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A guest came to Ferdinand’s mansion for the first time in a long time.

It was Yvone Chernicia, a woman who became the new Head of Chernicia of the third generation.

‘Oh, she’s……!’

Some keen maids and servants were able to recognize that she was the same person as the guest Benjamin brought in four years ago.

So, the mysterious woman who returned to Ferdinand’s mansion in full bloom and surprised everyone, but left the mansion again shortly after was no other than Yvone Chernicia.

‘Oh, my God, that was when she wasn’t Chernicia…….’

‘Then Chernicia’s Head and our Master…….’

The maids murmured, guessing more than necessary among themselves the relationship between Yvone and Benjamin.

Meanwhile, Benjamin was so impatient that he couldn’t even think about cracking down on such maids.

Yves is back.

But as Albrecht’s strongest sword and as the Head of Chernicia.

It was a pleasure for her to be near him, but what he wanted was not her to get back her original name and family.

Benjamin wanted her to rely only on him.

So he tried to isolate her from the world and lock her in the tower he built.

But all of them were destroyed because of the Emperor who took her away from him.

He managed to alienate the Emperor from her, but she now has her family name back, and there are people around her who are not him.

Benjamin hated the fact terribly.

And most of all, what or more like who makes him most anxious is…….

‘The Emperor Theodore.’

It was true that the man was the birth father of the twins.

Katarina, the stupid woman’s plan was ruined before it could form, and all the Emperor’s memories were back.

And perhaps by now the Emperor has also noticed the existence of Yves with two children.

‘Did he recognize that they were his children’

Yves said she would raise the children as the members of Chernisia.

But if the Emperor thinks a little, he will find the possibility of them becoming his own child.

Of course, Yves is vehemently rejecting the Emperor, so it’s not easy to do anything about it…….

‘The Emperor is a man who doesn’t work according to common sense.’

Benjamin bit the tender flesh in his mouth, recalling the Emperor’s eccentricities he had seen before.

One by one, he remembered the unusual things that the Emperor had done.

Five years ago, he threatened to take Yves away from him by putting a knife on Katarina’s neck.

The crazy things he did when he broke into the mansion after Yves died.

The anxiety grew whenever he recalled them.

‘There’s no guarantee it won’t happen again this time.’

Unlike his anxiety, however, Yves was sipping the warm tea with a relaxed expression.

Benjamin looked at her and said suddenly.

“I know now.

The squirrel warrior, Jelriko.”

“It’s Jericho, not Jelriko.”

Yves replied in a strange voice.


It was when Benjamin was about to ask if he was eligible to be the father of the children.

“Lord! My Lord!”

A servant of the mansion rushed to Benjamin and shouted.

“Ka, Lady Katarina is back!”


“Miss Katarina, who went missing four years ago! A woman who claims to be Miss Katarina came to the mansion!”

“What do you mean….”

At the sudden news, Benjamin asked back blankly, not even thinking of blaming the servant who opened the door without permission.

But that was not the only surprising news the servant had brought.

“She, and……! And…!”

The servant shouted in a breathtaking voice.

“She’s back with Emperor Theodore’s child!”


Ka, Lady Katarina…is back… With Emperor Theodore’s child……!

Benjamin’s expression hardened at the user’s words.

It was the same for me as well.

“Katarina, where is the woman who claims to be her”

“She’s now in the drawing room on the first floor…….”

Benjamin got up from his seat even before the servant’s words were over.

Then he strode down the stairs with his long legs.

I followed after him, too.

In front of the reception room on the first floor, the servants and maids were glancing inside and mumbling among themselves.

Then, when they found Benjamin approaching, they quickly scattered in twos and threes like a group of mice.

Benjamin stepped inside the drawing room, and stopped walking.

He twisted his brows and glared at the woman sitting inside.

In front of the table, a familiar woman sat arrogantly and held a tea cup.


“Hello, Lord Benjamin.”

The woman put down her cup and smiled brightly.

“Why did you show up here”

“It’s been a while since I saw you.

Aren’t you curious about where I’ve been”

Despite Benjamin’s cold attitude, the woman burst into laughter.

I couldn’t bear to enter the drawing room and stared blankly at the visitor.

It was Katarina.

Katarina, who went missing four years ago, reappeared with a small child in her arms.

And the kid must be…….

“Look at this.

He’s His Majesty’s child.”

“Your Majesty Theodore’s child”

Benjamin’s eyes were frowned upon seeing the boy.

I followed the servants and peeked inside, a little boy was seen sitting next to Katarina.

The boy with black hair and golden eyes looked a little smaller than Erwin and Odelia, but he was about the same age.


‘He looks like Theodore.’

Unlike Erwin and Odelia, who seems to have no resemblance to Theodore, the child brought by Katarina looked exactly like a clone of Theodore.

Katarina suddenly disappeared four years ago.

Even if she appeared and said, “This child is the blood of the Emperor,” no one could doubt it, because she was pregnant four years ago.

You’re the one I always want to protect.

Suddenly, I remembered Theodore, who was whispering to me in an affectionate voice.

Yves, wait a minute.

That was a misunderstanding.….

Listen to me.


He’s been acting like the most unjust man in the world.

‘That’s right.

What misunderstanding’

At that moment, I felt the weak expectations that had bloomed inside me toward Theodore disappear again.

It was a funny thing.

Knowing what kind of man Theodore is, when he acted as if he loved me as much as before, did I expect there to be a misunderstanding between us

There was no such thing as a misunderstanding.

Theodore really loved Katarina.

That child was the proof.

Didn’t I watch with my eyes while standing next to him, who lost his memory, what a trash, immoral man he was in the first place

It’s not like I’ve already forgotten that he changed his girlfriend every day, and that he flirted with me shamelessly, even before the day of his engagement with Katarina.

‘It’s the same as before.

If I hadn’t seen his true self, I would have been fooled again this time.’

I stood there biting the flesh inside of my lips.

At that time, Katarina found me and pretended to know me.

“Isn’t that Yves Lleywellyn Why is she here”

“You don’t need to care about that.”

Benjamin spoke stiffly, blocking his gaze from Katarina toward me.

“I’m glad to see you too.

Hello, Yves Lleywellyn.”

“Get it out of my mansion right now…….”

It was when he was about to spout harsh words at Katarina.

“Oh, My lord! The Lord!”

One of the polite servants came running with a breathless breath again.

Benjamin replied irritably, staring at Katarina.

“What’s wrong”

“This time, Your, Your, Your……!”


“Your Majesty!”


And before the servant’s words were finished, Theodore’s voice was heard with a buzz outside.

“Where is Katarina Ferdinand”

As soon as I heard the voice, which seemed so excited and filled with happiness, I felt something thin in my heart was breaking.

‘You couldn’t say anything when you were reunited with me…….’

As if it was a pleasure to meet Katarina again, the cheerful and fast footsteps seemed to represent his mind.


Theodore, who finally arrived in front of the drawing room, stopped with a short breath.

With his black hair somewhat disheveled, he seemed to have rushed as soon as he heard the news.

He paused when he found me, and then smiled and looked at Katarina.

“That was true.”

His golden eyes bent when he found Katarina.

“Really, Katarina Ferdinand is back.”

He smiled broadly with a glad look.

Towards Katarina.


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