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The Albrecht’s empire’s Emperor Theodore returned to his homeland after a four-year of conquest war.

He was able to return to the palace immediately by using teleportation magic, but he had to ride horses for a few days to commemorate his victory.

But Theodore didn’t even feel bothered.

He was just in a daze, and there was only one thing that filled his head.


Yves is alive.

Yves, who killed the monsters.

Yves, who saw him and ran away.

Yves, who lived in the Lake House.

Yves, who became the mother of two children.

Yves, who left Chernicia behind.




Like that, Theodore returned to the palace in a daze, losing his spirit.

The people of the Albrecht Empire, who gathered on the streets, welcomed the returned Emperor enthusiastically.

Although he was the Emperor who had been carrying around terrible rumors for a long time, he succeeded in leading the conquest war anyway, and in the process, he became the hero of the present generation.

The people in the street sprinkled flowers at him and cheered.

Theodore, who should be the main character of the return procession, glanced at the scene with insensitive eyes and closed his eyes again.

Recently, he spent more time closing his eyes than opening his eyes.

Because when he closed his eyes like this, he could see her appear in his closed vision.

The first thing Theodore did when he returned to the palace was to bring Chernicia’s reinstatement discussion to the surface.

He couldn’t bring Yves, but he still had Brian.

Although he could not express his sword magic, he was a Chernicia nonetheless.

Since it was their role to defeat the demons of the land, the name Chernicia alone will stabilize the political situation in an Empire that has been scared by the flooding of the demons.

Besides, they don’t know yet.

Just as Celine Leobrante had shown her divine power after adulthood, who knows if Brian Chernicia would show belated sword magic.

It was also not negligible that there was a possibility that some of his blood relatives would develop sword magic in the future.

Because of this, people were already agitated with anticipation.

And today is the day of the appointment of Chernicia’s reinstatement.

The inauguration ceremony for the new Head of Chernicia is held at the Imperial Palace.

It was even reported to Theodore inside the palace that the common people, who could not enter the palace, lined up long on both sides in front of the main gate of the palace from dawn and waited for the ceremony of recruitment of the new Head of Chernicia to start.

“My people’s expectations are soaring…….”


Theodore leaned his head on his chair and let Armin report the situation.

Chernicia’s reinstatement was a long-standing affair, shortly after he became the Emperor.

But strangely, he couldn’t feel any emotion.

That’s probably because she’s not here.

I heard Your Majesty is preparing for Chernicia’s reinstatement.

He remembered Yves, who blushed shyly while saying that.

She always looked forward to the day when Chernicia’s innocence would be proved and the restoration of her family would happen.

Yes, I’m going to reinstate your family.

And after that, I will marry you as my wife.

After saying that,

So please be patient.

Without actually fulfilling her wishes, he lost his memory like a poor fellow.

And after that, she left him.

No, he made her leave him.

“Your Majesty, the new Head of Chernicia is entering.”

Armin beside him broke the thoughts of his mind.

Theodore realized at one point that he was thinking of Yves again.


His lips gave out a shallow smile.

If he let go of his mind even a little, his head would be filled with her.

At times, Theodore didn’t hate his condition, even though it interfered with his daily life.

But now he is working on something important for her, who’ll be back one day.

He had to concentrate on this moment.

Theodore raised his head and stared straight ahead.

From far away, Chernicia’s new Head appeared.

The new Head of Chernicia was wearing a green uniform symbolizing Chernicia.

Since swords are mainly used by them, short-length uniforms designed not to interfere with arm movements were also formal uniforms worn by Chernicia knights in the past.

A green cap decorated with colorful flowers, feathers, and gold cords, and a fluttering long cape which was made of silk that only a knight can wear.


Theodore’s eyes narrowed as he stared at it quietly.

‘What is it‘

Did he see it wrong

He was already informed to see Brián as the Head of Chernicia, but he looked a lot like Yves today.

He knew they looked alike but to resemble each other so much that he almost looked like Yves.

Could it be… Brian Chernicia is a woman

Theodore stared blankly at Chernicia’s new Head, who was approaching him with elegant steps and confident eyes.

Unlike what he saw and imagined, the new Head had long hair styled in a single braid, and the narrow waistline wearing the knight’s clothes was obviously the silhouette of a woman that was evident from a distance.

Whether Theodore was the only one who felt strange, a buzz spread around him.

As the distance between them got narrower, the strange yet enlightened sense coldly awakened him.

Theodore clenched his grip on the handle of the throne, and hardened in his place.

“No way…… no way.”

His throat moved in a small gulp.

Finally, Chernicia’s new Head, who arrived in front of Theodore, greeted him in a calm voice.

“The new Head of Chernicia greets Albrecht’s Lord.

Glory to Albrecht.”

It was Yves who stood in front of him.


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