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Before he knew it, the carriage carrying Ernst arrived at the Chernicia mansion.

The children who were running in the garden came running toward him.


[T/N: I’m thinking of only writing the KR words of the words whose meanings were already written previously.]

Odelia, who ran up to the front, jumped into Ernst’s arms.

“What’s that”

“Oh, this is a lion doll…….”

“No, not that one, that one!”

Odelia did not pay attention to the lion doll in Ernst’s hand, and pointed to a squirrel doll that was quietly placed on the carriage seat.

“It’s Gonjun (Princess)! That’s Gonjun!”

Erwin, who had already run forward, pointed to a squirrel doll in a red dress and shouted in an excited voice.

“Let’s get Gonjun and Jelriko married!”

“…Princess Jelriko”

Ernst looked puzzled because he didn’t know what they were saying.

“Oh, Samjon doesn’t know Jelriko.”

“I’m sorry.

Am I a bad person if I don’t know Jelriko”

“No! Samjon isn’t a bad person!”

“Yes, Samjon is bad.

Because he don’t know Jelriko.”

“Erong Samjon (Uncle Ernst) is pretty.

A pretty person is not a bad person.”

Odelia defended Ernst immediately, her eyes narrowed as she stared at Erwin while waving her arms.

“Samjorn, do you want Lia to tell who Jelriko is Jelriko is a squirrel.….”

Odelia kindly explained about Jericho.

“That’s why Jelriko and Gonjun are getting married!”

“Wow, I see.”

Odelia was even more excited when Ernst nodded affectionately and responded.

“Er and Lia will marry Samjon, too!”

Odelia burst into exclamation and said with a broad smile in Ernst’s arms.


It was none other than Erwin who reacted to this.

“No! I don’t want to!”

Erwin pulled Odelia’s arm and tried to pull her away from Ernst.

“Let’s not compete with Samjon.”

“Erong Samjon is more prettier than Er.”

Odelia, however, stuck out her tongue without moving away from Ernst.

“No! Er is prettier! I know it because my Mom said.

She said I’m the prettiest!”

“Mother lied to Er.

It’s because Er was crying.”


“Oh, look.

Why are you whining like a baby Mommy said that because Er is jealous of Erong Samjon.


Odelia shook her head at Erwin.

Erwin, who had been frozen in shock for a while, gazed at Ernst as if the medicine of jealousy was rubbed high.

“Samjon is bad! Don’t take Lia away from Er! Lia will marry Er!”

“Oh, haha… Yes, Er.

You can do that.”

Ernst smiled awkwardly and tried to soothe Ernst.

Then this time Odelia stared at Ernst with her eyes pointed.

“Why did you decide that”

“Heng! I’m on Samjon’s side!”

“No! Samjon is on Lia’s side! Don’t take Samjon away!”

Before he knew it, Erwin and Odelia left Ernst alone and began to quarrel among themselves.

Ernst smiled at the sight of the two children.

‘Both of you really look like Yvone.

It’s cute.’

It was just cute to see two small children arguing as if they had copied Yvone.

‘Did I do that with Yvone when I was young’

Ernst recalled his childhood.

As a child, people regarded him as a prince without a shortage of royal palaces.

However, Ernst was always lonely.

His mother seemed to cherish him, but sometimes she felt like a stranger.

His father was in bed for a long time, so he couldn’t see him often, and Theodore, who was his half-brother, was so cold that he(Ernst) was simply scared of him.

So when he first became friends with Yvone, he didn’t know he relied more on her.

Hello, I’m Yvone Chernicia.

Yvone, who greeted him with a big smile with her waving beautiful silver hair like moonlight in the spring breeze, was as pretty as a princess in a fairy tale book.

Ernst, who looked at her as if possessed, forgot his dignity as a prince, blushed and stuttered.

I’m, I’m Ernst.

At the sight, the Empress Dowager burst into a happy laugh.

He knew that he looked cute in the eyes of Empress Dowager.

But at that time, he was so ashamed that he wanted to hide in a mouse hole.

Does the Crown Prince like Yvone very much

Yes, I love her! Yvonne is pretty, nice, smart, and good at running…… And she’s good at climbing trees!

There were countless reasons for liking Yvonne.

But Ernst knew.

Even if it’s not for those reasons,

Even if she was not pretty, not nice, not smart, not good at running, and always climbing on the trees,

He would have liked Yvonne.

That’s a relief.

You two are on good terms.

The future of the Albrecht Royal Family will be bright.

Huh The future of the Royal Family

Ernst learned a surprising fact as a result of digging into the Empress Dowager’s words who always spoke difficult words.

You mean, she and I are getting married when we grow up


He’s only seen it in fairy tales.

At the end of the fairy tale book he was reading, the warrior who always defeated the villain kissed the princess and had a wedding.

Of course, he wasn’t a warrior, and Yvone wasn’t a princess either, but…….

Oh, my.

I love it!

Ernst jumped, wrapping his cheeks in both hands.

At that sight, he heard a ‘haha hoho’ laugh, but he was so happy that he didn’t want to hide in the mouse hole anymore.

Will she be happy What if she doesn’t like me

I’m sure the Lady will like Your Highness, too!

With the support of the royal courtiers, Ernst believed he would marry Yvone when he grew up.

Then one day.

It was not long after the summer when Yvone stayed at the Empress Palace for a month.

Gunter Chernicia, he(Ernst) ran into the man who was Yvone’s grandfather.

Ernst greeted the man, who had the same silver hair and green eyes as Yvone, smiling beautifully.

Hello, I’m Prince Ernst…….

It was at that moment that Gunter’s sword at his waist responded to Ernst.

To be exact, the blue jewel embedded in the handle of the sword fluttered black.

Gunter, whose expression was stiff, drew a sword and aimed at Ernst.

What are you

What’s wrong…

If you don’t reveal who you are right now……!

I’m Prince Ernst…….

When he cried and asked why, Ernst was engulfed in black smoke and lost his senses.

When Ernst came to his senses after a brief interruption.

The Imperial Palace was in chaos.

There was a widespread story that Chernicia’s Head had tried to assassinate the Emperor.

While the Emperor was bedridden, the imperial palace’s command went to her mother, Empress Margarate.

There’s nothing we can do.

We need to destroy Chernicia.

No! Mother, please…….

There’s nothing we can do about it, Prince.

Gunter tried to kill His Majesty and hurt the Prince.

Empress Margarate said coldly to her son’s plea.

Well, then, please save her……!

Ernst cried and asked to save Yvone.

Thanks to her, he was able to save Yvonne, but…… He hasn’t seen her for quite a while since then.

His childhood dream of becoming her partner when she grew up was also scattered.

Does Yvonne remember the promise of adults on that young day

It was around the time Ernst woke up from the old memories he had pushed away for a long time.

‘Oh… guest’

A guest arrived far away.

Ferdinand, a man got out of a carriage with the pattern of his mother’s family.

The handsome man with platinum white white hair and a languid expression like the first snow on a winter day was Ferdinand’s Head, Benjamin Ferdinand.


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