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Believing only in the sweet words he poured out, I might have had to marry him and live in the palace, and spend the days wetting my handkerchief every day watching him fool around with other women.

‘Rather than living that life, it’s better now.’

I thought, as I heard the sound of Odelia’s laughter ringing through the garden and Erwin’s warmth digging into my arms.


Inside the office of the Albrecht Emperor.

Theodore sat with his arms crossed and looked at the man standing in front of him.

“You know this would happen.”

“What do you mean, Your Majesty”

“Didn’t you say she made you faint and disappeared Brian Chernicia.”

Unlike when he was dealing with Yves, the voice that left his mouth was dreary and cold.

“You told me as if she had already left for the western continent.

In other words, you committed a treason by deceiving the Emperor.”

At first glance, it was a voice that seemed to suppress anger.

But instead of being scared, Brian responded by looking at Theodore with a strangely hostile gaze.

“I don’t know.

I guess she suddenly changed her mind.”


Theodore smiled in suppressed anger at the abrupt answer.

Perhaps because they were siblings, he(Brian) resembled her very much.

When he lost his memory, she was so bold to him.

Come to think of it, she hit him on the back of his head before she left.

Each memory was lovely, and Theodore’s hardened corners of his mouth were loosened slightly unconsciously.

“……yes, so you didn’t know.”

Theodore glanced at Brian gently with his narrowed eyes.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Brian replied brazenly.

Of course Theodore didn’t believe it.

However, instead of questioning Brian more, he rose up with a more brazen manner.

“Then let’s go.”


“I will go to your mansion.”


Brian asked back in a surprised voice, his eyes glaring.

“Why would I bring Your Majesty to my mansion”

“I’m going to go check if the gift I gave you is perfect.”

The current mansion was newly granted by Theodore just before the appointment ceremony of the new Head.

This is because a long time ago, the Chernicia mansion was burned down and destroyed, so a new mansion was needed.

“The mansion is very sturdy and beautiful.

I am grateful for your grace.”

“No, I’ll have to see it with my own eyes.”

Theodore shook his head with a worried look.

“If the mansion collapses due to poor construction, my heart will be broken.”

“It will never happen…….”

“It’s an order.”


It must have been a brazen excuse to visit the mansion, but Brian had no choice but to nod with a reluctant look.

He was not willing to, but he couldn’t disobey the Emperor’s orders.

‘I heard that there will be guests today.’

Brian recalled Yvone’s words when he left the mansion in the morning.

‘Well… I don’t think the Emperor will back down just because there are guests.’

Theodore was already striding outside the office.

Brian followed suit with a subtle step.

Outside the Imperial Palace, there was a carriage with the pattern of Chernicia that Brian rode in the morning.

Theodore jumped on it without asking his master.

So Brian had to go home with Theodore half-forced.

‘Yvone, I think I can see you making a scene.’

Brian could already see Yvone’s angry expression in front of his eyes, and it was a scary impression.

But aside from her reaction, Brian was also very unhappy with Theodore.

No brother in the world, not just him, would be in favor of a man who did such a thing to his sister.

If the man in front of him had not been the Emperor, Brian would have already stabbed him.

When he had just heard the story of her life with the Emperor, Brian was so angry that he wanted to run out to confront the Emperor immediately.

Calm down.

You have to cherish your life.

But Yvone’s calm voice stopped him.

But, Yvone……! If I don’t kill him, I won’t be able to sleep!

You can’t kill the Emperor with your skills.

And even if you can kill him, it will create problems.

That’s a real treason.

Are you going to completely destroy the family that’s barely starting

There was no room for refutation of all the questions said in a quiet voice, so Brian had to huff and swallow his anger.

Throughout the carriage ride with Theodore, Brian held on to his firm expression, as if he was not bothered.

Theodore also closed his mouth as if he had no intention to talk to him more, so silence lingered in the carriage.

The carriage carrying the two soon reached the Chernicia mansion.

The carriage entered through the main gate of the mansion.

At last the carriage stopped, and Theodore had just stepped out of the carriage.


The child’s laughter was heard not far away.

Theodore paused and turned to the side where the sound came from.


A small sigh broke out in his mouth.

A little girl was hopping around the garden playing ball.

The ball that the child was holding rolled and stopped in front of Theodore.

The girl rushed over and picked up the ball.

“Yay! Lia picked up the ball!”



The child who picked up the ball with both hands raised her head.

Then, she opened her eyes wide when she saw a large man standing in front of her, whom she met before.

“Huh It’s Mr.


Odelia recognized Theodore and shouted in surprise.


Theodore looked down at the child, holding his breath.


Azo, how did you get here””


He wanted to say something, but he choked on his words strangely.

“Oh, brother.”

Ernst, who was playing ball with Odelia in the garden, ran out in a hurry.

“How did you…….”

Ernst’s eyes glanced at Theodore, hiding Odelia behind him, he had a strange sense of vigilance.

However, Theodore’s gaze was stuck to Odelia, not Ernst, and did not move.

“You really are Yves’s…….”

The voice that had barely escaped his mouth was terribly cracked.


Azo, are you here to see Lia”

Odelia peeped out from behind Ernst and asked.

Just when Ernst looked confused by the appearance of the two people who seemed to know each other.



With the sound of neat footsteps, the owner of the mansion appeared.

“Brother is back from the palace He must have brought a guest without contacting me.”

With curly silver hair hanging down to her waist, the woman wearing a comfortable white shirt and black pants was no other than Yvone, the new Head of Chernicia.

“Brother Brian.”

Yvone glanced at the ‘guest’ and looked at Brian walking this way with reproachful eyes.

“No, that’s what His Majesty…… He said he would look at the mansion he gave me.”

Brian mumbled his plea with an unfair look.

The cold gaze left Brian and settled on Theodore.

If Theodore had forced himself, no one would have stopped him, so there was nothing to blame for Brian.

“……Yvone Chernicia greets Albrecht’s Lord.”

Yvone greeted Theodore in a disapproving voice.

But Theodore was firmly rooted in his position.

It wasn’t just because she was so pretty in a comfortable outfit.

It’s because he found a little boy in her arms.

The child who was clinging to her had the same silver hair that resembles her.

Oh, and there were two kids.


Yes, a girl and a boy.

These two…….

The Prince of Caligor told him that she had two children.

At that, Theodore gave up asking further questions.

Even if the girl he heard was his children born, he thought having another child means she had another man other than him.

But the boy she was holding…… He was at the same age as the girl with her eyes wide open below, staring at him.

This was the number of unthinkable cases.

“……I knew it.”

Theodore recited blankly as he looked at the child in her arms.

“I, I really knew this would happen…….”

Yvone made a crumpled expression at Theodore’s muttering like a crazy man out of nowhere.

The murmur flowing out of the lips was so small that no one could hear it well.

“Your Majesty”

When Yvone called him in a sulky voice, Theodore smiled brightly with a joyful face.

“I’ve always wanted to have twins.”


Yvone looked puzzled by his sudden plan for his child.


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