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As Theodore left the Chernicia mansion as if he had been kicked out, he became a little upset.

He had a lot of things he wanted to say to Yves, and had a lot of questions he wanted to ask.

But Yves rarely gave him a chance to talk.

Far from being happy to meet him again, she seemed to regard him as an uninvited and unwanted guest.

‘But you could at least listen to me once.’

A slight resentment started to grow inside him.

‘No, Theodore.

It’s okay as long as you can look at her from afar, alive and well.’

Theodore stifled the brazen resentment.

He thought she would hate him and swear at him.

He thought it was okay for her to be cold-hearted and turn a blind eye.

He just needed to see her alive and breathing.

Yeah, obviously he didn’t think to force himself into her life again.

‘Yes, it’s all right.

I mean… I mean, I mean…… It’s all right…’

It was time for him to pull himself together.

“Erong (Ernst) Samjon (Uncle)! Don’t go to Samjon’s house.

You can live with Lia, okay”

The sound of the child’s laughter came over the fence.

As he turned his head carelessly, Theodore found Ernst and Odelia playing amicably in the garden.



When he saw Ernst lifting the child high above their head, his heart ached strangely and his eyes heated up.

“Er too! Er too! Raise me high, too!”

Erwin whined, pulling Ernst’s trousers.

Yvone, who was watching the scene from afar, approached Ernst and said a few words to the children.

“Er, Lia.

Don’t bother your uncle.”

“It’s all right, Yvone.”

“If you pamper them like that, Er and Lia might become crybabies like you.”

Of all things, their conversation was heard well where Theodore was standing.

“They are still young, so who cares”

“Are you going to take responsibility for the kids if they become spoiled”

“Well, nothing can’t be done if I have to.”

The two were talking about raising children.

The sight of the friendly conversation made his stomach ache.

‘I can play with them and take responsibility for you…….’

“Erong Samjon (Uncle Ernst) is the best!”

Odelia was seen hugging Ernst’s neck with both arms and kissing him on the cheek.

When embarrassed Ernst made a stupid face, Yvone laughed out loud.



His chest has been hurting more than before.

‘Why, why can’t I’

The pointed question came back to him and stuck like a thorn.

Theodore clenched his teeth in the stinging pain.

He tried to defend his reasoning, saying it was okay to watch them from afar, but it wasn’t okay.

Not at all, not okay at all.

The fact that Ernst, who had no place in that scene where he(Theodore) could intervene, who was their father bothered Theodore.

Theodore clenched his fist painfully.

Yves’s loosely smiling face was so pretty that it caught his eye from this distance.

There was a time when he made love by kissing on that pretty face and holding her tightly…….


Theodore chewed on his lower lip and thought of her, who had just turned coldly at him

‘If I clear up the misunderstanding….’

The hedgehog-like thorn fluttered painfully.

‘Yes, I can clear up the misunderstanding.

Then Yves will take it out on me and forgive me.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding between us now.….’

Although she is now refusing to talk to him, there will always be plenty of opportunities to resolve the misunderstanding since she has reappeared.

Theodore thought so and calmed his impatience.

‘Yves, I want to explain to you.’

‘I didn’t remember you for a second because I was crazy and stupid.’

‘Even though I didn’t remember you, I liked you so much that I hated myself for being attracted to a woman who looked like you.’

‘That’s why I’ve been cold to you.’

‘I have nothing to do with that witch-like woman, Katarina.’

‘So before I lost my memory, and after I lost it, the person I loved…….’

‘It was only you.’

‘I’m sorry, Yves.’

‘Because I didn’t recognize you.’

‘For hurting you.’

‘For forgetting you.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘So, please, just once…… Can’t you listen to me’


Theodore watched them from the same spot for a while.

Even after dark they disappeared into the mansion, he stood there.


Ernst went to see Yvone occasionally afterwards.

Whenever he visited the mansion, Yvone was busy and difficult to meet, so he spent time playing with the children instead, but he didn’t think it was bad.

Ernst, who was scheduled to visit Chernicia’s mansion today, headed to the carriage with gifts that children would like.

‘……it stings.’

Ernst scratched his cheek with an awkward expression, because he felt a stinging stare coming at him from not far away.

Theodore was staring at him with a hateful gaze.

It was when he tried to get on the carriage, pretending not to know the gaze.

“Who are you to take care of my children”

“Yes, yes”

Theodore, who suddenly approached him, snapped at him, as if picking up a fight.

Ernst stiffened with tension and swallowed his breath.

He was afraid of Theodore since he was very young, so he shrank his shoulders like a turtle.

Theodore looked at Ernst as if he was looking at a pathetic person.

“What’s so pretty about this thing….”

“Yes, yes…”

“They’ll like this better than the little lion you’ve prepared.”

Theodore, who looked at Ernst with a disapproving look, suddenly held out a squirrel doll.

It was a cute squirrel doll with black striped brown fur, a red dress and a ribbon on its head.

Ernst hurriedly took the squirrel doll and looked at it, he was afraid of Theodore’s stare who was looking at him as if he was going to kill him if he didn’t take it right away.

Theodore stared fiercely at Ernst with his eyes wide open, and then turned around and disappeared.


Ernst breathed a sigh of relief, he thought his heart was about to drop due to Theodore’s stare.

Ernst got into the carriage with a fearful heart.

Was it because Theodore visited Yves in the last few days but was kicked out at the door several times which was witnessed by him(Ernst)

Ernst felt guilty for no reason even though it wasn’t him who kicked Theodore didn’t out.

‘Why was he so calm even after being kicked out’

Theodore, who had disappeared and reappeared like a madman, acted like an ordinary ex-girlfriend who is jealous of her ex’s happy life.

When Yvone refused to talk, he quietly shut up and made a pathetic face.

When Yvone pretended she didn’t want to look at him, he quietly disappeared and just peeped from afar like a creep.

When Yvone sprinkled salt at him, saying that he was unlucky enough, he stood quietly and let her sprinkle salt all over him.

And after she disappeared, he picked out each grain of salt from the dirty floor.

‘Isn’t it normal to kidnap her by now Considering his crappy personality’

Ernst was a little suspicious.

At least Theodore, whom Ernst knew, was not such a quiet man.

He doesn’t think Theodore’s been quiet because of his belated penitence.….

‘What is he acting up to’

Thinking of it like that gave Ernst goosebumps for no reason as he trembled.


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