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Our Story Starts Again Part 6

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Xian Pov:

"Hi, Yuxin. You have a time?" Yuxin just lay in her bed. I can see her eyes half closed.

"Ah, yes. I just lay a bit. Come in"Now she sit in her bed and manage her things, so I can sit and chat. She really considerate like what I hear.

"Hows your day? With Yibo?"

"Hmm, its just okay"She seems confused with my question. But at the same time, she know I just give her fake question

"Oh, really?But you two seems close after come back from that trip"Get caught by her made me bit nervous to ask her again

"Its seems like that?Hmm, I don know how to respond for that. For me, its just so-so. I am always like that when had trip with my friend"

"With Liu Ye, you same like that?"I am sorry Yuxin, I can hold my self to ask you this. I became not patient with time now, so its just slip out from my mouth

"Eh...Hmm...Maybe just me, but you seems had something for him?"Awkard. Yuxin reply just made situation more tense than before. Ah, whatever. I will just ask what I wanna know

"How about you. 7 years. Don you have something too?"

"He is my gege. I know him from my youngs day" My innocent accent just gone. We really just direct to the topic. Good

"Just gege?" She nod. Finally I can breathe

"You ask me this. Then its mean?" Yuxin look at me with curiosity

"You must don regret your answer, Yuxin. I will assume you don like him, right?"

"Of course not. How can I like my friends so easily like that"

"Normally. It can. Maybe just for you, case just different" Yuxin being silent with my statement. She seems like thinking deeply about my word, made me nervous

"You don like him, right?" She look at me again, nodded

"So, you like him?" I avert my eyes from Yuxin. She soo sharp. My feelings just complicated and she just ask me easily like that

"Yeah, at first I think you are my rival. But seems not, right?"

"You still ask me?Its impossible for us like each other. Not just me, I think even Liu Ye doesn like me" OMG. I know I must tell her the truth about Liu Ye but if I do that, who will know they will develop something. I don wanna that happen.

"I like him. For two years now" She open her mouth and then smiled warmly to me.

"Its must be good if you can be together with him"I just look at her. Gossip about she is kind child really true. That moment, I don know why but I am feeling guilty with my feelings. I am sorry Yuxin, but I need to fight for my love too.

Yuxin Pov

I just open side door connected to swimming pool. My head full, I am confused and can sleep, so I just walk around. But when I open the door, I look at one of the bench. Someone there, for exact its Wang Yibo. We look at each other and I still in front of the door with one of my foot already in

"I will take my leave if you wanna alone"

"This is not my house. I don have authority for that" He just play with his phone when said that

"Then okay, I will just walk around swimming pool" He doesn answer me, so I just walk around swimming pool crossing his position. Actually I do that intentionally, I don wanna get close to him. This house not really wide, so we don have many option to just calm our self.

"You can sleep?" He ask me when I hope he can just busy with his phone. But yeah, he ask me without look at me. Maybe for him, its awkward if he doesn talk when there are someone at same place with him

"There are something I need to rethink" I sit and put my foot in the water without look at him.

"Its cold.Why you don just sit?"

Hah? What he is saying? We look at each other now. But he just calm when I am suddenly look away from him. Its awkward. I mean, chair in that swimming pool just that bench he already sit in. Eventough there are other chair too, but still its just beside his bench. Tell me to sit, its mean he just call me to sit near him.

"You uncomfortable?I will just sit here silently or I can just come to house right now"He seems annoyed

"You don need. You already here first. I will go there"I just stand up and sit on chair beside him.

"Ok, I will sit heeree" Shit, I don bring my phone. Its soo awkward. I wanna just back to my room now. Its silent now, he just busy with his phone.

"So, you come here to calm yourself ?Orrr maybe I am just wrong. Haha"

"Yeah you can call it like that. There are many things happen outside here. Its calm to just enjoy this calmness" Its mean I must just stay silent, right? My bad. I just contemplating with my brain. I don know to talk naturally with him. Even after our talk at house owner.

"With ocean sound, its more calm"OMG, what I am saying? I wanna go back inside. I mean come on, I can think other convo except that. And its impossible sit beside each other without talking, right.

Pfft. I just look at him. He put his wrist cover his mouth. He laugh at my word. This boy!!

"Oh, I am sorry"

"Don need"I am not annoyed but seems my voice sound like that

"Eh, seriously. Its just funny in good way, you know. There are not person said you are naturally funny?"He seems guilty. He trying hard to explain his word

"Oh then its good. So, in exchange, can I ask what made you calm yourself here?"Actually I wanna go back to my room if he doesn answer that question. I can tolerate this silent for any longer.

Yibo Pov

"Oh, again. Sorry. I will go back, then"

"Gossip. Hater. Trending" She sit again after stand up, prepare to leave. Don know why but this time, I don wanna alone thinking about that **. I am tired too but at the same time, I need someone to talk about this. When she come to this space, I just yeah maybe need companion?

"You get that too when at sdc, right?"

"Yeah, everytime I think. Sometimes, its false rumour and sometimes its yeah bad thing to read or maybe its about forbidden relationship. I mean like you know, gay?"I spill everything. This is bad. At second after she look at me, its like that eyes caught me off guard. Made me relax and just blank. My brain tell me this is bad many times but why I can just leave this place?

"But, you are not gay?"

"Of course no. I am straight"She still look at me together with her little laugh. Hmm, its weird. So, this is her expression when she laugh. I can see that now.

"Hmm, I can just listen. I don wanna compare your situation with me. Its not polite"

I can just laugh in my mind. If you don wanna talk about it, just don spill it, you know. She soo cheeky.

"You had same situation like this before?"

"Not same. For me, its about gender. Just little things"She give explanation with close up her thumbs and index finger.

"Why its just little things?You don get annoyed with that?"

"Its annoyed of course cause my mother involved in that rumour but she said its okay. So, it okay. Hmm, sorry. Why its me who give story now. Its about you"

"Its okay. Its good I can hear other opinion about their problem. To be honest, I can face it but sometimes its hard. I mean when I am busy and that happen, I just too tired to face many things at same time"I just spill everything again. Why? Its seriously not like my usual self

"Its normal. You just human. Why so hard to yourself? When you face things like that and don know what to do, you can reach out for someone. For help-"

"I mean for your really really close friend" Her words made me think she seems confused with situation right now. But I don know what to say to her about that. This situation just too random. I can even think logically. So, I just lower my head, look at my foot. If she wanna leave then its okay. I will accept that eventough yeah maybe. Maybe what, Yibo? So absurd, ahh confused

"So, when that gossip come to sdc last time. You chat with boubou about this?"So, she still here. Good

"Just point it a bit. Like, I said, I have headache right now. Can I be here?Its impossible to talk about that openly. We at the entertainment industry. We can trust each other"

What I am talking?She silent right now. She must be uncomfortable with that.

"Sorry, its just slipped. But its fact"

"No worries. I know what you mean. I get that point too" We just busy with our mind. I look at her. She seems soo confused. If I am her, I will feel same too

"Thank you, Yuxin. Its help" We look at each other for a bit long time until then we look at other direction. Awkard but at the same time its comfortable. I get it now why many dancer at sdc said she soo sincere. So, this is what they mean.

"Hey, can i-i ask you?"

Yuxin Pov

"Go ahead"Yibo give me fast response

"Just in case. I repeat again, just in case"

"Yeah, just in case?"

"You had a friend. A long time friend. For many years. Its impossible to fall for each other?" He looked at me with his eyes like wanna popped out. He know what I mean? But I don say his name

"Oh yeah. He is here?"

"No. Just in case, I said. If other people had this looong time friend"He nod his head, like he spend time to think

"If you ask me, probability for fall to each other bigger than not"

"Ahh, I see" So, its normally like that. Xian ask me many times cause don believe with my situations.

"But, just in case. There are other women like this looong time friend. Like too much until she wanna being his precious person"

"Wow, its difficult now"

"I am serious right now" I bit annoyed with his expression

"Oh sorry. I just amazed with that women"

"From what aspect?"I look at him intensively. Wait for his opinion

"Hmm, she is brave and aggressive"

"I don know about that. She seems like that?"

"You said its just in case. How I know that?" He give me little laugh right now. Shit, I just spill stupid things.

"Yeah, just in case. I don know about them too. Its just my friend story"

"So, what you wanna confirm?That men friend feelings or what? I don get your point"

"Its just that men friend being told-"Yibo still look at me. Wait for me to finish my sentence

"Not directly. She said, she is feeling bit not safe with that men friend. She thinks of her as rival. When the fact is not. I mean, its can be seen like that? Its possible?"

"Of course yes. Its normal. That your friend just live in village or what?She cant even had that scenario in her head?" Ah, he just hurt me. How can I know? I just busy practice and made song. He just like weak person last time and now he just soo sarcastic. But I need other advice and opinion too. This things just not my expertise. I never being seen as rival. I mean this is Liu Ye we talk about. He really known as prince at our school. How can I be seen as rival for girl who like him?

"And what if that men friend being asked to help that women chase that men?" Nah, I need another point of view to this problem. What I need to do? Xian just ask me this

"The problem is you must ask your friend. She like her long time friend or not? If yes, then help that other women must be wrong things to do. But if not, then maybe its green light to help that other women. What do you think?"He wait for me to answer it

"My opinion not matters here. I just listen her-"

"If you at that situation, then what will you do?" He cut off me even before I can finish my line. He just, made me loss word for him

"At that situation?I think good things to do, is help that women?"I search for his agreement. I don know why I need this from him

"Then its settled like that"

"Its not about me"I give clear explanation here.

"I know. Its your friend story"

Yibo Pov

Its Liu Ye for sure. And Yuxin being asked for help that other women to get close with Liu Ye. Its Xian or maybe Xiao. Just what plot twist is this?

"By the way. You really had close friendship with Liu Ye, right? 7 years?"

"Liu Ye and me don had role for that story, you know" I need to hold my laughter. She will ask me again the reason why I laugh if I did that.

"This different question. Cause Liu Ye said to me about how long you become friends with him. But if you two that close, why don invite him last time when you record sdc? You know him first than Wang Meng Jie, right?"

"I bit scared about that. I don wanna made him uncomfortable" Eh, why? They close, right? Liu Ye even had aura like wanna fight me cause I am at same show with her before. But why Yuxin think like that?

"Maybe its just you think like that?"

"But there are time when we really don get communicate at all. That time, its good if he just leave me. He got attack cause give me support for my solo album"

"Why?its normal for friends give courage to each other" She just silent when I said that. Made me like villain who attack her precious friend

"But, of course he must protect you, right? Like defend you. Said you just friends with him"I am trying correct my mistake from before

"Of course not and its not necessary. I can understand that. After all, who attack and give hate comment its his fans. How can he backstabbed his fan?"

"But you are his friend. Its just his fan. Not really close like you" For some reason, I am feeling pity for this girl

"But who made him at his position right now is his fans, not me. You talk nonsense"

"Yeah, your logic got me. So you just being dumped that period cause being his friend and he not defend you. Just made it clear"

"Its made me looking sad at that point. But if that what outsider look, then maybe its true. But for me, its just normal things to do. You need to survive and you need fan to do that"And then, we just silent after that. I just got deeply thinking about her word.

"Yeah, you are right"

"Tomorrow, we will ride sea motorbike, you know. Its must be exciting"Don ask me, nowadays I don even know why I am act not like my self. For sure, I wanna we get out from that sad talking. I don wanna pity her too much.

"So, that why you join this show?"

"One of my reason. Yes" She smile now.

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