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I know I was ‘Yves Lleywellyn’ and Theodore knows that too, it was just a nasty pun.

“I heard that she died protecting Katarina Ferdinand, Her Majesty, by Your Majesty’s order.

Your Majesty’s fiance was pregnant with your child at that time.”


Theodore’s lips were pursed and his cheeks all flushed with embarrassment, perhaps not knowing that I would mention Katarina’s name directly.

“I also heard that Yves was an escort for Your Majesty’s fiance.

Isn’t she(Katarina) someone who was so precious to Your Majesty that you wanted to protect her by offering her an escort”

“Yves, wait a minute.”

He cut me off with a rather pale expression and tried to make an excuse.

“That’s a misunderstanding…….”

“So you don’t have to protect me.”

But I turned right after I finished what I had to say.

It was time to look around to see if there were any remains of the demons in the forest.

“Yves, Yves.”

Theodore followed me and said imploringly.

“Listen to me just once.

The truth is….”

For a moment, an uneven heart soared toward him.

In the past, when I asked him to have a conversation with me for a while, to give me a little time.

How did he behave

Your Majesty, I have something to tell you…….

If you will please remove everyone from the surroundings…….

Get out of here!

He angrily drove me away.

Your Majesty.

A dog is barking.

Can’t you hear the dog, Armin

Your Majesty…

It’s time for a political meeting.

Let’s go.

He ignored me and turned away.

Your Majesty, I have something for you.

It’s not worth looking at.

He even tore up the letter I had written and burned it down.

In front of my eyes.

Aside from that bloody headache every time he tried to recall his lost memory, he cut off all the conversation without listening to me at all.

Then why do I have to listen to his excuses

Even if there is any misunderstanding between us, why should I solve it

Wasn’t it him who broke up the relationship in the first place

“There’s something you’re mistaken about…….”

I stared at Theodore’s face, who was trying to make excuses.

Then I called him in a cold voice that I couldn’t believe was mine.



When I called his name and pretended not to know him, he hardened with a surprised look.

“When I asked you to talk to me just once.”

I asked coldly, recalling that time.

“What did you do”

For a moment Theodore lost his words and looked at me blankly.


I smirked at him and laughed coldly.

“I don’t want to talk about anything personal.

There’s no more sign of demons here.

I’ll leave first, Your Majesty.”

I left him alone.

This time, he didn’t try to catch me leaving.

Driving my horse to the edge of the forest, I found Celine and Benjamin.

“How’s the situation over here”

“There must be nothing for us to do.

Your Majesty’s power is so great that…….”

Celine said, glancing at the bodies of the cracked floor and the fallen animals

“I’ve never seen such an aggressive performance.

How can this be called sacred power”

As she shook her head, I asked in a quizzical voice.


“The divine power is the power to heal people.

The reason why they can kill evil is because they are not sacred beings who harm people.”

Celine showed me a long spear made of light, and threw it at the body of a demon.

Her spear went through the body of the demon and stuck in the ground.

The black body disappeared instantly without a trace.


Celine explained, pulling out the spear again.

“It’s fine, right”

There was not a small mark left on the dirt floor where her spear was embedded.

“How do you…”

“Because it’s the power of healing.”


I nodded softly and recalled the land that had been cracked by Theodore’s attack from the inside of the forest a while ago.

His disruptive techniques…… It didn’t seem to be a life-healing force in any way.

“You think my opinion is eccentric because it doesn’t resemble the logic, right Honestly, Your Majesty and ‘healing’ are an incompatible combination.”

Celine quietly lowered her voice and asked us to agree.

Benjamin and I nodded quietly.

* * *

Inside a garden tinted with greenery.

Two very small children, three to four years old, were playing.

[This is it! Lia is shooting fire again!]

Flames flared up over the child’s small fingertips.

[Wow, Lia is so cool!]

Next to her, another child raised his hands and shouted.

There was a roar of laughter at the scene.


The sound of closing the eyelids was heard in the silent atmosphere.

A small girl was reflected in the blood-red eyes.

[What What Er, ah, fire……!]

Suddenly, the flame on the girl’s fingertips seemed to rise stronger, and a clear red color covered the whole world.

[Lia! It’s dangerous!]

[Oh my god…!]

The moment the startled child’s cry spreads to his ears.

“Found you.”

The man immediately noticed.

“My Sacrifice.”

That girl, she’ll be the sacrifice to wake her up.

A deep sense of joy spread over the man’s face.

* * *

When Theodore returned to the palace, he pressed hard around his stiff eyes.


A series of painful breaths broke out.

Yves, who came back, refused to listen to him at all.

Every time he visited her, she showed signs of discomfort and beat him up.

And at some point, she began to pretend not to be there even though he knew she was in the mansion.

Theodore sometimes wanted to break through the door and shout at her to listen to him, but he endured it with great patience.

If he did that…… He is already hated by her, and she might hate him more.

It was a great patience unlike Theodore, who was not afraid to be hated by others all his life.

Contrary to his seemingly normal appearance, the fact that he was half crazy was only known by his aides, Armin and Lyndon.

But it’s a relief, right He’s been crazy all around before he met Yvonne, but now he is only halfway crazy, right Oh, thanks my lord.

Theodore’s two aides often had such conversations, but Theodore was not even in the spirit of punishing their profanity.

This is because his whole mind was focused on how to explain all the misunderstandings to Yves.

Theodore, who had been agonizing over it, issued an unnecessary order to subjugate evil spirits.

It was his own scheme to drag her out of the mansion, who didn’t show him her face at all.

He tried to talk to her somehow under the pretext of this subjugation.

He tried to explain that everything with Katarina was a lie and a false misunderstanding.

For this day, he woke up early in the morning and dressed up brightly.

Yves said a long time ago……that she really liked his handsome face.

But when she asked in a cold voice.

When I asked you to talk to me once, What did you do

Theodore realized that he didn’t even deserve an opportunity of explanation.

“It’s the worst…”

There was also no one to blame.

He was the one who brought everything on himself.

“You’re the worst, Theodore.”

As he was washing his face dry with his rough palm, he suddenly saw a black mirror on the desk.


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