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Our Story Starts Again Part 7

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Xiao Pov

Today I am not feeling good. I still had "not good" feelings after see Yuxin and Yibo get in from swimming pool together. I just accidentally look at them when Yibo said good night to her. This thing disturbing me.

"You seems happy"

"Ah, of course. We can ride sea motorbike today"He answer me when his eyes sometimes look at Yuxin or look at the sea.

"How your sleep?"He look at me from side of his eyes

"I had good sleep. Why?"

"Nothing. You seems close with someone"

"Its natural I think. We live together under one roof"His tone made me wonder if he bit mad with me but I can stop my self to talk when we take our paper again for divide team.

"But you actually not like that"

"What that word mean?" His tone more cold than before. I already take my pick. Not same with him. God always deceived me.

"You rarely talk with new people" I can hear PD talk about game rule.

"Hah?What do you think I am?"

"Sorry. You mad?" I just can said that cause I can sense how he bit annoyed with my question

"Its not important I am mad and not for you, don you think?" My head hurts hear him talking like that.

"You know, our company not really like Yuxin. She is treat for us" I can believe I said this after look Yuxin get same number again with him. Its already two times like this. I bit annoyed.

"So?" He talk without look at me. I bit surprised with his answer.

"You know when Meiqi MDK show. She had hard times with her. And our company always made check on her"

"So?Is it had business with me?"I gulp my saliva. His eyes seems cold to me

"You must know its happen when SDC too. She on check, you know"I hate my self when I am being like this. This is soo low of me

"Don bring it here. I dont know your motive but its good if you stop talk about that matters with me"

"I just trying to warn-"

"Just stop that. Seriously, whats wrong with you"He just look at me from his side of eyes again. But for some reason, I prefer like that than look at his eyes. I bit scared

"I dont like it when people mind my business when I dont ask them to do it. Its annoying. Please keep that in your mind"

Yibo Pov

I just go to Yuxin place when I know I will be at same team with her. Xiao words still vivid for me, so I bit got annoyed with that.

"I think I will be first runner. Then you after me" I just nodded. We will did short marathon with 2 runner. We just got divided by three members again. Justin with Xian, Xiao with Liu Ye and Yuxin with me. Winner will get first ride for sea motorbike.

"I bit slow runner. Soo, maybe we will lose. Sorry"

"Just run as fast as you can. I will adjust it after that" She still look at me with hopeless face, like she still not sure we can get that prize. But she still said okay.

"I will wait there"

I just walk to the middle of running track and look at her who still seems nervous. She bite her lips and take breathe many times. Cute.

If I remember again, I see this side many times at SDC dancer camp. Ahh, soo weird. Why this memories just keep rushed on me?

Finally she running and give me baton she held. I run as fast as possible. I really wanna ride that sea motorbike.

"We win!!" She just screamed when finally I reached finish line. What is this? I can just hear her voice. Its so suddenly too quiet

"Hey, are you okay?" Justin just give me pat on my back, made me back to reality.

"You can ride sea motorbike together"Ma PD and other staff just clap after that announcement.

Yuxin Pov

Ahhh. What is this? I think we can ride it separately. I can bring sea motorbike. But I can just slowly ride it. I am already see how Yibo ride his sea motorbike at camp. And its fast. He even made our MC fall from it and go to the water.

"You can bring it first, when we arrive at that station, then I will take it" He explain to me so I can understand.

"But I will just drive it too slow. Don you like it fast?"

"Thats why I said you can ride it first. After that, its my turn"

"So, we will ride this together?"I will be honest, I am feeling bit uncomfortable like that but we don have choice and I dont wanna whine little things like this to our staff. Its embarrassing.

I adjust my position first in that sea motorbike and then he came and sit behind me.

"You finally sit?" I ask him while running machine.

"Lets go"I look at his silhouette in the mirror. He sit with his hand grabbed back handler. He seems relaxed with that pose.

Yibo Pov

"Wah, I dont know its can be this slow"

"Sorry for that"

"Its okay. At least I can relax see view more deeply"

"Its must be less exciting. But I prefer we drive this safe" Haha, she soo funny. But I think its not polite if I laugh again when she soo serious like this

"When you learn drive this thing?" I start made our talk more longer. After our talk last night, I think she is not bad to talk with.

"When shooting ganfanren. We just go to the beach and then I ride it. This slow"

"Haha, its okay. Take your time"

Our convo stop a little longer. Its like we just thinking deeply about our things.

"I dont know you can laugh this much. At SDC, I really dont see it clearly"

"That time I bit tired cause shooting, so I dont really pay attention for captain position" Her words made me remember what Xiao said. Its made me upset.

"I think we will arrive now"I just avert my eyes to small boat. I get off first and give her my hand for help.

"I can do it" She refuse my help. Hmm, actually girl likes when I am doing this. I just look at her when she made her way alone. Its bit refreshing

"Usually women like when I help them"

"About what? You bragging right now?"Her facial expression just funny when she said it. Its had a shock expression in it.

"Just tell. Its not like I love it when they doing it. Sometimes its disturb me too, you know"

"By the way, how your plan with Liu Ye?Girl who ask for help" I just suddenly remember our convo last night. She said she wanna help one of our host being together

"Its not Liu Ye. Its from my another friend" She just avoid my eyes. Ah, I remember she said its from her another friend just now.

"Awwh, yah. I remember. Its not him" Okay, I will pretend I dont know hat person

"But seem I dont get idea about plan to made them together. I dont have experience in this. Of course I already matchmaker at my show before but still plan for their date?Its bit--" Its not Liu Ye, she said. Hhh

"You, matchmaker?At ganfanren?Ah, you made many comment to yuki and doudou perform too last time"

"Yeah, ganfanren. I like their ship, I mean doudou and yuki. Its must good to be young like that"

"What connection being young and in relationship? Don you think its absurd?I think Yuki had same age with you. So-" Eh, what I am saying?She will get wrong idea

"But we are busy. Its even impossible for that thing. I mean relationship" Ah, she is right.

"Seems we will go back now. You ready?I will speed up"

Yuxin Pov

"You better hold my shirt. Its will be fast when I drive this"

"Can you just made it slower?There are not competition here" I am trying negotiate with him.

"What the point drive this with slow pace? We need thrilling sensation, you know" We still argue about this. And he still not running his machine

"Okay, I just need hold this back header"

"Listen Yuxin, I will ride this really fast. You will fly if you just hold that"This brat. Whats his plan?

"Okay. I will hold your shirt" And then he running machine. Its give me shock.

"Its soo fast. I am already drenched!!"I bit surprised when motorbike just running like its jump.

"Its the point!!"

"Waaaaahhh, its too fast. Its too fast"I am already screamed when he just increase level of speed and just laugh. He really inconsiderate person. This bastard. I just shocked and dont know I am already pull his shirt too much

"Yuxin, dont pull my shirt to much. Its bit hard to breathe!"

"Then what you wanna me to do?I will fall if I didn do it"

"Thats why I said you need to put your hand on my waist. Hug it!" Its better if you just lower the speed, you know.

"I will put my hand on your shoulders"I just put both my hands to his shoulders and grab it hard

"Dont choke my neck"

He still made U-Turn many times with high speed. And I am already dizzy. I just put my hands at his shoulders or in his arms. Ah, seriously I wanna hit his head instead.

Xian Pov

"Wow, they really enjoying this. They are soo fast" Xiao just silent when I am telling this to her. I just walk to her cause she really just look at them from the first time they ride their motorbike

"They adorable, dont you think?"

"They are not"

"Really?I think they will made good match if they date. They just pure like children"

"Pfft, what is that? They just adult. Its soo funny to date if people just look at them as children. Don you think?" She give me sarcasm laugh. I bet she just jealous

"But I think if people think they like kiddo couple. Don you think, its mean in people eyes, they have fun?" She look at me now with annoyed face

"You can go this far. Why don just mind your own business?"

"Its rude from you. Its good camera not here right now"

"You trying to intimidate me?" Wow, she is really a blast herself. Full of hole.

"How you assume it like that"

"So, this is your way to keep Liu Ye from her? Its soo coward"

"Whats wrong with that?I just trying my best here" Her statement just hurt my pride.

"If you trying your best, you need to fight without help or made cheat way like that"

"Owh, seems you like that man?" I just made gesture with my head to their sea motorbike now.

"What advantage I can get with tell you my answer"She seems annoyed with that. Good

"Just my advice, its better to let go your ego and pride when comes to love. You will gain nothing if you still made your head up too high"

"Huh, look who talks here. You seems pitiful. Its already clear like sky who Liu Ye likes?"I can feels my blood boiled

"So what?If Yuxin like another guy, its will not work"

"But its not guarantee you can be liked by him too" Uh, she is right. But still, its make me angry

"You think you can beat Yuxin?"

"Yeah, of course. What her point, actually?"

"To be honest. If its not cause Liu Ye, I will be happy to have true connections with her. She is better than you"

"Fuck. You just coward. You can have goody shoes personality like that. You just begged her for help. Its nauseous here. I will take my leave" Xiao just go like that. Leave me who still wanna punch her in the face. Shiit. Youngster these day just too rude.

Yibo Pov

Her hands just everywhere. My shoulder, my arms, my shirt. For many times, its in my shirt. She pull it too hard, sometimes made me hard to breathe. But still its fun.

"You okay?I think you need to lay down or sit down first" I ask her which seems unstable when walk. We already at the beach. Our session just ended and now its Xiao and Liu Ye turn.

"I will get you drink. Just sit here" She just obediently follow my words. Seems she really dizzy. She even can talk anymore.

I just go buy drink and come back as soon as possible. I look at her who still see at the sea with empty eyes. Its made me feel like I am a bad guy here

"Drink this. Its will give back your energy" I give her vitamin drink and milk. She just take it and open it. But seems struggle to do it too.

"Let me open it for you"

"Thank you" She just accept vitamin drink I give her and drink it. I slowly position my self sit beside her but of course I made some distance. Its bit scary when she doesn talk like before.

"Sorry. Seems its bit hard for you"

"Yeah, I wanna vomit right now"

"Wanna accompany from me?I will wait in front of the toilet"

"Maybe later. I wanna lay down and sleep a bit"We under a big umbrella with mat. So I think its safe if she sleep on here.

"Go sleep then"

"Okay"And then she just close her eyes. Made me can help but had a peek of her face when she close her eyes like that. She seems innocent when doing it.

"Its seriously thrilling" She talk when her eyes still closed. Its made me surprised and stopped me from gaze at her face

"Sorry. Its just, I rarely touch that things. So I just got excited"

"I pull your shirt many time. Its must be suffocating"

"Yes it is"

"Can you just lie?"

I laugh when she said that

"I can "

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