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Our Story Starts Again Part 4

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Xiao pov

Today our first day schedule. We had outdoor activity. We record at near the beach. I see Yibo many times look at the beach. I think he search for his sea motorbike. But sadly, nothing there. To be honest, I am annoyed. He standing beside me, ok I will correct it. I standing beside him while actually its not my personality to take initiative like this. And then he just busy thinking about when he can ride his motorbike. I don wanna admit it, but for him motorbike more important than me? Ridiculous.

"Today we will had outdoor activity called eat to your home" Ma PD explain our activity today.

"You will help people here and you will get dinner treat from them. We already decide the house you will visited. And team will divided into three teams. One team will have two people. And it will decided with who take same number from this paper" There are mug filled with six paper. I hope I got same number with Yibo.

"I got two" Yibo take his paper and show it to the camera. Next will be Justin turn. He got one.

"Three" Xian look at the camera and then look at Liu Ye. She wanna be with him. Its really written in her face.

Now Liu Ye turn.

"Three" Liu Ye seems bitter. He push himself to smile.

"Two" My eyes just wanna popped out. Yuxin got same number with Yibo. I look at Yibo, he just nooded his head. Just ordinary expression. And Yuxin. She smile awkardly.

"One"I can hide my annoyed face and Justin just open his mouth, like together with me same with curse for him. Unbelievable. Like heck with this game

Yibo Pov

"Ok, please take this address and phone number. You will call house owner and ask if there are things they wanna you bring to them and ask for direction to their house"

"Stand beside your team mate" Ma PD explain rule again. Yuxin walk and stand beside me.

"You can take that paper from Gu PD"I just follow her instruction. And give it to her, so she can lead us. But she seems confused and look at me with question

"You don wanna take it?" I just shake my head and said its okay with my body gesture. We still hear some explanation from Gu PD and then I take money from him.

"You can save it. We need to divide our task" She just said that when I give her our pocket money. She just being too serious about this team, I think. Even talk about responsibility. But I still put it to my shoulders. That little sling bag. I bit get annoyed cause this bag not match with my outfit. But its better than call that owner house. So, I will just need to be patient with this.

Xiao and Justin just said Goodbye to us when Liu Ye just look at Yuxin when talk. Seems he really wanna team up with Yuxin. He seems annoyed with me. Its not my fault, you know.

"Excuse me gege, you know this address?" She start talking to civilians there with smile and her eyes lock to theirs when she talk. Made me remember what happen last night. I admit there are something weird with her eyes. Its like she can even take control people with her eyes. But yeah, its warm gaze too. I busy with my mind but still look at her. She really a busy body person.

"Yuxin, I think we need call house owner first. Remember what PD said, we need search for their needs before come to their house"

"Ah, you right. I forgot it" She look at me with her innocent smile. I bit surprised with that, suddenly I remember what Justin said before.

"I will call this number" She press number written in the paper while still walking. I just look at her who just focused on her paper and don know she already walk a little bit inside the road. See her walk like that, made me automatically touch her shoulder and give push to her back so she can back walk outside the road. She will get hit, if she still walking like that. She look at me with her big eyes, seems like she surprised with my action

Yuxin Pov

"Ah, thank you" I nearly jump when Yibo touch my shoulder. I lost my focus. Ah, I need to call the house owner. I remember again what I need to do

"They dont answer it?" Yibo ask me while stand in front of me with his hands at his waist

"Its ringing but no one take it. We need to wait a little longer" He play with his foot, indicating how longer this take. He seems not patient with this situation and its made me nervous around him. Like he supervise me. Ugh

"How about we just walk when waiting for they take our call?" He just nodded and we walking. He walk beside me and I still can feel his gaze. I just pray owner house to just take their call. So Yibo can stop look at me

"Hello" Thanks God

"Hello hello, we record variety now gege and staff said we must go to your house"

"Yeah, soo what I can help meimei?" I and Yibo look at each other. He nodded at me many times. Wait patiently to our convo. Made me forgot again what I need to say. I just humming for many second. Process my brain to remember again

"You need to ask them, what we need to bring to their house" Ah right. I just nooded when Yibo whisper that to me.

"Gege, you need something?We can get it at our trip to your house"

"Ahh okay. I think we still need potatoes, chili powder, onion leaves, ketchup and wortel. We will made hotpot, do you guys like it?" Yibo give his thumbs up for me, seems like he agree with that menu. I just look at him with little smile. He bit funny and innocent when he did that

"Yeah, gege. We must love it. We will call you again when we finish with our task, okay? Bye bye" I ended up the call.

"So we need potatoes, chili powder, wortel"

"Ketchup and onion leaves"He complete my sentence. We nooded at the same time with our finger count that request.

"We need go to the market. We can ask direction from people at the street" I am feeling we need to rush, cause house owner must need this ingredient

"How about that girl?We can ask her" Yibo and I just walk faster than before. Seems we really had same mind. We want eat that hotpot more quickly.

Liu Ye Pov

"I already here. Where are you, Yuxin?"I call Yuxin right now. Reason?Nothing special, just wanna know where she is. If I can walk with her at this segment, its must be better

"We are at vegetable market, I think?"

"Who is it?"I hear men voice. Its must be Yibo. Suddenly I am getting annoyed

" Liu Ye Ge"She still give me that Ge attribute. She still doesn have clue, my mind find that word.

"I already see you. I will come there"

"Why we need to go there? We need to go to other store, you know" I look at Xian. Ah, she is there too. I forgot.

"We chat with them for yeah, strategy?"

"We don need that"She just walk follow my step go to Yuxin place. I can sense annoyed tone from her voice but I wanna see Yuxin too. So yeah...

"You need buy vegetable too?"

"We don " Xian just answer Yuxin question faster than me. I look at her for a minute and then look at Yuxin, she seem confused with Xian word

"We just accidentally walk here. We need to go there" I just pointed for random direction and Yuxin just nod her head.

"So, you buy potatoes?"Yibo look at me when I said that. We look at each other eyes.

"We still need go to ingredients store too"From Yibo words, its like our presence just delayed their task.

"We can go there together. I think we can have ingredients present for owner house, right?" I look at Xian, search for help.

"We need milk, you know. Owner house ask us for that" She sigh for long time before talk

"Its different direction with ingredient store"Yibo talk without look at me. He do that while give owner store the money

"Seems we need go to different ways, Gege. We need to finish this task faster, so we can go back to our villa. We must there before dinner,house owner must be waiting for us"

"You are right" I am feeling lost my soul. When I think I can walk and talk more with Yuxin, here the fact, I am not at the same team with her.

"I will take this, Yuxin. Its bit heavy"

"Okay, I will hold ingredients bag then"

I just freeze at my place when see their convo going. Wow, they already had some progress from what I see yesterday. This team divided concept just killing me.

"Okay gege, we will go first. Hope your task success too" I wave back at Yuxin. I look at her who still wanna take that potatoes bag from Yibo

"Its okay. Its not really heavy"

"We buy three kg, you know. Give me some"

"I said its okay" I still can see they run from each other. I bit my lips. This scene made me jealous.

"They seems have good relationship"Xian word like gasoline which being throw out to the fire. I can feel my body getting hot.

Yibo Pov

Finally the door opened after I ring bell for three times. Middle age men welcome us and give us some space to come in.

"This is potatoes and some ingredients you want. Thank you for let us come to your house"Yuxin bow to house owner, its made me automatically bow too. She really polite. I even can count how much people she asked until we reach this house cause house owner seems doesn understand how to send location for us via message.

"There are things we can help?"Yuxin ask again

"No no. You can just sit at that table. Just need little time until our hotpot ready"

After house owner said that, i just walking around the house and then my eyes fixed at trophy display

"Wow, you won wushu championship gege?" I see first place written at one of trophy there. House owner come and explain that to me. I hear his explanation with attention.

"Wow, its soo cuteee~~"

My attention just go to Yuxin after hear her dolphin voice

"This cat soo handsome and adorable" She lift that cat carefully and touch that big cat gently. I don know she has this side. After get her cat, she just move slowly and put herself comfortable at sofa. She just made little move and keep that cat still safe. The way she hold that cat really interesting to see. I can see that cat seems enjoy Yuxin treatment.

"That cat seems like you, Yuxin"I follow owner house step. He goes to Yuxin and she just smile with that praise

"He rarely welcome new guest. He bit picky, you know. You are lucky, Yuxin" I agree with what owner house said. That cat now sleep comfortably at Yuxin lap.

"He is fat"Haha. I can help but laugh at her random joke.

"Look at that cat eyes. Its opened. He hears what you said, you know"Yuxin startled with what I said and then she cover that cat ears

"Sorry, kitties. But seriously, you need go for diet"Suddenly that cat just wake up from his position, look at Yuxin for a moment and then leave. I burst into laughter.

"He dumps you"My word just out like that. And then house owner and Yuxin just laugh after that.

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