lier revealed a gratified smile and looked at Xu Qing with admiration.

“Youre not bad, and the children have been raised well.

Im at ease with entrusting Little Hui to you.” This was the first time Ao Lier had not put on airs in front of Xu Qing.

Xu Qing said, “Thank you for your trust in me, but its because the children themselves are smart.

Actually, I didnt teach them much.

They learned it themselves.”

Ao Lier was even more impressed by Xu Qings modesty!

“Aunt…” Qiao Yanqi sounded a little aggrieved.

Ao Lier only glanced at Qiao Yanqi indifferently and said to Xu Qing, “Youre Little Qis sister-in-law now.

You should think about Little Qi.

In the past, Xiao Hui and I doted on her.

Shes the same age as Little Hui.

Little Hui already has children, but shes not even engaged yet.

It wont be good for you guys if this drags on, so Ill leave Little Qis marital affairs to you.”

These words enraged Qiao Yanqi.

So not only did she not make Ao Lier hate Xu Qing today, but Ao Lier even entrusted her marital affairs to Xu Qing to handle

“An elder sister-in-law is like a mother.

I will definitely choose properly.” Xu Qing looked at Qiao Yanqi with a faint smile.

Qiao Yanqi said fiercely, “I dont want to!” She only wanted to marry Brother Hui!

Ao Lier frowned slightly.

“Little Qi, dont mess around.” Qiao Yanqi was really becoming more and more willful.

In the past, Ao Lier felt that Qiao Yanqi didnt want to get married because Qiao Yanqi couldnt bear to part with her brother.

However, as a woman, Ao Lier was very sensitive.

In the past few years, Ao Lier felt more and more that Qiao Yanqis feelings for Qiao Yanhui were no longer purely that of a sibling.

There was also a certain emotion that disgusted her.

Now that Qiao Yanqis abnormal feelings were becoming more and more serious, how could she continue to let Qiao Yanqi ruin the royal familys reputation If others found out, what would happen to Qiao Yanhuis reputation There was no telling how many people were waiting to catch Qiao Yanhui in the wrong!

“Aunt, dont worry.

Ill definitely choose well for Xiaoqi.

I wont let her suffer,” Xu Qing raised her eyebrows and said.

Qiao Yanqi became even more resentful and her expression looked extremely ferocious.

She might not have realized it, but she could no longer hide her true colors.

The Eldest Princess wasnt blind.

Qiao Yanqi was so enraged that she lost her rationality.

“Alright, go play.” Ao Lier was also a little tired and said to Xu Qing and the others.

Xu Qing nodded and said to the three children, “Then the three of you, go accompany her.”

The three children were very obedient and ran to Ao Liers side to coax her.

Ao Liers expression instantly changed.

She had been alone for too long and needed someone to accompany her.

The three children were so sensible and adorable that Ao Liers heart was about to melt.

Xun Fen and Teng Nian naturally stayed.

Xu Qing followed Qiao Yanqi to admire the flowers.

Of course, the two of them didnt really go to admire the flowers.

After the two of them came to a place with no one around, Xu Qing looked at the resentful Qiao Yanqi and said, “Actually, I suspect that youre not really Qiao Yanhuis twin sister.

Youre really not like your brother at all.

Moreover, your personalities are worlds apart.

My sons and daughters have similarities with each other, but you…”

When she said this, Xu Qing kept looking at Qiao Yanqi, so she naturally didnt miss Qiao Yanqis flustered expression.

This shocked Xu Qing.

She had said this just to provoke Qiao Yanqi, but what did Qiao Yanqi mean by that reaction It seemed like she had to let Xu Sizhi investigate this matter.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Qiao Yanqis voice became sharp.

This made Xu Qings expression change and she said calmly, “If youre really Qiao Yanhuis sister, why are you panicking Why do I feel like youre confessing without being pressed Dont tell me youre really a fake”

Qiao Yanqi clenched her fists tightly.

She had always been Qiao Yanhuis sister, and no one had ever suspected her.

How could she panic just because of Xu Qings words She shouted, “Youre just jealous that my aunt and Brother Hui treat me better!”

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