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Theodore had so many things to say when he met Yves again.

He looked in the mirror and practiced a lot by himself.

What kind of expression and voice will he make when he says hello to her after meeting her again

Thanks to that, he had got the attention of Lyndon and Armin, who looked at him as if he was a madman, but he didn’t really care.

However, Theodore, who was reunited with her, couldn’t do anything, and just smiled and cried.

He laughed because he was happy to meet her again, and he cried because he was sad he couldn’t meet her the last time.

It was such a bad reunion.

But it would have been more unseemly and ugly than then, just like when he happened to encounter her at the Royal Palace of Caligor.

So Theodore was happy, even though their meeting didn’t end up how he imagined.

Theodore’s gaze remained on her throughout the appointment ceremony.

If Armin hadn’t helped again and again, he would have made another mistake.

He couldn’t do that.

Didn’t he almost destroy the day she was looking forward to

Theodore quickly waited for the ceremony to end.

He wanted to talk to her after the ceremony.

There was so much to talk about.

First, he had to explain his situation.

I was crazy for a moment.

So I didn’t recognize you, and I gave you a hard time.

I’m stupid, ignorant, only regained my memory after you left.

And he had to apologize.

He has to say I’m sorry.

I want you to forgive me.

I’ll never do that again.

Then they’ll talk about the past four years.

I lived like this, how you lived.

I couldn’t breathe for a day because I missed you, but you never thought of me.

Who’s the kid I saw that looked like you

And you have two children, how…….

As Theodore nervously pondered the conversation he would have with her in his head, the ceremony of appointing Chernicia’s new Head has ended.

Theodore looked at Yvone’s back with overwhelming emotion as he saw her turning back with confident steps, holding the sword she received from him.

Yvone Chernicia.

It was a name deprived by the imperial family.

He always wanted to return her lost name.

If you hold the sword again, I hope it’s the moment you take your family name back and proudly stand in front of the world.

With the memory, the lost promise was also gone.

But it was regained and kept.


All the people dispersed, and Theodore slowly rose from his seat.

“Where are you going, Your Majesty”

Armin asked next to him, but he didn’t answer.

However, he followed the path she went out a while ago.

When he came out, he saw her in the distance who had not yet left the Imperial Palace.

Theodore’s face, which was brightened up after finding her, suddenly hardened.

Benjamin Ferdinand.

The bastard caught her.

There was a very bad encounter with him in the Kingdom of Caligor, but both Theodore and Benjamin pretended not to know about it.

It wasn’t good for each other to be known.

Theodore hated Benjamin.

He hated him four years ago, and now he hates him even more.

He was a man who conspired with Yves to disguise her death and steal her from him.

And a man who knew her for four years, but he didn’t know.

It was when Theodore tried to approach him with his teeth clenched.


Yvonne pushed Benjamin away.

Looking at Benjamin, who was pushed out in vain, Theodore was very happy inside.

He tried to approach her through the gap, but he saw her turn right away and run somewhere.

‘Where is she…’

Theodore’s eyes squinted.

‘She is going to the 2nd Prince’s Imperial Palace.’

Theodore walked fast along the path where she disappeared.

And he found her at the end of the road.

Under a fresh flower tree.

Ernst was crying sadly and Yves soothing him.


Yves wiped Ernst’s tears with a very friendly touch and arranged his hair.

Theodore stared blankly at the affectionate touch.

‘Me too, I cried…….’

He(Ernst) was sad about her death, and so was he(Theodore).

But why does she only soothe Ernst

‘When I cried..… You looked at me like I was crazy.’

Her attitude, which was clearly different from when she treated him, was painfully embedded in his heart.

Theodore held her in his eyes, suppressing the dreary sensation.

Yves’s kindness toward his half-brother didn’t just end in soothing.

She even smiled at Ernst.


A low sound of pain flowed through Theodore’s clenched teeth.

Throughout the appointment ceremony, it was the pretty smile Theodore had hoped to see even once.

When he saw her smile, his eyes heated up again.

Yves kindly waited until Ernst stopped crying.

And Theodore had to watch those two being affectionate with each other for a long time.

The two chatted and laughed from time to time.

Theodore couldn’t bear to break the scene, and only stared at Yves’s face.

Then suddenly, a leaf fell on her head.

Theodore took a step toward her without realizing it.


There was a sound of branches being stepped under his feet.

Perhaps she heard the sound, she turned her head toward this side, who had been talking to Ernst the whole time.

The wind caused the leaves that were clinging to her head to fall down.

Green eyes, which are greener than leaves that resemble spring life, stared toward Theodore.

As soon as the eyes met, Theodore, who stopped breathing for a moment, called her name.


Not as ugly as before, with a nice and cool voice like he’ve practiced.

He almost choked up.

An unknown color lingered in the green eyes staring at Theodore.

Her lips opened very slowly.

Theodore looked at the slow, clattering lips.

In fact, that short period of time, like a second or two, felt very long for Theodore.

She bowed gracefully.

“Yvone Chernicia, Head of Chernicia meets Albrecht’s Lord.

Glory to Albrecht.”

It was a perfect gesture that could not be found as unsightly.

The voice, which did not contain emotions as if it were emotionless, made a clear throbbing on Theodore’s chest.

It seemed to be because of fear, or maybe because she just didn’t care who was standing in front of her.

Would it have been better if it had been an angry voice


Theodore’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he choked out her name.

He always wondered what he could say when he met her again.

I’ve missed you.

I haven’t seen you in a long time.

I’m sorry.

I have something to say.

I love you.

I wanted to die while you were gone.

I’m so glad to see you again.

I love you, I love you, Yves.

Forgive me.

You, I missed you so much…….

But he couldn’t bring up any of them, so he asked instead.

“Are you mad”


For a moment she frowned.

However, Theodore was happy to see the expression of her irritation toward him, so he smiled charmingly.

Even those eyes that frowned as if they were irritated, he could feel the vividness of missing them.

Theodore could feel that she was really alive and back.

He couldn’t believe it and thought it was still a dream.

He could see her squinting at him.

“Long time no see, Your Majesty.”

Soon she started talking.

“When I was young, I stopped by the Imperial Palace to meet Prince Ernst and met Your Majesty.”

In an indifferent voice,

“I’m glad to see you again.”

Yves, who said that, seemed like a person who was not happy at all.


There was no longing, welcome, or affection in Yves’s face when she saw Theodore.

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Don’t worry, I’m alive and kicking.

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