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Originally, the one who was supposed to succeed next as the Head of Chernicia after grandfather Gunter, was Brother Richard.

But a dozen years ago, when my Chernicia was swallowed up by a red fire, Brother Richard died in front of me.

And now, Chernicia’s only survivors were me and Brian.

If either I or Brian had to lead Chernicia, I thought it was Brian’s job.

But Brian insists it’s my job.

“What about you”

“I’m… um….”

He answered my question with a slight blush.

“I decided to have the marriage ceremony with Celine before the end of this year.

But now Celine is going to Leobrante.”


I agreed with a sigh.

If he marries Celine, Brian will be the member of Leobrante.

Then I’m the only one left in Chernicia.

“In addition, the Head of Chernicia, who couldn’t even express his sword, is ridiculous.”


He was also right.

It is not simply because of Chernicia tradition.

Now that Chernicia’s injustice has not been revealed, the most reasonable cause for the family’s reinstatement will be the sword.

To be exact, he intended to exploit people’s desire for “power to defeat evil.”

“What people need is not just Chernicia’s name, but a hero who will defeat the demons.”

And Brian reminded me once again with a clear voice, as if driving a wedge into my guess.

“But I can’t be the owner of Chernicia because I couldn’t even express my sword properly.”


I stayed quiet for a while.

Brian, who wondered at my reaction, called me carefully.


“It’s impossible.”

I replied, biting my lower lip.

“Impossible What do you mean”

“As you’ve seen, I have children…….”

“It doesn’t matter at all.”


Brian was right.

It doesn’t matter at all that I have a child.

In the general case.

‘But their father is Theodore.’

Becoming Chernicia’s Head meant that there could be a situation where I had to face Theodore again somehow.

‘They said the Emperor went crazy.’

In a brief encounter, Theodore actually looked half-crazy.

Hi, rat.

I’ve never heard such a low-pitched, grinning voice.

He was a man who had carried a lot of terrible rumors since he was a young prince, but I also saw him with sparkling eyes for the first time.

He would have already attacked me with the spirit and maybe killed me if I was caught by him.

If he finds me, Yves Lleywellyn, who left him a letter filled with offensive and cursed words, and ran away, breaking his engagement.

And if he finds out that Yves Lleywellyn has two children of her own, then.

What if I have your child

Then I will rip the seed that I sowed with my own hands.

I still can’t forget the last conversation I had with him.

The same conversation that made me leave him without a trace of regret.

‘The guy who lost Katarina and went crazy might hurt my babies.

Or since there is no successor, he might take them to Albrecht, thinking he is doing the right thing.’

If I appear before him again, will I be able to escape again without being caught who the children’s biological father is

Fortunately, Erwin and Odelia both look like me, so it’s hard to guess that Theodore’s child by appearance alone…….

‘Now that Lord Lyndon is back, will he know I’m Yvone Or… …Maybe he still doesn’t remember me because his head hurts every time he thinks of it’

I’d rather he didn’t remember me now.

Theodore considered Yves Lleywellyn to be like Yvone, but in a completely different sense.

If he doesn’t remember me, he might be able to ignore me in moderation.

And the moment I thought so, Brian said against my faith.

“And His Majesty knows you’re here.”


For a moment, I was surprised and asked back.

“Does the Emperor know that I, I mean, Yvone Chernicia is here”


That’s why he called me here.

To find you.”

My mind became more complicated.

It was a self-evident fact that Theodore saw my face that day, that is, Yves Lleywellyn’s face.

‘But why did he think I was Yvone Chernicia, not Yves Lleywellyn Did he notice that we are the same person’

Now that Lord Lyndon is beside Theodore, he may have told him…….

Or maybe, it was like a bolt out of the blue realisation…….

‘No, I don’t know yet.’

But I shook my head quickly.

In the past, was it once or twice that I had hoped that he had regained his memory, but was disappointed to know that it was not

‘Maybe because I used a sword, he recognized me as Yvone Chernicia.’

Very few people knew that Yvone Chernicia had expressed her sword magic.

But Theodore may have known because he was a prince.

No matter what I do, it’s useless to guess by myself.

Eventually, I couldn’t be sure of anything until I ran into Theodore in person.

“Look, this may be the only chance to rekindle the family.”

“Ha… yes, after this period, people may not need Chernicia again.”

“Is there another reason why you are hesitating, that I don’t know”


Brian’s eyes narrowed when I couldn’t answer easily.

“Come to think of it, I kept talking about myself.

Now tell me your story.

How did you survive And who are the children”


I sighed heavily and brought up my previous story.


“So, tell me.”

A low, dreary voice came out between the twisted lips.

“You have nothing to do with her”

As soon as the end of the sentence was raised sharply, a glittering glow flashed over the man’s golden eyes.

If there was a devil who could suffocate a person with his eyes, it would have been those eyes.

Frederick, who was hanging upside down on the tree, sobbed and replied.

“Yes, yes! It’s really, really nothing…….”

“Don’t lie.”

Theodore cut off his words, twisting his face mercilessly.

“All your men confessed.

You two….”

His voice, which had been squeezed out of his gritted teeth and let go, sounded heavy.

“They said you were lovers.”

“Well, really, really not.

It’s untrue.….”

Frederick resented Roden for not being here.

Why on earth did he make him suffer so much by telling a ridiculous lie

“Well, then what’s with the boxes Baby clothes, ordered under your name.”

Theodore’s eyes were full of strength as he recalled things that had been constantly coming in the Caligor palace in Frederick’s name.

Baby clothes, baby shoes, cute dolls that babies will like, and tea leaves that are good for pregnant women…….

Prince Frederick has secretly met a Lady and has been dating her while avoiding people’s eyes for years, and recently, she got pregnant…….

They’re lovers! The prince just ran away with his lover, so please feel sorry for him.….

Lia’s dad is Derek!

For a moment, Theodore heard something snap and break inside him.

Something broken, it was probably the patience, or reason, that supported him to still stay sane.

“You’re Derek, aren’t you”

The feeling of murder and madness was heavy in the asking voice.

“You’re Derek, and my Yves…… How dare you, my Yves…….”

Theodore wanted to rip and kill this ‘Derek’ in front of him right away.

If her lover is Derek, and if her child’s father is Derek.

Isn’t it okay for him to take the place after killing and eliminating this ‘Derek’

The position of her lover.

The position of being the father of her child.

“Well, that’s because my woman is pregnant.

So please, let……!”

“So, aren’t you saying that you, a rat-like guy, got my Yves pregnant”

“Yes, yes”

Frederick tried to shake his hands in surprise.

However, it was not possible because they were tied tightly with a rope.

“Hey, what do you mean, Yves I don’t know anyone like that!”

“How dare you, to deceive me.”

Theodore growled resentfully, considering Frederick’s words as an excuse to survive alone.

Frederick almost mistook him for making a mistake of saying the name of a woman named ‘Yves’ without even realizing it.

“Oh, it’s unfair…”


Nevertheless, Theodore’s fierce eyes became sharper.

Theodore looked at Frederick with the eyes that seemed to be looking at the world’s most terrible garbage.


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