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No matter how hard he tried to find fault in Yvone he couldn’t do so.

Because it was his past self that hurt her by holding another woman’s hand in front of her and deserves to die.

It was also natural that Yves didn’t believe him.

Not only did she not believe him, but she also didn’t listen to him till the end.

She didn’t listen to his explanation that his relationship with Katarina was a misunderstanding.

What did you do when I asked you to listen to me

The cold words forced Theodore to shut his mouth.

Because he dared to realize that he didn’t deserve to make such a dirty and low excuse in front of her.

So Theodore felt even more angry at Katarina’s disappearance.

If she had been here, he could have killed her and told her(Yves) that his relationship with her was a lie and a misunderstanding.

But, how did Katarina come back on her own like this!

“If I remove your head from your neck and show it to Yves, she might believe me.”

Theodore was happy as if he had received an unexpected gift.

He gazed at the Katarina beyond the bars with twisted eyes.

He simply couldn’t control his joy.

Even if Yves still doesn’t believe him, she would surely be happy if he delivered the neck of the woman who had tormented her so much.

If only he could see the slightest bit of joy in her eyes, Theodore would be ecstatic.

For that, Katarina Ferdinand had to be the sacrifice for her.

Theodore flicked his fingertips lightly, and a cluster of golden lights bloomed around it.


A group of golden lights slowly moved toward the bars and broke the lock.

The closed bars creaked open with a harsh frictional sound.

Theodore stepped into it.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…!”

Katarina shouted, scrambling back to avoid Theodore who was approaching her.

“Wait, wait, Your Majesty.

Well, let me explain……!”


“Your Majesty, Your Majesty also needs the child……”



Before she finished speaking, a group of golden lights fell to her side and made a strong explosion.

Katarina trembled looking at the cracked floor.

“Yeah, that thing you brought with you, my ‘child’.”

Theodore smiled as he recalled the ‘fake child’ sitting quietly in Ferdinand’s drawing room.

Black hair and golden eyes were imitating him in a very similar way, but…….

There was a dirty smell coming from it, the thing which looked like a real human.

It was an unpleasant, damp, shady smell, similar to the smell of Benjamin Ferdinand, which Yves emitted just before leaving him four years ago.

It could never have been his child, as there was of course nothing between him and Katarina.

However, it did not mean that she could just visit him with a child of about three years old with similar appearance characteristics and call it his child.


It was a fake, talking and moving human being.

A puppet.

“I’ve always been curious.

How did Yves faked her death and ran away”

Theodore, who finally grabbed the clue, smiled happily and said.

“But thanks to you, I know for sure.”


Theodore, who walked right in front of Katarina, slowly bent down and stared into her terrified eyes.

“I didn’t know Ferdinands were involved in black magic.”


Katarina flinched noticeably at the word “black magic.”

“If you have a strong sacred power, you can find traces of black magic.

You told me.”

He, who has a strong divine power, can find the place where the black magic is practiced and performed.

This was informed in the past by Katarina, along with the fact that Ferdinand’s courtyard had traces of murder magic.

Because of that, Theodore was more and more obsessed with that place.

He wanted to know everything if it could lead him to where Yvonne’s tracks were cut off.

As a result, he had to lose Yves because he was obsessed with it…….

“In Ferdinand’s courtyard, the bloody Benjamin Ferdinand burned the tree and everything related to black magic four years ago, so I couldn’t find anything.”

When he stepped into Ferdinand’s courtyard, Theodore found nothing in the burned-out space.

No sign of murder magic, even the other black magic tricks that would have been carried out there…….

“This time, I think I can find all the things I had lost.”

Theodore bent his eyes and grabbed Katarina’s lower jaw strongly.

“I’ve been curious all along.”


A painful moan came out of Katarina’s mouth.

“That’s weird.

Before I lost my memory, I saw you in that damn mansion, and I even made a deal for your life.”

Theodore was talking about the time when Yves was brought out of Ferdinand by him.

At that time, Katarina almost got her head cut off because of him, and she eventually handed over the main document out of fear.

“But you came back to me who had lost your memory and talked about marriage.

Boldly even.”

Theodore recalled the subtle look on Katarina’s face when she asked him to make a deal.

“It was like someone who already knew I didn’t remember anything.

You can’t not know that I pushed Yves away from beside me with my own hands.”

After he regained his memory, he had this weak question.

Katarina almost got her head cut off because of him, but she boldly came back to the Imperial Palace only to get married

Did she even know he lost his memory

That’s something no one knew except for his nearest aide, Armin, the imperial knights, and the doctor who examined him.

And when he thought this far, there was one more question that usually follows.

“You were the one who played the pranks on me, right”

Maybe it’s also the work of Katarina Ferdinand, this sly woman, that made such a mess of his memory.

“The blackened crystal ball you sent me through Yves.

Actually, it wasn’t Yves to whom that crystal ball reacted.”

At the end of the day, he reached only one conclusion.

“Because you guys played with that bloody black magic and made a mess of my memory.”

Ferdinand’s dogs, those would be good to chew to death, did a terrible thing of his memory.


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