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Our Story Starts Again Part 11

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Justin Pov

Right now, all of us get trained by instructor about how we can surfing in the sea. Its must be happy activities but when I see at my surrounding, its full of gloomy and dark aura, made me full of stress.

We still split in team like before. I even can feel grudge beside me from Xiao. She non stop glare at Yibo with hateful eyes. When Yibo himself just look down, dare to look back at her.

I look at Yibo side and there are Yuxin, which has gloomy face, she even not smile like her ordinary self. When Liu Ye many times take a peek of Yuxin and Xian herself just dazed off wandering with her mind.

"Lastly, pull your leg to the back. One two three" Even instructor give us cheerful instruction, its still cant lift the atmosphere at all.

"Don touch me!!"

"Sorry" Xiao yell at me with grumpy face when I am unintentionally touch her shoulders. Geezz, why I need to team up with her in the first place.

"Ok, and then its end. Lets take your board and try the wave now!!"I take my board and go to Yuxin side after our coach finish his talk.

"Yuxin, let go surf together!"

"Eh, okay"Not like usually, Yibo just look at me and walk away with Yuxin. When I join them, just one second after that, cameramen pull me out from them.

"Justin, go back to your partner like before. We divide shooting based on teamwork" Again??

Yibo Pov

Yuxin wear outfit like me. Loose shirt and at knee short, maybe just different color. When she wear it all black, I wear blue shirt with black pants. We already wear tight clothes inside our outfit. I can understand if I wear this but know just Yuxin herself wear this compare to other female cast made me cant help but look.

"What are you looking for?"She give me menacing look. Made me feeling like a pervert

"Nothing. Its just, you dont feeling like wanna show something, like other girl?" I look away from her fast after said that. With my surfing board in my hand. Actually I said to her will bring hers too but she insist wanna bring it herself.

"You mean wear hotpants and tight clothes like them?"

"You said yourself. Its not like I will happy with that" I am seriously don have that intention. After all, I am still had many thing on my mind cause fight with Xiao last night. Maybe I just bit dizzy and said that nonsense to lift the mood when I am my self still dispirited too.

"I dont even had energy to reply you. But seriously, you just same with other men then, they like women who expose their body. Not like I think its bad, but still its disappointed hear that from a man" We walk together into the sea now and place our board.

"Sorry, must in one team with girl like me. I dont have thing to look at"She pointed out from her head to her upper body cause her lowers already covered by sea. When she does that, I cant help but look at her. For some reason, its made me embarrassed.

"Hey, you are girl. Stop pointed yourself like that!! You made me cant help but look" I am feeling like my face warmer than before with her clueless action

"But you dont have thing to see, you said!"She nag at me

"I never said that!!You even pointed in your chest. Are you crazy?"I even cant believe I said that.

"OMG, where are you looking at?"

"Its your fault! I just said why are you not wear thing like them. Its not mean a bad thing, I just curious!"My tone just higher cause I am soo nervous with this talk

"I don like show my skin!!You got problem with that?"Both of us keep silent for some moment after our fight. I can see her annoyed face. Why its turn out to be like this. Seems she had bad mood, same with me.

"Sorry. Its not like I am compare you with them" To be honest, what my expectations with saying that? I am confused by my word itself.

"I am sorry too. Maybe I had bad mood since morning. Thats why, I can sleep well cause some problem" Its must be Liu Ye again. Hhh

"Then lets just have fun"

Yuxin Pov

"Wow, you are great with surfing!"

"See, I am mastering this faster!! You can try it yourself!"

Yibo reply my scream for him. He encourage me to try it. Ok, I am already surf before at ganfanren. So, of course I can do it too.

"Just slowly pull your body in your board" I freeze look at him who give me instructions. I wanna tell him, I already know this but yeah whatever. He will surprised if he know I can do this. Haha, this is fun to trick him. So, I pull myself in my board and surfing, follow a wave.

"Yuhuuu" I scream with joy

"Woah, you can do this!!" He clap and scream. And then he laugh. My board slowly come to his directions.

"Haha, I think you are newbie"

"I am already master this when had other show with yang di ge"

"You have show with Yang Di ge?"

"Yeah, ganfanren" We laugh together with my answer. There are still cameramen around us, but its not restrain us to laugh. When I realize this, seems I got relax soo much even with cameramen now. That mind made me puzzled a bit.


"Hmm, nothing. Its just seems I am comfortable enough with cameramen now"

"Before, you are not?" We still talk when bring our board ourself and walk in the sea again to surfing.

"I bit stiff, its hard to act like myself. So, I bit hate when watch my past recording. Haha"

"Why?Its your experience footage. Take that as progress. Why must hate it?" I look at him again and think deeply about his word. Its right after all

"Are you like that too?"

"Of course, even my current show too like that. Sometimes I am still stiff but I dont really think that much now. For me, its part of my self. I am just being my self. People like or not, this is my self. Its better than fake it"Hmm like that. Our waves come to us now.

"Even in drama?"

"At first, my acting bad too. But I use my recording footage to learn and improve"

"Why you seems surprised like that?" I close my mouth which opened hear his explanation. He look at me like a weird one.

"You just great. That why"

"Owh, what is that? You give me chill!"Ugh, his annoying side just appears again when I am being serious here.

"Can you just accept that as compliment. Sometimes, its hard to deal with you"

"Then, be patient"He look at me softly made me dont know how to react with that. Cause that nervousness, I cant help but look away and accidentally look at Liu Ye side. He still learn to stand up in his board. Same with Xian.

"If you wanna have talk with him, then made your mind and do it" His word made me back from my busy mind again. Actually what Yibo said its true. I wanna talk with him. I am already had my answer but I am still not brave enough.

"I just wondering if this is the right thing to do"We lost our momentum to surf, so we just walk back to beach direction.

"But our times here just short. Its not guaranteed you had time to tell him again. Worst thing is, he maybe wait for it"Yibo smile to me when I look at him with my confused mind

"Men sometimes just difficult creatures to deal with"

"Hah? Its my first time hear that. I think its reversed?"Go along with it. My eyes tell him to do that in my mind.

"They just act without thinking much effect after that. Sometimes that creatures made me annoyed"

"Don include me, please"

"Hahh, why they are made things difficult for us?" I just look in front of me, in the sea when rant.

"Don be cruel like that. Maybe he already keep it for long time. You don know how much he suffer with his feeling. At least, face it and give him answer" Ahh, his word just stab me.

"I will tell my friend about your advice" We look at each other. His face like wait me to tell him the truth. Actually I know he must already know about our talk along the way. Its about me and Liu Ye. After all, he see when Liu Ye pat my head. Its just I am still embarrassed to tell its me and Liu Ye. So, I am comfortable with just fake my story like that. Ahh, I look like a dumb. But cause Yibo go along with it, somehow I find it comfortable to talk about this with him.

"Yeah, whatever. Just finish your thing. Like me" His words made me remember what happen between him and Xiao

"But seems you had bad terms with C"

"Its my problem. Just mind your business" He look away from me. Its really showed this morning. I am even feel wanna suffocated with Xiao killing gaze.

"Seems I will call my friend after one times surfing. Then what will you do?"

"I dont know. Thanks to you, I can avoid her temper for some time. She will kill me if I go to Justin place"

"You see for my protection from her? How lame" We look at each other. He sulking with my word. And then he sigh and look at the sea again

"Yeah you right. I cant deny that. Thank you for your help, Miss Liu"

"Haha. Its funny"

"Shut up" I still cant help laughing again with his sulky face.

"Face it, Yibo. You must stop run from that. Its her feeling. Even you will get slap from her. Maybe"

"OMG, soo meanie"We laugh together now.

"Seems wave will come again. Lets go" I push my body follow Yibo command. After this, I will tell Liu Ye my answer. Ahh, I dont wanna.

"Ugh"I stop cause suddenly my foot hurt. Seems its got chipped by coral stone.

"Are you okay?" He seems worried when I close one of my eyes bear the pain.

"Yeah, I am okay. Lets go"He look at me for a moment, then follow me.



"You can call me after finish your talk with your friend"He walk in front of me now who stop cause his words. What is that? Thats what I am thinking.

"Can I?" I ask him which made him look back at me.

"Why not?"

"Then, give me your number. Just in case, I wanna call you. You tell me I can, right?"I am feeling like I talk to fast and panic attacking me when said that. Why I am feeling this hot sensation again. Seems sun really too bright now and my face just got sunburnt.

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