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Whether he was thinking about something else or not, the expression on his face seemed very uninspiring.

Familiar faces were seen around the large room.

Just below the Emperor, Benjamin, who was sitting in the seat of the two major families, was surprised to see me.

Ernst, who usually doesn’t take part in this kind of occasion, looked at me blankly with an expression of disbelief.

I looked straight ahead, pushing the surge of emotion away.

“What Was Brián Chernicia a woman”

“No, she’s…….”

“The youngest daughter of Chernisia…….”

“It must be, look…….”

The murmur of people came from all sides, but I ignored it all and walked forward.

And finally I stood tall in front of the Emperor.

Theodore was staring at me with a stupid face as if he saw a ghost.

He looked no different from Ernst or others, who were surprised beyond imagination.

His golden eyes trembled slightly.

I bowed my head calmly, ignoring the expression full of surprise and shock.

“Yvone Chernicia greets Albrecht’s Lord.

Glory to Albrecht.”

“……… Yves.”

Theodore’s lips twitched, and a sound came out like a whisper.

At the same time, it was a sound large enough to be heard in my ears, but I looked up ignoring it.

And it was the moment when I met his eyes again.


Theodore grabbed me by the wrist suddenly.

So I frowned at him.

It seemed that he had finally noticed that Yves Lleywellyn and Yvone Chernicia are the same people.

There was no sign of wanting to kill me on his face, who fled under the guise of death, leaving a letter full of abusive language.

There’s no way he couldn’t find the letter because I left it somewhere that stood out.… Nevertheless, looking at me with such affectionate eyes…….

‘I think he has recovered all his memories.’

It was almost a conviction.

Originally, Theodore disliked ‘Yves Lleywellyn’, not ‘Yvone Chernicia’.

Theodore’s eyes looking at me was strange.

That was a look that would never have been there if I were the ‘Yves Lleywellyn’ he knew.

It was the eyes that looked at ‘Yvone’.

And at the same time, it was the same eyes he looked at Katarina.

‘But then what’s the use’

Now he’s got his memory back.

However, nothing has changed.

Most of all, I had no intention of standing in front of him as Yves anymore.

The time spent next to him as Yves was buried when I left the Imperial Palace.

That’s why I was able to push him away with a firm line.

“You must have mistaken me for someone else.

I’m not Yves, I’m Yvone Chernicia.”

With a slight hint of displeasure, I pushed him away and dropped his hand.

Unlike his strong grip, his hand fell off easily.

It was when he looked indifferently at his hand, which was pushed into the air helplessly, and then raised his head again.


A bright smile suddenly spread over his face.





Clear teardrops fell thickly from the tail of the beautifully folded eyes.

Theodore was crying.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, we must proceed with the inauguration ceremony.”

Next to him, Armin was restless and whispered to Theodore.

“Your Majesty Your Majesty……”


But Theodore just looked at me from the same spot with the same face, as if he couldn’t hear anything.

The smiling and crying face was so bizarre that all the nobles who were gathered looked at him with their breath held and their eyes wide open.

Eventually, the inauguration ceremony was temporarily suspended due to the Emperor losing composure.

Fortunately, the inauguration ceremony that was held a while later went smoothly.

Since grandfather Gunter, who was the former patriarch, was beheaded for the murder of the previous Emperor, I had to stand here as Oswald’s daughter, who was expelled from the family, not Gunter’s granddaughter.

“We appoint Yvone Chernicia, Oswald’s daughter, as Chernicia’s new Head.”

Theodore declared in a neat voice, as if he had never cried so strangely.

Next to him, Armin was worried that he would make another mistake.

‘Why did he cry’

I was a little surprised when he cried suddenly.

I didn’t know the reason for the act, but now I know Theodore isn’t someone who cries over petty things.

‘It must be crocodile’s tears.’

Ordinary people cry when they are sad.

Or cry when they’re too happy.

So if Theodore was an ordinary person, he might have cried because he was very happy or sad to meet me again.

But Theodore is not a normal person.

‘Maybe he pretended to cry.

Or his eyes hurt suddenly.’

I vented my thoughts not knowing why he cried.

If I thought his tears were because of me, I would feel uncomfortable.

Even after the inauguration ceremony resumed, Theodore looked at me blankly several times.

Then, when I made eye contact, he folded the ends of his eyes beautifully, blink his eyelashes which were dyed red because of crying, and repeatedly smiled shyly.

‘You’re doing a lot of crazy things.’

Seeing that I didn’t want to look at him even though he’s doing that with a handsome face, he might have understood that I really have left no regrets about him.

I was pleased at the fact.

This is because although I thought I didn’t love him anymore, I was worried that I would be shaken if I saw him again.

“I give the Emperor’s sword to the New Head of Chernicia, to be Albrecht’s sharpest sword and defend the Empire.”

He held his sword in his hands.

The sword with a green gem embedded in the hilt was originally used by grandfather Gunter.

The treasure gifted by the previous Emperor and used by the Head of Chernicia has been returned again after the ‘incident’ decades ago.

After the ceremony, I came out with the sword given by the Emperor.

Eyes on me poured out from everywhere.

I could see Theodore looking at me while fidgeting on his seat, as if he wanted to hold me longer than necessary and talk, but he couldn’t approach me willingly.


At this time, Benjamin approached me with a pale face.

“What happened”

He asked, clasping my shoulders in both hands.

Looking at the face that was not like Benjamin’s usual expression, he seemed quite surprised.

“The mansion was empty, so I was worried.

But why are you here…….”

“Sorry, Benjamin.

I’ll talk to you later.”

But after leaving a short greeting to Benjamin, I turned around.

This is because there was someone else I had to find right now.

I moved quickly and ran along the small road behind the Imperial Palace.

Thud, thud, thud.

At the end of the road, I saw a man with his back on me.


Ernst turned his head at my call.

With a wounded face, he glared at me with red eyes.

“I thought you were dead.”

He must have noticed from the look on his face.

That I falsely disguised myself as dead and left.

It was a faint memory, as if I couldn’t recall my last conversation with him.

What did I say to him before I left the palace


You have to live well without me.

Don’t talk like you’re going to die or leave.

Oh, I remember.

I said my last goodbye to him, that he didn’t even know was a goodbye.

“Sorry, Ernst.

What happened was…….”

I scratched my cheek in embarrassment and examined his face.

“I was going to leave the palace.

So Theodore won’t think about looking for me again.

You knew my situation back then.”


“So I had to trick you, too.”

I said, staring calmly into Ernst’s eyes, which were swaying slightly.


“You’re such a bad girl.”

Ernst cut off my apology, and soon wept.

“You’re really, hyak-huh, hyk-huh.… You’re the worst friend in the world.”

“……you are still a crybaby.”

I smiled as I swept over his bright platinum blonde hair, which clung to his face for the pouring tears.

Then Ernst’s cry grew even more.

My friend was well over 20 years old and still could cry like a girl.

I waited until his tears died down.

A long time later, Ernst barely stopped crying and asked me.

“What happened to the child”

He was the only one who knew I was pregnant except for the doctor who examined me.

“Do you want me to show you the children”

When asked lightly, he frowned and asked back as if it was difficult to understand.


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