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Our Story Starts Again Part 5

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Yibo pov

"I can cut onion, aunty. Give me the knives, please" This is the 9th times Yuxin ask for task from house owner. Her "busy body" thing just made me can just relax and doesn have choice than move my body too.

"I will carry this, uncle" I take some dinner utensils from house owner and move it to the table. But after doing that, I am always back to the kitchen again to see what Yuxin doing. Its just little bit interesting to see how she made owner house wife don know what to do except give her task. Funny

"Aiyaa, you must just go sit there kiddo. Both of you are our guest. Why guest need to be at the kitchen?"

"You don have many helper aunty, I will help" She still cut onion eventough her eyes already red. I just stand close to kitchen door but my eyes sometimes watching owner house, just in case if he need help. Whenever he move, I will move too and bring whatever he holds that time.

"This hotpot soup ready now. Two of you just need to sit now and wait in the table"Now Yuxin doesn had choice to ignore that cause she already finish her task. So, both of us walk towards dining room and waiting. I just go sit to the TV sofa and she just go to that fat cat again. Tease him

"Hi, fatto"I hold my laughter. That cat give her his back.

"Aww, seems you still angry cause I said you fat before"You still call him fatto you know. I humming that word in my brain.

"But you right. He is fat. Just look at that belly" I talk to her when she still give me her back. I just realizes after look that cat from behind

"Right?I just feeling numb in my arm when hold him recently"That cat now look at her for a minute and then leave her.

"He is angry at you" Yuxin laugh at my words. But I cant see her face cause she still give me her back. I don know why but that moment, I wanna see how she laughed at my words. When I realize my curiosity, its made me automatically avert my eyes from her silhouette. This is weird.

Yuxin Pov

We finally can eat. I sit beside Yibo and look at his plate. He take a load of coriander.

"You still into that vegetable"

"Oh, yeah. I really love it. Its made hotpot taste fresh"

"Still same like when you at SDC" Yibo freeze for a moment when I said that. I remember give him coriander variant for present. And his reaction that time just explain everything.

"Your present that time really good, especially that drink"He eat his meat now with that coriander for sure

"Oh, its from my mom" Yibo eyes like wanna popped out. Seem my words made him surprised.

"Wow, your mom made it for him?Two of you~~"

"No, its just present cause that time she is being captain, I mean co-host with me at the same show"Eh, what wrong? My brain still process situation after Yibo rush explanation for house owner.

"Yeah, that from my mom cause I ask her about coriander drink. Its from my mom info. So, I just grab that drink from store. My mom told me about that store"

"Awwh, soo disappointed. Just eat more, two of you" Owner house just sighed with regret. He give me more meat to eat

"Your mom had good info. I wanna know that store, so if I had time I can visit it" Yibo look at me seriously. Seems he really wanna go there

"Its at Hazhou District 4. There are big store with green color. They sell many unique things include your coriander. I will ask my mom again to send me location for that store. Last time, I delete her message"

"So, how do you know he likes coriander?" Owner house ask me again while keep his smiley face

"Its from news and article. Yibo known as coriander lover" I talk more carefully now

"Aww, you put effort to search it" Now, house owner wife response to our convo. I see house owner smile more widely.

"I search all of captain info to be honest. I wanna give them present which they can like and use it. So of course I need to know their likes"

"Hmmmmmm, its soo simple right, Yuxin?" House owner just back chop his meat again when his wife just give me little laugh.

"You are just soo adorable, Yuxin. Right, Yibo?"

"Uhuk, eeehh?" I give Yibo his drink. He seems confused with wife owner house statement. Same with me. What the hell with this atmosphere right now. I don understand. Its more complicated when house owner just look at us with strange happy smile in his face.

Yibo Pov

"Come again, okay?" I and Yuxin just nodded our head and said thank you for their dinner. Now its 17.00, time for us to leave. But our car still not here.

"You need to walk. Your house just 30 minutes from here"Cameramen said that after call Ma PD

"Seems we need to walk" Yuxin said that awkwardly.

"Lets go" I said that more awkwardly. We walk side by side with cameramen in front of us. I know she doesn awkward with cameramen cause she always talk eventough camera around her. But its cause of me. I am feeling terrible right now cause feel like this.

"How do you know Boubou?Cause from what I see at SDC, you talk to his like you already know him"I bring conversation without look at her.

"Before record SDC 2, I join his HipHop Class"Our convo stop. I bite my lips. Before, at house owner, she soo talkative. Hhhh

"So, you close with Vannes Ge when you record SDC 2?

"Yeah, but after that we still meet. If he made party, he will invite us"

"Us?" My question now made her look at me. I can see her confused face under street lamp.

"His team dancer. I-i mean his comrade at SDC 2 before, include gumball too"Ooh. I just give understand reaction to her. She is bit talkative now. Maybe its just my awareness but to be honest I don like being a cause for make people silent. Or I am actually had this trait? I ask my self again. Seems I am not really had this treat. Ahh, so confusing.

"But you really close with Boubou. Like brother"Her question made me back to reality from my confused mind

"I am already his fan before meet at sdc. So I made effort to get close to him. I used opportunity given by the show"

"Seems you always made effort if you wanna get close with people you like?" Heeh. I still look at her for some moment. I ask my self, really? Her question like a punch for me.

"You know, hmm with Kyoka. You made effort too" She just avert her eyes from me. Maybe she confused too because I still freeze with her word before.

"Oh, yeah. I like her dance style. So, I already know her as a rushball dancer. I see many of her video"

"But you still close with your dancer friends from sdc 2, thats what I see when you interact with them"

"Actually its just my first time meet them again after SDC 2. Of course some of them still in contact with me. I still use their guidance if I need their specialization or ask them for their opinion about my dance moves" Oh, she talk more now. Its good our convo can continues now. Its suffocate if we walk 30 minutes without talk to each other right?

"Hei, both of you. Wait for us "We look at our back at the same time. Justin and Xiao there walking to us

Justin Pov

Finally this hell just ended. From owner house until now I shut my mouth cause Xiao just complain about how we need to walk until our house. Its just 45 minutes they said, but its like crazy cold weather attack me and my bone. Its good we meet Yuxin and Yibo team.

"How about your dinner, Yibo Ge?"

"Its delicious"

"You eat hotpot too?" My eyes fixed at Yuxin who ask Xiao about our dinner

"Yeah. We dont have hotpot. we go to Indian house people. So, we eat curry fish and some bread"

"Wow, its must be delicious. I never eat Indian food"I just smile at Yuxin face when she said that. Its soo innocent when she talk like that.

But then my eyes divert to Yibo direction. He smile too. Hmm, what happen to them?

"Yeah, its deeeliciouss"Xiao lied. She complain when she know she will be one team with me. She just pretend to work at owner house but actually she just give me many plate. she really lazy to move. she just act as bridge there. And made me do all the work. She killing me with her attitude

"How about your team, Yuxin?"

"We eat hotpot" She answer my question while look at me. I like when this happen. Its like I get her attention

"They have a cat too"

"Its fat" Yibo just answer Yuxin words and then they laughed together while see each other. I look at them and then look at Xiao. Her expression same with me. We just surprised. I mean this is Yibo we talk about. If come to women, he normally not like that. Or we

don know he actually had this side?

"Wow, seems your tour really fun there" I just cut off their momentum. Honestly, I do that cause I wanna still talk with Yuxin

"Yeah, its fun. We talk to owner house and his wife. They really kind and " Yibo stopped while talking. He and Yuxin silent for a moment like lost in their mind about what happened there.

"Hill-hillarious. They tell many story about this-th-this city"Now Yuxin can even talk properly.

"How about that cat, Yibo?" Xiao just walk faster beside Yibo. Attract his attention and its success. She and Yibo now walk in front of Yuxin and me.

"Seems its happy tour!!"

"Yeah, its fun and they give us delicious food too" Finally I can made Yuxin focus on me again

"I hope we can be at the same team next time, Yuxin" I said that when look at her attentively


Liu Ye pov

Yuxin team and Justin team finally here. I see them arrive at the same time. I just rush to Yuxin.

"You already here, Yuxin"

"We meet on the street while walking here" Justin just talk without people ask when I wanna hear Yuxin voice.

"Hows your trip?"She asked me with low tone. She seems tired

"Its... Yeah fun"Its just plain. I hope I can be at the same team with her next time. I come to this show to spend my time with Yuxin, so I need more scene with her.

"You are not tired, Yuxin?"Justin interrupted again. This brat.

"I think you need to rest, Justin. You seems tired too"

"We walk until here, you know. You need to let her rest" He just stare at me intense. Don tell me, he had things for Yuxin too

"I am sorry, Liu Ye Ge. But I think I wanna take a bath now. I cut onion leaves before and the scent still here"

"Hmm, okay"I let Yuxin left eventough I still wanna talk to her. Seems she really tired

"You seems had something for her?"

"Not your business" I just look at Justin from my side. And then I still follow Yuxin with my eyes

"Yuxin, take this wallet. We still had some money left there" Now Yibo give Yuxin his little bag. I dont know why, but from yesterday I don have good hunch with that dude.

"They seems close than yesterday"I look at Justin. He seems concerned and curious at the same time. For this matter, I agree with him. Hope this is the last time they are at the same team again. I pray like that

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