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‘What the hell is he saying now’

As I stared still, Theodore’s beautiful face like a sculpture became sadly wet again.

“Don’t throw me away.

Without you, I…….”

As he lowered his eyes and fluttered his eyelashes, he asked in a faint voice.

“Are you going to throw me away again”

After staring at his sad wet face, I soon noticed his intention and raised one eyebrow.

Theodore has already achieved a lot of what he wanted with just a little tears once.

Theodore was also a man who knew how handsome he was and how powerful his handsome face was.

So now, he’s using that handsome face and tears…….

‘You’re acting like you’re crying, aren’t you’

The moment I saw that intentional face, angle and expression, I realised it.

Theodore is a man who can even use his own tears, even though those tears aren’t real, he would still squeeze them out to soften my heart.

And the moment I realised it, my expression became even more callous.

“I can’t believe you are saying I’m throwing you away.

Since when have you been mine”

I said I’d listen to his story, but I didn’t mean to listen to his confession.

When I responded in a cold voice, he made a tearful look as if he were really going to burst into tears.

“But I am your Theo.”

“I suppose you mean Katarina’s Theo.”

I answered casually with the face of the person who heard the most ridiculous thing in the world.

I still couldn’t forget the voice of Katarina, who would softly smile while singing “Theo” at him.

But how dare he say “Your Theo” in front of me

“…… because I lost my memory and didn’t recognize you, is that the reason I was a fool because I was under the black magic…….”

Theodore seemed to think that his loss of memory was all the reasons behind our relationship.

Of course, that was also the biggest part of the wound I received.

But… …that wasn’t the only problem between us.

“It’s not me you loved.

It’s just a memory of your young days.”

I said what I thought when I saw him giving me a loving look ever since we met again.

“This is unfair, Yves! I’ve loved you for a long time, and now……!”

“Yeah, a long time ago.

You said that you loved ‘Yvone’.

So, you’ve been looking for her for more than 10 years, right”

“Yes, I……!”

“Whom you loved was ‘Yvone’, not Yves.”

I spoke to him while driving a wedge.

“What are you talking about Both ‘Yvone’ and ‘Yves’ are you.”

Theodore immediately refuted, but his voice was trembling slightly.

He sounded a little frightened, as if he had noticed what I was trying to mean.

“If you’d loved Yves as much as I say, nothing would have happened between us.”

“Yves, that’s…….”

“You didn’t like ‘Yves’.

You ignored and despised her.”


Theodore, speechless, looked at me with a stupid look.

“As you said, I’m both the ‘Yvone’ you loved and the ‘Yves’ you hated.

And ‘Yves’ doesn’t believe in your love anymore.”

The trust between us had already collapsed without any shape.

And it was all Theodore who destroyed that solid love and trust.


He denied it with a tremble of his lips.

“No, Yves.

I, I didn’t hate you…….”

“What do you mean you didn’t hate me Are you trying to say you liked me then”


Theodore made a wounded face at my sarcastic remarks.


I laughed out loud at the expression.

“You treated me like that, and now you are saying you liked me”


“You said that with your own mouth.

I’m nothing to you.”


“You said I was dirty and ugly, didn’t you You despised me for wasting every penny you gave me.”

When I brought up the past that I had buried in my heart, I felt disgusted.

“That’s not it, Yves…….”

Theodore, whose face turned white, made an excuse by shaking his head fiercely.

“It’s not because I liked you or because I didn’t like you.

But because I loved you, because I loved you so much…….”

“What kind of crazy person would do that to the woman he loves”


“You didn’t do that to me.”

Theodore whispered to ‘Yvone’ the sweetest words in the world, showing only the good side to her.

That was Theodore’s love.

That’s why I couldn’t believe Theodore’s words that he loved ‘Yves’ even more now.

“I… I really liked you.

Even after I lost my memory, I kept feeling attracted and shaken by you.”

But Theodore persevered in his protest.

“To you, I thought you were a woman who imitated Yvone, and I felt like I was sinning against Yvone, so I was more mean to you and hurt you.”

“So you know that you hurt me”


He closed his mouth again when I snorted back.

Was the wound he gave me a normal one

“Yves, I’m sorry…….”

“Why are you crying Because I didn’t treat you well Do you think you deserve to cry”

I asked back coldly to Theodore, who was about to cry again.

Then he looked at me with an expression that seemed to hold back his emotions.

With that handsome face and hurt eyes, I was about to feel a little sympathy, but…….

Give the hairpin to Katarina.

Now that you don’t have hair to decorate, you don’t need a hairpin.

Theodore, who told me to grow my hair, cut my hair for her(Katarina).

Katarina had my child.

She should be treated as a royal and specially escorted by you.

Katarina is my fiancee, so you can think of her as me.

Theodore, who told me not to hold a sword until I rekindle Chernicia’s name again, ordered me to escort Katarina.

Theo, Sir Yves hurt me.

You can punish Yves Lleywellyn any way you want.

Theodore, who said he would heal all my wounds, encouraged Katarina to leave wounds in the same spot.


Theo… I’m so…… It hurts… It hurts so, so much……it…

Your Majesty, Miss Katarina has arrived at the palace.


I looked at Theodore, who was moving away from me at the news of Katarina’s visit, and was confused while looking at the back of him.

As soon as I thought of those memories, the sympathy that I felt immediately broke again.

Whether he was really in a relationship with Katarina or not.

What kind of man in the world talks and acts like that to a woman he likes

Unless a part of the personality is trashy.


I suddenly remembered another reason why I couldn’t believe him and spoke in an indifferent voice.

“And you, you tried to hide your very trashy personality in front of me.”


Yves caught his weakness again.

The truth is, he was not friendly, not nice to anyone at all.

When he was very young, he found out everything he had hidden had started from the moment he first met her.

The moment she mentioned the fact that he had been turning a blind eye for such a thing he never considered was worth mentioning, he knew he had lost her.

Theodore felt as if the blood had stopped flowing.

“Just because everyone loses their memory doesn’t hurt someone without hesitation.”


“If I hadn’t lost my memory, I would have lived without knowing what you are all my life.”

Yves’s eyes looking at him were so cold, and the quiet voice pointing out his mistakes one by one felt did not contain even a little bit of emotion toward him.

Her cold attitude, which now seems to be treating others well compared to him, has made his heart ache.

Yves, Yves has always been consistent.

A bright, good and hard working person.

Someone who was more proud of Chernicia’s pride in protecting the weak than anyone else.

She was too bright and good natured for a dark and violent man like him to approach, so he instinctively hid his true personality and wrapped himself with the light.

So that she could know him as a good person.

By showing only his good self, he dared to steal the affection from her.

But it ruined all that constant effort.

He lost his memory and didn’t recognize her, and he ruined everything with his own hands.

‘I ruined it all…….’

Theodore stared blankly at the palm of his hand after destroying everything.


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