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Our Story Starts Again Part 8

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Liu Ye Pov

"Are you okay, Yuxin?"I just welcomed Yuxin who just suddenly appears to the kitchen and go to take a glass of water. Its already late of night when I see Yuxin get out from her room.

"Um yeah, just bit dizzy"

She take some pill and drink it. When I finish my sea motorbike session, I just see Yuxin walk slowly with Yibo beside her. I am already see too how Yibo just speed up motorbike they ride

"He is too much"


"Wang Yibo. You must already tell him but seems he just doing whatever he wants" I give her bowl of hot soup I made. Its chicken soup. I made it after thinking of Yuxin.

"Hmm, actually we already agree about that"She take a spoon and start sit in front of kitchen bar.

"Thank you"

"But still, he need being considerate of each other. He carry women behind him"

"About that. I don really like being treated as a special one"

"Its not about special, Yuxin" She look at me while a spoon of chicken soup already in her mouth

"You are women. He must be gentle"

"But, he already tolerate at first. After all, we wanna have fun. So, its win win. Yeah, its sure made me dizzy but I don wanna use that as excuse. In the end, its still fun"

Haah, I just sighed for long time. She is in his side. Made me jealous.

"Tell Yuxin, at SDC you already close to him?"

"Not really. We just talk about evaluation and about show or dancer"I look at Yuxin who still eat her soup. Her words made me wonder what Yibo goal actually. From my info, he is not easy to befriend with, especially women. So, whats his motive?

"Oh yeah, Liu Ye. Ho-how do you think about Xian"Haah? Yuxin ask me and at the same time she stop eating. Wait for my answer

"Why you ask?"

"Nothing. I just wanna know your opinion"

"You wanna being compared with her?"


Yibo Pov

"What are both of you doing here?Woah, you had soup"

"Eh, hah. You are here" Yuxin just rambled things. Situation just bit awkward. Seems my presence just disturb their convo

"Can I have a spoon of it?"But still, that soup just smell good. I wanna eat it

"Take this" I take a spoon Yuxin give me and scoop the soup. Its yummy and light

"Liu Ye made this"Suddenly I am feeling like being choked with that words. Liu Ye made this?

Now Liu Ye look at me with sharp gaze

"How is it?"

"Liu Ye like hear other opinion about his food. Hes like cooking" Yuxin answer like she actually used eat Liu Ye food

"Hmm, this soup light. Easy to digest"

"I made this to fresh someone after eat it. Its good for stomach"Liu Ye still gazes intensively to me. Its like I am feeling he wanna lecture me. Hmm, maybe about that motorbike incident this morning.

"Are you alright, Yuxin? Still feeling dizzy?"

"Just a little bit. Don worry"After Yuxin said that, I look at Liu Ye with menacing eyes like wanna said she just alright. But Liu Ye just give me don understand look.

"Seems I will just watch something?"

I just walk to TV room which just some step from kitchen. They are in same compartment, together with dining room. So I still can see both of them chat.

"What are they talking about?" Justin just ask me when I am already sit in the sofa beside him.

"Don disturb them. Seems they had important convo" I said that cause I caught some words when arrive there. Yuxin ask about Xian to Liu Ye. Then its must be Xian who like Liu Ye. Not Xiao

"But where are Xiao?"I ask Justin

"Dunno. After our activities at the beach, I don see her. Maybe in her room?"

"But, you know what happen to her? She seems in bad mood. When I call her, ask she is okay or not. She just walk away from me. We are from same agency. I care for her as colleague, but still her attitude just"

I just keep silent with Justin words. Maybe I am too harsh? We still in good terms yesterday. But still what she said just annoy me.

"They still talk"

"Who?" Justin give me his chin indicate to Yuxin and Liu Ye. I see Liu Ye face seems frowned. Ahh, seems I know Yuxin already step in wrong conclusion. That girl seems bit dense. I bet she still not have an idea about Liu Ye feelings.

"I wonder what they are talking about. You are not curious?"

"Why I need to?"My eyes still fixed at both of them when answer Justin question

"Oh really. I think you will interested. Then, seems I will made my move from now on"

"What it is mean?"I just move my gaze to Justin now. Even my body face him

"Ah, I am not surprised you are not aware. You just focus in your motorbike. I am interested in Yuxin, so I will make my move on her"

"Why your face like that, Yibo. You seems puzzled"

"Oh really?" I don know what expression I give to Justin right now. But seems I am looked surprised in his eyes. I see at Liu Ye and Yuxin again. They still talk. What actually their convo to take long time like that?

"Liu Ye seems had something for Yuxin"I just bring this matters to Justin just in case to made him aware

"I know"

So he still wanna in track. Hmm, this is not my business. But why I am feeling left behind?

Yuxin Pov

"Hmm, I don know Yuxin. But seems both of us not have same feeling"

"She seems like you" Liu Ye let out long breath after hear my word. He seems bit frustrated in my eyes

"But she is not my type"

"But its not mean you and her cant be together, right? You at least can try. Or you can let her try. Don close the door"

"You improved your word dictionary, Yuxin" I keep silent after Liu Ye said that. Seems he avoid this talk more longer

"What do you think of me?"

Ah, what that word mean? I am confused.

"You are kind. We are being friends for long time. And you deserved good girl. Thats why-"

"I ask you about your personal impression, Yuxin. Don bring other girl"Xian word start humming in my head. Its impossible Liu Ye like me, right?Don think too high of yourself, Yuxin!!

"You don have men you liked and I am not a bad guy to you, right?"He looked at me in the eyes. Made me frozen. For somehow, this is scary.

"You are my friend"

"Right" He just let out long breath again

"I will take my leave. I bit sleepy"

"Okay" He pat my head and then leave. I just speechless and look around if there are someone look at that scene and there are Yibo in the sofa. His eyes seems popped out. We look into each other eyes and then avoid each other. Ahh, I don know what to do.

Yibo Pov

What I am looking now? I don really know what are they talking about but still, its clear how Liu Ye show his affection to her.

"Yo-you just alone?"

"Ah yeah. Justin just go to his bedroom recently"

"Oh, like that" She just sit beside me with one sofa space between us. She just sit like that, focus watching TV. Her eyes seem empty. She seems busy with her mind. Seem their convo make her brain puzzled?

"Wanna juice? I buy it when go to grocery with Justin this afternoon. Seem its still in refrigerator. I will take it, if you want. Peach juice, you wanna?" She look at me and nodded. I just stand up and go to the refrigerator and take two can of peach juice.

"Take this" She take juice I gave her. Justin said this flavor is women taste. Seems Justin right for it. Ah, I remember what Justin said last time before go to his bedroom. He will made move on Yuxin. And now Yuxin seems got some shocked word from Liu Ye. If I tell Yuxin about Justin, she must be collapsed.

"Are you alright? You seems puzzled"I drink sip of my can while check on her. She look at me and then let out long breath

"Don you think friendship between men and women is impossible?"

"Uhm, if you ask me. I think its possible. But I don know about other people"

"I hope its just my mind. Maybe he just talk randomly. Its not have meaning at all. What do you think?"

"Who?Liu Ye? I dont know if you don tell me what your talk with him. How can I guess?" Her eyes demand answer for me? But seriously, suddenly ask like that without knowing their problem. I am not a fortune teller

"Ah, you right"She look at TV again and let out long breath again. Why I am feeling pity to her like this? She still bright at the day and just like storm in one night, she just being puzzled and confused with her mind

"You can tell me? I can hear"

She look at me with watery eyes. Made me shocked.

"Is that hard for you?" I push box tissue in the table to her position. She grabbed some of them and put it in her eyes. I bite my nails and still look at her. Her state right now seems like she will crushed anytime.

"My eyes just dry. Thats why"

"Hmm, yeah. Feeling better? I will search for tear drop if you want. We had medicine box there" She let out little laugh for my word. I just wanna follow her act actually. Don really wanna push herself to talk, if its uncomfortable for her.

"Seems my other friend don like women I tell you before. But his statement for it made me, yeah puzzled"So its clear for her now Liu Ye doesn like Xian. For some reason, I am feeling good for Liu Ye at some point.

"Its not your fault. Its just, heart cant be controlled"She look at me and then silent for some moment

"Yeah, so what I can do now? She already ask for my help"

"You can let them interacting naturally. Its better like that"I put my hands down now, not bitting my nails again.

"Its better let them together and just avoid him?"Heeh, its too extreme, Yuxin. I just thinking like that when Yuxin wait for my answer patiently

"Why you need to avoid him?" Maybe Liu Ye already confessed?

"Cause I am feeling like I am in their way. I wanna him find his partner and I wanna that women get same result too"She seems down. Can be confession from her long time friend made her depressed like this ?

"If you are feeling like that, maybe you sense your friend had something for you?"She seems surprised and then look away

"I don have high confidence like that. Actually even think that probability give me headache"I just keep silent hear her answer. Actually its made me don know what to do. How can i comfort her? or how can i search solution for her?

"I am feeling betrayed if that the case. But if thats true, how can I look at him with same perspective now?"She look at me again. Wait patiently

"Hmm, first. Maybe you can ask your heart, you had same vision with him or not. I mean you like him too or not"

"Its not simple. We already together for long time. I can even-. Uhh, my eyes just dry again" She grabbed tissue and wipe her tears again. How can I said it? Look at her made me feeling sad too. She must had complex feeling now. And confused to sort anything in her heart. Liu Ye must take a little first step not surprised her like this

"Yuxin, you need to calm your heart first. Let me tell you. Love is when that feeling not a burden for you. Love must made you happy, not bring a tears. If you are not feeling like that, maybe his feeling will made you uncomfortable and in the end will hurt both of you" I talk to her as slow as I can, so she can hear it clearly.

She look at me with her watery eyes again. And her lips just pouted, she start to crying again I think. And I just look at her, sympathize with her abrupt feeling. She must confused and at the same time, she doesn wanna hurt anyone, especially her precious friend. Why people always rush thing? I still ask this when look at her cover her face with bunch of tissue.

"Sorry, its bit hard for me. I don know what to do except just crying right now. I think my eyes really dry. How pathetic"

"No, you are not. I will not tell anyone about this. I think camera already off too at this hour. Just take your time" I drink sip of my can again. Look at her crouching her shoulders. I even can hear her sobbing right now.

She seems soo tiny. I just know about this deeply after see her state now. And at some point, see her like this made me wanna hug her and tell her everything okay. Nothing wrong with her feelings. She is not evil for thinking hard about love. Maybe this is her first experience, so she doesn know what to do.

Hmm, about that "hug" things. I drink a sip of my can again. Calm my self. What I am thinking actually?

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