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Our Story Starts Again Part 12

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Yuxin Pov

I change my clothes first with dry one and then go to at some wooden long chair in the side of the beach. Below coconut tree and sit there. I still can see our surfing location, so Yibo find this place when still surfing today? He had sharp eyes for good place like this. Its not too much get sun light and have many coconut tree around it.

I am already sent message to Liu Ye said I wait him here but I still have fear talk to him later. I arrange my words carefully and still get stimulation talk in my head. I am soo nervous and confused even now.

"Hey, Yuxin. Have you been waiting for a long time?"Liu Ye already in my side now

"No. Just some minutes ago. How your surfing today?"

"Yeah, its fun" He give me answer after rise up his eyebrow to me. Seems he find my question had some meaning in it.

"Lets not talk about that. You call me, right?"

"Yeah, I am. There are thing I wanna tell you" We sit beside each other. I touch my hair many times cause I am nervous. I sighed many times and look at him again. But still too hard to give my first word.

"Maybe this is about that night? When I give you chicken soup?"

"Yeah. But I need time to give you my word"

"Take your time. Don forget to breathe" He smile which made me smiling too.

"7 years?Our friendship" He look at me. Ahh, this word weigh me down.

"Yeah. We really know each other for a long time. But still, I think you are not that close with me, Yuxin"

"Really? But you are always kind to me. Its enough and I am thankful for that"He look at the sea now, avoid my eyes

"But I wanna be the first person you talk when you had hard time or good thing happen to you. If we still in this term, its will not happen" I suddenly quiet with his word.

"When I asked you, you will always said I am okay. I dont wanna always wandering alone about how your feelings"

"But we can start that even if we were friends"

"No. You are not. You prefer save it yourself than burden me" He look at me in the eyes. I cant talk back to that cause its true.

"Liu Ye, I am really thankful for your kindness but-"

"Can we being more than friends? Seven years already enough to know each other well, right?" He cut my word and bring conversation like that. Made me speechless.

"You can think of it. I will wait"

"I cant"

"So fast? Think, Yuxin. We already friends for 7 years, you and me grow together. I know you more than anyone else. Just look at your heart more, Yuxin"

"I am already done that. I dont have enough sleep nowadays cause thinking about this" I tell him the truth. I got headache nowadays cause less sleep and more of it cause this issue.

"Why we cant, Yuxin?" His voice bit hoarse now. Made me feeling in fault.

"Your role in my life already important, Liu Ye. But not as lover. I cant imagine about that matter"

"You never feeling your heart thumping when you are with me?" I shake my head left and right.

"Sorry. You are like brother for me" I look at my feet now. Its soo hard

"Can at least we try?"He sound helpless

"I will hurt you. You know that for sure. I dont wanna see you suffering more than this"

"Hhh. What are we then?"

"Thats why its bit hard for me to give you answer. I am greedy, I think. Its not like I don feel it. Sometimes, I have gut. But still, cause I wanna we at this term, thats why I avoid it. I think I made you suffer too much. Sorry"I can look at Liu Ye face now. I am feeling guilty after realize this.

"You are heartless women, you know"


"After hear that, I think its bit hard for me to stay as your friends" That word like a punch for me. I am trying hard not to cry right now.


Justin Pov

I still drink sip of my juice when Yibo come with his dry clothes. He already changed. He waves to me and look at my surrounding.

"Where Xiao?" I pointed her who still in the snack bar, wait for her grilled corn.

"You had bad term with her, don you?" I look at him from my side eyes and he play with his phone, like checking something.

"Hah? Ah ya. There are"

"Why you checking your phone?Its not like you, waiting for someone text like that?"

"Ha?Nothing"He made his poker face again. Ah, whatever.

"Just last time, Xiao like butterfly around you. And then today, she like demon. You do bad thing to her, dont you?" I ask him again. He look at me and sigh

"But I think this is the best for us"

"What is mean-"

"Why are you here!!!" I look at Xiao, surprised. I dont know she is in front of us now. I look back forth Xiao and Yibo. Yibo just look down when Xiao glared intensively to him. For sure, she seem will explode now.

"I talk with Justin" I look him who brave enough look at Xiao now. This bastard, dont bring me in your cat fight!!

"I dont wanna see you right now!!"

"Guys, please be calm. There are many-"

"Until when you wanna this happen, Xiao?" I suddenly keep my mouth closed when Yibo just talk. Xiao bit her lips now. I can even see her difficult to breathe normally. She full of anger. Ah, I wanna run. I dont wanna being in their zone now.

"Then, excuse me"

"Where are you going?Stay!" They asked me at the same time. Fuck. So, because of that I sit again.

"I dont have thing to talk with you! We are over!"

"Then, stop glare at me like you wanna eat me" I give Yibo my popped out eyes. Men, just stop summoning her demon.

"Its my RIGHT! Dont you dare tell me what to do!!"

And then both of them keep silent. Atmosphere just being cold. I can even feel tension in my neck.

"Hhh, Xiao. I am sorry"

"Huh? You wanna show your pity right now?To me?"Xiao tone just being higher and higher. She cross her hands in her chest right now. Give us menacing look. I hate fact that I sit beside Yibo right now.

"Xiao, I am not. Can we still being friends after what happened?"Hah? What happened actually?I am internally question this

"I dont wanna!!Just get out from my sight!!"I gulp my saliva. Wah, she is scary

"Then, I just accidentally meet you, sorry. I just go here to meet Justin"Oii, dont bring me to annoy her!

"Bastard. Then I leave!!"Xiao scream and leave. I look at Yibo who sigh with sweat all over his face

"What are you doing?Catch her and apologize"He just look at me and sigh again. He seems helpless

"I cant"

"Why? I know Xiao actually a demon herself. But I never see her mad like that. What are you doing actually, men? Go apologize!"

"I am already said sorry recently but she still mad at me. What you think I must doing after that? I am trying enough"

"More harder, stupid"


"You know its your fault" He nodded with hopeless look

"Fix it yourself"

"I cant"

"So, who will accompany her now? She just wandering alone out there. Not even staff and cameramen with her. Its dangerous" Why its must me who panicked like this.

"Sorry" I can feel my blood boils now

"I dont need your sorry. Go catch her!" He just keep silent and looked down. His reaction made me annoyed.

"Ahh, geeez. Why its must me who finish trouble you caused? Why I need to interfere between two of you?Fuck!" I stand up and run. Chase Xiao who already run from our place some minutes ago.

Yibo Pov

I look at Yuxin from her back. I got her message tell me her convo just done. Hhh, I am already can imagine she already crying again.

"So, how is it going?"

"Ah, you are here" She wipe her tears suddenly when hear my voice. I dont look at her face and just squatting in front of her. Let out band aid from my pocket. I buy it in front of store in my stop before. Ah, I remember again Xiao mad at me in that place. My mood just dropped again. Why she must reacted that way?

"Its still had blood in it"I check palm of her foot. Its leave scratches and its bit dirty now with some blood around that scratches.

"It still hurt?" I ask without look at her face again and she just quiet with my question. How much Liu Ye hurt her this time?

"I will put bandage for now. We will disinfectant this after arrive at the house"I put bandage in her stretches and get up from my position. I look at her from above. She is miserable. Again. More pitiful than that night.

"Can I sit?" She nodded. I keep silent. Wait for her to talk. I check on my phone and turn it off. I am on ears now.

"So, had fight?"

"Not really"

"Hmm"I nodded and look at the sea at the same time.

"I hurt him"

"Soo badly" I keep silent hear her voice which sound hoarse in my ears.

"Its hard being people who rejected others"I know. We are in fault. And actually we don wanna that bond broken. We trying to fix it and we still hope we can still remain same connections with them while actually its impossible.

"I hate my self for being comfortable enough with his help"I look at her from aside. Her tears already drop off

"Its hard" She is burst in tears now and squatting trying hide her face.

"Hey, come here" I open my arms, give her option to hug me. And she just frozen while still squatting, look at me with face full of tears. There are some pause moment, made me embarrassed with my actions

"If you dont wanna, then tell me. My hand hang in the air right now. Its cold" I look away. Ahhh, this is embarrassing. My face really hot cause embarrassment!!

She sit properly now. I can sense her intense gaze. Please tell me a word now, dont just being silent like that!

"Then, excuse me"

"Guh"She bump her face in my chest soo hard. Its hurt. And she put her hands around my back.


"Don worry. I am always train my muscle" I wanna put my hands in her back but after many thoughts in my head I just put it beside my body.

"Good job. You trying your best. Its okay now" I am here. I just said this in my head. Can let it out and made her listen to that word. I am confused with this logic.

"He said its hard being friend with me from now on"My shirt just wet cause her tears. Her shoulders just up and down. She trying hard to breathe normally. Poor girl.

"Its not your fault" I pat her back with one of my hand. Slowly, her breathe bit calmer than before.

"Its hurt" She crying with pitiful sound now. Its break my heart to hear this.

"Its okay. Everything will be alright"I continue tap her back again, softly. Hope this can made her feeling better.

~~After some minutes~~

I gently touch her hair in my lap. After some minutes crying in my chest, I found her tragically sleep in it too with tears still fall from her eyes. Maybe she is too tired crying and just suddenly sleep like that. And cause its uncomfortable for me to let her sleep in my chest like that, i position her head in my lap. She is not even wake up when I did that.

"Soo weird. She is like a child when she behave like this" She sleep soundly made me cant help but wanna touch her face.

"What are you doing?" I take off my hands far away from her face and look at my back. Xian there and walk in my directions. She surprised when she found Yuxin in my lap.

"So, Yuxin here. I wandering where she is"

"Ssst. Keep your voice down"She look at me and Yuxin intensely.

"She is crying? Cause Liu Ye?"

"You know?" She sigh with my words

"So, Yuxin conditions right now explain rude behaviour of Liu Ye earlier"


"He said to leave him alone with high note. I bit surprised with it. And yeah hurt"

"Oh like that"

"Can you give me more sympathy?" I look at her annoyed. I am really not in the mood to console other now.

"Seems you just had that for Yuxin"

"Don bring her" We just look each other in the eye. Both of us annoyed.

"Alright. Geezz. You really an annoyed person"

"Thanks for that"

"But I support both of you"She start talking again.

"What is mean?"

"Wait, you dont like her?"I speechless with her question right now. But its made me swim in my head for that.

"I dont know and its not your business"

"Of course. Wow, you originally rude. Don worry I like men who had soft personality like Liu Ye not bad boy like you"

"You give me bad mood with your talk" We being silent again and annoyed with this talk.

"Sorry, lets stop attack each other then. But eventough I love Liu Ye, I still like Yuxin, so I cant help but curious"

"Then lets just talk about Liu Ye. You like him right?" Seriously I am annoyed with this girl mouth.

"Of course I am. But they are already had 7 years connections. Its not easy to break and fill that spot, you know"

"Then try harder"She look at me with suspicious look now

"Tell me, this for my sake or yours?"

"Shut up"

"Haha, alright. Don get mad like that. Its fun to annoy you. So, hows your news with Xiao? She look scary this morning"

"You are really busy body person, aren you?"She just go for everyone business randomly. I cant help but comment for that

"Yeah, whatever. But dont worry, I ship two of you. Seems I will leave first. Take care of Yuxin. Remember to go home"

"What is mean?" She just give me weird smile and leave. Hhh, really what a random women. I look at my surrounding, the beach already quiet. Seems we need to go home now.

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