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Here’s the promised extra chapter!

Meanwhile, Odelia, who did not know that Erwin had returned to bring his sword, went deep inside the garden alone.

Suddenly, the air surrounding the child shook strangely.



The rustling of leaves was heard overhead.

Odelia, who was jumping looking down at the ground, looked up straight at the sound.

“Huh Tree”

There was a big tree in front of Odelia.



Small acorns were rolling under the tree.

“Dotori (Acorn)!”

Odelia’s eyes sparkled as soon as she saw it.

Derek told me that if I collect 1,000 acorns, I can become a squirrel.

In the Autumn.

We have to wait until the fall to pick up the acorn.

“Eh! Er! Er! Here’s a lot of Dotori(Acorn)……!”

Odelia turned around, calling Erwin in an excited voice.

But Erwin was not seen.

Odelia tilted her head and looked down at the acorns around her feet again.

“That’s strange.

Er said we have to wait until Ga-eul (Autumn) to pick up the Dotori (Acorn)……”

Maybe Erwin didn’t know it.

“Let’s pick up Dotori (Acorn) for Er, Er will like it.”

Odelia began to eagerly pick up the fallen acorn.

She was picking them up for Erwin.

When she saw this and thought of how much Erwin would like it, Odelia felt very, very happy.

Now that she saw it, several acorn trees were here and many acorns had fallen here and there.

Why didn’t she ever know there were so many acorn trees in the garden of the mansion

Odelia, who was excitedly picking up acorns, suddenly found Theodore sleeping under the tree a little further away from her.

“Friendly Mr.


Theodore, who was leaning against the tree and had his eyes closed, opened them with a furrow.

“Hello, Mr.


Odelia’s face was thrusted in front of Theodore’s eyes.

At that moment, shock and surprise came over Theodore’s face.


He looked around carefully.

Theodore realized that he had crossed space and time again.

Not only the unfamiliar place, but also the flow of the chilly air that grazed the skin was clearly different.

He couldn’t sleep well because he was interrogating Medusa in prison all night.

Knowing that he was a little tired, he sat in front of the desk and shut his eyes for a while.

But suddenly, when he opened his eyes, he seemed to have moved here.

“What’s happened to Mr.

Azo’s face”

Odelia asked, pointing to the wound on Theodore’s cheek.


Theodore swept his cheek, where Odilia’s finger was pointed at.

The wound Yves gave him didn’t go away so quickly.

The only thing that he could get rid of the sword wound was the holy power, but Theodore had no intention of removing the traces she left behind.

“If you say “Pain, pain go away,” it’ll disappear! Do you want Lia to sing for you”

“I left it on purpose.”

“Really Mr.

Azo is strange.”

Odilia shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

Then she showed Theodore what she had picked up as if she was bragging.

“Look at this, I got so many Dotori (Acorn)!”


“If you collect a thousand acorns, you can become a squirrel.”

“Do you want to be a squirrel”

“Woong! Lia wants to be a squirrel who can shoot fire!”

Odelia, who clenched her fists and shouted excitedly, was so cute that Theodore unconsciously let out a smile.

“Jerico doesn’t shoot fire.”

“Oh Does Mr.

Azo knows Jelriko

“It can’t even fly in the sky.”


When Theodore explained Jericho correctly, Odilia clapped her hands and nodded.

“But this acorn is not for Lia.

I can’t give it to you.”

“Huh Who is it for then”

Theodore frowned at a strange name.

“It’s for Er! Er is Lia’s family.

Er saves Shesha (world).”

“Your family”

As Theodore asked back in a sulky voice, Odelia’s eyes fluttered again and fell on an acorn beside Theodore as she exclaimed, “another Dotori (Acorn)!”

She stretched out her hand and began to pick up acorns.

Theodore observed Odelia carefully.

‘You look just like her(Yves).’

He averted his eyes and looked at the acorn Odilia was trying to pick up.

Then, like a shameless man he was, he picked up the acorn that she was about to pick up first.

Odilia looked at the acorn that slipped away from her reach and raised her head and blinked.

Theodore asked, pulling up the corner of one of his lips in a mischievous smile and asked.

“Do you want it”

“Dotori(Acorn), Lia was going to pick it up.”

“Then tell me about your family.”

Theodore offered a deal with acorns.


Odelia stared at him silently for a moment.

Then she muttered to herself.

“Mother is right.


Azo, who has a good face is bad.”


“My mother told me so.


Azo is a ‘no one’.”

“What does that mean”

Odelia’s finger pointed at Theodore.

“Go away, bad man.”

Odelia stood up and turned away from Theodore.

Then she walked away.


Then, she heard Theodore murmuring something from behind.

Odelia looked back again, but the figure of Theodore who was there a little while ago.

Had completely disappeared.

“Where did Mr.

Azo go”

Odelia tilted her head and wondered.

Then she realized something amazing and exclaimed.

“Dotori (Acorn)!”

Obviously, there were so many acorns just a while ago, but in a short period of time, all the acorns were gone.

All that was left was a few in Odelia’s hand.

It was then it occurred to her that something was wrong.

But soon Odelia smiled when she found Erwin, who was huffing and puffing.

“Lia! Where have you been”

“I picked up the Dotori (Acorn).”

Odelia handed an acorn to Erwin.

“Huh It’s really Dotori (Acorn).”

“Oh, look at this.

One, two, three…… A thousand!”

Odelia raised her chin proudly with a proud look as she counted the acorns.

“Now Er can become a squirrel.”

“There aren’t a thousand.”

“Then How many are there”

“One, two, three…… Seven!”

“There really are only seven”


“Are you sure it’s not a thousand but seven”

“Yes, yes.”

Odelia brought seven acorns.

“Seven Dotori (Acorn) won’t do.”

Odelia slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

“Lia, are you sad”

Erwin soothed Odilia.

“I don’t care if you don’t have a lot of Dotori (Acorn).

I’m happy as long as Lia is here.”

Erwin patted her shoulder and comforted her, mimicking how their mother would do.


Theodore slowly lifted his eyelids.

Then what appeared in front of him was the scenery of the office.

He immediately understood that he had crossed space and time and returned.

He lowered his head and opened his right hand that was clenched into a fist.

A cute acorn was lying on the open palm.

‘It wasn’t a dream.’

There was a black mirror on the desk where he was sitting.

Theodore looked at it and took a short deep breath.

‘Again, I met her.’

It was already the second strange phenomenon he experienced.

‘What’s going on’

He looked through all the ancient books on the western continent, but he couldn’t find any related stories like what happened to him.

Even with the power of Tenebris, he couldn’t explain anything.

Why did he meet the child

It’s Yves that he is looking for.

A series of recent events around him has made him impatient.

Is the woman who ran away with the Prince really his Yves

Then what happened to the dead Yves, whose body he saw clearly with his own eyes

If she was really his Yves, why did she run away with the filth dough Prince

And who the hell is that girl

The girl who looks like Yves who keeps appearing in front of him…….

Theodore had a lot of questions.

But either way, he shouldn’t be anxious because he is sure he’ll find out soon.

I don’t have to be anxious…….

I don’t have to….

I don’t…

Then, when he belatedly realized that he was tapping on the desk with his fingertips.

“Damn it.”

In the end, he had to chew down the swear words.

He felt like he was going crazy.

No, he was already crazy.

He’s been like this ever since the night he ran into Yves.

He couldn’t keep his composure for a moment.

But on the other hand, it’s the first time he has felt these intense feelings like a living person since she died.

Theodore was both unfamiliar and happy with the feelings.

“Your Majesty, Brian Chernicia has arrived.”

Lyndon’s voice broke his imagination.


Immediately the door opened and a man entered it.

“I greet the great Ruler of Albrecht.

Glory to Albrecht.”

Theodore stared at the man reciting a ceremonial greeting to him.


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