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“I thought about it, whether it was a daughter or a son, if they were like you, they would be lovely.

It’s hard to choose between the two, so I thought it would be perfect to have twins.”

It took a little more time for Yvonne to understand what he was saying.

“But, as expected……!”

Theodore cried, folding his eyes more beautifully than ever.

“I knew our babies would look like you!”

Our babies

Yves’s face, who belatedly understood what he was saying, was horribly distorted.

“Yves! They’re my babies! Right They’re our babies, right”

Theodore burst into a wild exclamation of joy.

Even the teardrops hanging from the corners of the eyes looked out of place.

Towards Theodore, who was swimming in happiness, Yvone shot back in a cool voice.

“What kind of dog sh-……nonsense is that”

It was a sharp and cold voice that seemed to cut off the opponent at any moment.


I looked at Theodore, who broke into the mansion on his own, suddenly bursting into a bright smile and shouted.

“Yves! They’re my babies! Right They’re our babies, right”

My heart sank at the moment when I heard the voice close to conviction.

‘What kind of dog **……nonsense is that’

The urge to curse immediately came, but I patiently pressed it down.

Erwin and Odelia were present.

I couldn’t curse in the presence of the children.


Theodore said, looking at Odelia and Erwin one after another with eyes full of affection.

“Look, our babies look like you, and me.”

No, Erwin’s been burying his head over my shoulder the whole time, Theodore can’t even see his face, so what does he(Theodore) mean he(Erwin) looks like him

In addition, Odelia didn’t really have a single resemblance to Theodore.

The only resemble Odelia inherited was black hair from Theodore, but they are now bright silver by Benjamin’s technique.

In the first place, both children look just like me, reminiscent of my childhood.

“You’re making a strange point.”

I frowned because I was a little annoyed at the situation where I had to refute Theodore.

Now I know why did Armin in the past say, ‘If it weren’t for the Emperor…….’ I could see him swallowing bitterly every time he said it.

“Why would my children resemble you”

“No, look at this.

That child, when she tilts her head like this, the angle of her blinking eyes is similar to mine.”


“And the fluff on his earlobes, the child you’re holding, looks like when I was young.”

Theodore said, pointing his finger at Odelia’s eyes and Erwin’s earlobes.

“I think they are made by mixing our appearance…….

They are so, so lovely.”


I was confused for a moment.

‘Is it true’

I’ve never thought the children looked like Theodore, but once I heard it, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Is that so’

“Mom, who’s that Azo”

At this time, Erwin, who had been burying his head over my shoulder the whole time, glanced at Theodore and asked me.

“Is Azo mom’s friend, too”

“No, he’s not.”

What friend Such a terrible thing to say.

I never had a cool personality enough to forget the pathetic past and be friends with my ex whom I broke up with badly.

Rather, it was more like willing to curse and curse some more over and over again.

I felt like I had to chase him away before the children’s interest in Theodore grew.

I was about to take Erwin out of my arms and put him down on the ground before me thinking that.


Theodore’s expression became stiff, staring into Erwin’s face.

‘What is it Are you surprised to see Erwin’s golden eyes’

Ervin’s eyes resembled Theodore’s, but they were not as rare.

However, I blocked the thief’s eyes because I felt like I was getting impatient for no reason.

“You wanted to take a look at the mansion”


“Your Majesty”


Theodore, who had been absent-minded as if possessed by something, burst into exclamation as if he had come to his senses.


It was foolish to blur the end of the sentence.

‘What were you thinking about with that expression’

Then I found Brian and Ernst, who glanced at Theodore in a very noticeable way.

The two knew who the children’s biological father was.

That’s why I’m not showing a more flustered attitude unlike myself, but if I act so obvious, Theodore may sense something strange.

“Follow me, please.”

I urged Theodore to take him out of this situation for now.

“Uh, yes…!”

Theodore grinned brightly and clung to my side.

I guided him into the mansion.

In the meantime, his behavior of glancing behind and peeping at the children’s faces made me uncomfortable.

‘Why are you peeping at other people’s kids’

While holding back the desire to ask questions right away, I heard him opening his mouth.

“They look just like you.”

A voice that was thrilled and excited crossed my mind.

“Yves, when we have a baby…….”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

I didn’t want to hear any more of his nonsense, so I cut him off in a cold tone.

“You came without an appointment, and I’m not ready to greet you in person.”

“Oh, it’s okay….”

“As you’ve seen, I was entertaining His Highness the Second Prince.

So I’ll send another person, so take your time and look around the mansion.”

I swerved from him and called the butler of the mansion.

“Wait, this….”

I could feel his sad gaze following clumsily behind me along with the voice wanting to hold me longer, but I pretended not to know and gave instructions to the butler.

“His Majesty is very busy, so guide the mansion as concisely and quickly as possible and see him off to the main gate.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

The young butler of Brian’s mansion stood in front of me, nodding in a restrained gesture.

“Well, have a good time.”

I took a brisk turn, leaving a greeting in a perfunctory manner.

It was a rather irreverent and rude attitude rude to deal with the Emperor, but he also made a rude visit to the mansion without a word, so he wouldn’t be able to say anything against me.

When I returned to the garden, Erwin and Odelia flocked to me.

“Mommy, did you know the friendly Azo”

“Who is that friendly Azo”

I gave a light answer to Erwin and Odelia, who showed interest in Theodore.

“He’s a bad man.”

“It means he’s very bad, right”

“Yes, very bad.”

“Woong, he’s bad.”

“Bad and dirty.”

Erwin and Odelia nodded smartly.

“You’re all right, aren’t you”


Brian and Ernst also looked at me with anxious eyes and asked.

“I’m all right.”

I acted as if nothing had happened, blocking their worries with a snap.

But in fact, I was surprised more than anyone else.

I was confused because I couldn’t understand Theodore’s plan.

I’m afraid he really recognized that Erwin and Odelia were their children.….

‘But if I don’t tell him how would he know’

There is no way to distinguish between parents, so nothing to worry about will happen.

That’s what I thought, and I bowed my head to myself.


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