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Our Story Starts Again Part 2

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Tomorrow Morning

Xiao Pov

I need to get up early this morning cause noise in front of our house. There are people knock the door. I walk to first floor. I look at yibo door. Its still closed. Seems he still doesn get up. Last night we chat many things in TV room. "I talk too much" more than him. He just many times just said yeah, OO and little smile he give me when I trying pull a joke to him. To be honest, I am bit annoyed. I mean until now, men always wanna chat with me eventough I just hear them. But there he is, being himself and doesn really take initiative talk to me. Like how he act in front of other women. So, in resume I still same with that other women. Made me annoyed.

"I am coming~~"Why people need to come at this hour. I just sigh many times. Camera everywhere. So I need to keep my mouth when talk. But at least, there are no staff here. So I need to manage this situation alone. Ugh

"Hii" I give him my best smile. He smile back to me. More brighter. I look again at him. I know him. He just Justin. Meeh

"You here too, wow"He answer me. So fake. I prefer yibo. He more honest when he talk. Of course sometimes I feel offended too.

Justin Pov:

There she is. Ice Queen. Elegant Queen. I hate women type like her. Whatever. I know she will join this show. Seems I just need avoid her when I am here cause this is my job after long time waiting. I am bored just make music. So, this is good opportunity for me.

" You came from yesterday?"She said yeah to me. Soo cold. I am really not used with her eventough we are under same agency. I look around. Camera everywhere.

"Staff still not here. Actually you need to introduce yourself. But I think you can pick your room already" Xiao explain everything for me.

"Where are your room?" she seems offended. Well, I just don wanna had same floor with her.

"Second floor"

"Then I will pick room at first floor" She seems annoyed but still follow my steps. I pick room near swimming pool door. I pick up my luggage and bring in to my new room.

"You like your room?" Hah? I look at her and can hold my laughter. She need to go this far.

"Yeah, of course. So, you just alone?"

"No. Wang Yibo already here yesterday. But maybe he still at his room"

"Yibo gee already here? Wow. Nice. I can go to the beach with him now"Seems yibo gee really need this trip to heal himself. After all, he is our primary source of money. He just everywhere and I think this show can be his holiday

"I am scared you can . We need wait for other cast and start our schedule"Xiao explain again. I look at second floor. There are 4 room and 2 room at first floor. 6 guest, I don know we will had many member. Whatever. I just wanna relax here.

"You had something to eat?" I ask Xiao, I am feel hungry cause I need to arrive at this hour.

"You can search it at refrigerator. I will back to my room. I need rest" I just nod at her and said okay. She really push herself in front of camera. If there are not camera, she will just leave me after open the door. Whatever, I will just explore this house first.

Yibo pov

I open my eyes and look for my phone. 10.30 AM. I need to get up. I prepare my self and go to the bathroom. We had private bathroom for every room. I just brush my teeth and put some plain clothes with short. I open my door and look Justin at swimming pool, put his feet in the water.

"You join this show too?" I ask him when still walking. Side door just opened, so he can hear me when I am talking.

"Ge already here from yesterday?" I nod. I just know he join this show. We rarely see each other cause our schedule. But I had good relationship with him. Me, chengcheng, him and hangeng ge get close cause outdoor activity club we join together. So we talk sometimes about that eventough not really often.

"Where are your room?" He pointed door beside me. I look for a bit and then walk towards him. We chat for long time. I ask about cheng cheng and hangeng gee too.

We stop our chat when door get knocked. Maybe other guest again

Justin pov

I open the door and there are girl there. Li Zi Xuan. She had petite figure and cute appearance. I just know her as some of PD 101 girl contestant.

"Hi, come in" She finally look at me. Before she just fixed her eyes behind me. Like searching for someone.

"Liu Ye ge already here?" I just shake my head. She seem bit disappointed but she still bring her luggage in.

"Who is there" Yibo come to front door. He said hi and take Zian luggage. I bring one of them. Two suitcase and some bag. Girls always bring many things.

"You can pick your room" Yibo and me wait until she pick her room, so we can help bring her luggage

"I think I will pick room at first floor"Its opposite my room. I and Yibo bring her luggage into her room. After organize her things, she sit in the TV room.

"Staff will come. We need to introduce ourself. I still don do that too" She just nod her head and then go to the kitchen.

Xian pov

"You wanna some drink?" I just take some juice bottle from refrigerator and give it to Justin. He pass it to Yibo out there, who still busy look at water. Leave me who still look for other snacks. I find some bread and bring it to TV room. I look outside. These two busy chat again. I look at Yibo, he really came. I hear before he deny this offer. Who knows he accept variety like this too. But whatever. I lost in my mind. I just wanna join this show cause Liu Ye, but seems he still not here.

I search for channel at TV. Mind my own business. After one hours watching TV, some staff come to our house. Set some equipment. And then Cheng Xiao come out from her room. We say hello to each other. And I made my introduction. Same with Justin. Staff said we need to gather around TV room. Xiao and Yibo stand beside each other. And Justin sit in front of me.

"We still wait for 2 guest. So we will give you our schedule now. Ma PD already leave. But he will come again next week. Until then, I will become his substitute. You can ask me if you had question"We just look at her attentively. Yibo and Justin just ask her some question. Not long time after that, we just relax and enjoy our time.

" Hi, I am Xiao. When you come?"Xiao ask me with warm smile

"Just recently. You sleep?" She nodded and give little laugh. She is pretty and had elegant aura. Had other women when you have someone you wanna impress just made you cautious. This is what i am feeling right now. Hope she is not Liu Ye type. We chat for some hours.

"This is already noon" She said to me. I look at my watch. 18.30. Liu Ye still not here. I bit my lips nervous. And then someone knock the door. I stand up with reflex. Xiao look at me with surprise in her eyes.

"lets go open it" I follow her to open the door. And there he is. Liu Ye look at me with surprise

"Xian, you are here too?" His question just made me bit disappointed. Its mean he is not really pay attention for invitation given to him. I mean there are cast name there, right?

"Halo, halo" Yibo voice made me back to reality. I still look at Liu Ye whose still look at Yibo with strange eyes. He seems more warned with Yibo presence.

"You okay?" Xiao tap my shoulders when all of them already come in to the house. Seems my expression really show in my face. I need to keep my emotions well. We are at variety show. Camera everywhere. I don wanna get caught by public for liking that man.

Liu Ye Pov

Yibo here. I know he at guest list name but I don know he will come. He is known as busy idol, soo yeah.

"You came yesterday?"

"Yeah, I and Xiao come yesterday. Justin and Xian just come here today. Justin in the morning and Xian in the day. You must go there and made your introduction. After that you can pick your room. Just two room in the second floor left. So you can pick one of them" He left after said that to me. I follow his instructions and made my introduction. After that I just bring my luggage to second floor with Justin help. Xian follow me too.

"Seems you had tight schedule" Xian asked me while stand in front of my door. I put my suitcase and put off my jacket.

"Not really. I just yeah had some business I need to manage" I close my door and go to first floor with Xian. She seems hesitant with me, but I am not really bother to know. After all, I come to this show cause wanna meet with yuxin. But she still not here. But that PD said all of cast will arrive today. I just need to wait.

I join them sit in the TV room. I pick chair beside Yibo and hear their talk attentively. They talk about SDC 5.For exact topic,they just ask Yibo about that show. Their talk just made me cautious. I can help but ask Yibo.

"Yuxin still not arrive yet, right?" He look at me confused.

"Seems not. She join this show too?" He ask me back

"You and her don have each other phone number after SDC?"I ask him again

"Of course not. We just being captain there. Not that close to call each other"Hear Yibo answer just made me relief. Still safe. I don need to worry.

Yibo Pov

Liu Ye ask me many question about Yuxin. Like we call each other or not. Strange. I had some strange feeling.

"We know each other for long time. Maybe 7 years" I just nod my head. Its their business. I mean, if they had something then its their problem. I don wanna thinking too much. I just wanna enjoy my time here. This is rare opportunity for me to relax.

"Finally"Gu PD stand up from his position and go to the door.

" Seems its Yuxin"Liu Ye stand up. I just look at her silhouette and just sit in my chair.

"Hello Hello" She greet every member. My memory about her back to me. She is warm person. Thats what I hear from dancer at SDC. We talk several times but not deeply. I had film shoot when filming SDC, so I don really spend my time there. But I know she is pro dancer and she gain respect from SDC dancer too. But yeah, my impression not deep. I am not even know she join this show.

"Hello, Wang Yibo. Long time no see"She look at me with little smile. She seems awkward. Yeah, like I said we don close to each other. So yeah. We just give handshake for each other. After that, Liu Ye guard her and guide her for introduction. Justin even bring her luggage together with Liu Ye. I just see how Liu Ye look at Yuxin. There are something. And once again its not my business. I just want ride my motorbike

"I had some snacks here. You can try it" She give us some bakpao with meat filling. She let us pick it. She made me remember when she give me coriander package when we record lets chat. Its bring back memories. I said thank you to her. I think its end but that girl doesn stop. She bring other paper bag and give that to staff. She bit too much. But from I hear, she already like that from Boubou and AC.

"You prepare many things before come here" I talk to her with standard variety smile. She just reply me with shy smile and little laugh.

"Ok, cause all of member already here. We will explain our schedule for tomorrow" PD Gu take over situation and then explain everything

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