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Medusa Roden, the subordinate of the Prince of Caligor, was imprisoned and questioned.

“Where is the woman who ran away with you”

“I don’t know… sob, sniff….”

“Tell me.

She disappeared with your master, and you can’t not know about her whereabouts.”

And it was none other than Theodore who questioned him.

“Well, I really don’t know.

Please let me go.

The Prince, please, let him go too…….”

“If you tell me where the woman is, I will immediately let you go.”

Until the woman’s whereabouts were known, the Emperor didn’t seem to have any intention of quitting questioning him.

Theodore has sworn to find the whereabouts of the Prince and that woman, who helped the Prince to escape.

Even if it means he can see those glaring eyes.

They were eyes that seemed to want to tear him, burn him and beat him to death.

“Then let’s change the question.”

Theodore asked again, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Tell me how she and your master know each other”

“Well, I don’t know…….”

Medusa murmured, he couldn’t just say that she was a woman who was temporarily hired in exchange of money to help the Prince to escape.

It would be a big deal if the King’s position was discovered by his misrepresented information.

“If you don’t tell me right now…….”

“They are lovers!”

The spooky threat made Roden lie all of a sudden.

“She is the Prince’s lover.

The Prince just escaped with his lover, so please feel sorry for him.….”

Medusa was anxious, so he didn’t know what a great ordeal that lie would bring to the Prince…….



A cold silence hovered around the prison.





The heels of the shoes tapped on the floor and made a regular friction sound.

Roden trembled as if it were a warning sound that his life would end very soon.

How long has it been


Theodore’s lips seemed to open, and suddenly a laugh rang throughout the whole prison.


Objectively and subjectively, it was never a laughing situation.

The horror filled laughter stopped out of nowhere, just like when it burst out.

“Since when did they become lovers”

Theodore, who had his eyes fixed on the wall in front of him, muttered in a faint voice as if he were going to rip and kill everyone in sight.

He started pacing as he murmured.

“My Yves’ taste can’t change to that, right”

After the interrogation, Theodore’s face was rigid.

He suddenly stopped walking and muttered in an emotionless voice.


Theodore chewed on his lower lip and swallowed his rising anger.

He couldn’t admit it.

The Prince of Caligor was worse than Benjamin, who looked like a dough of flour that has been kneaded just now.

Until just a while ago, Theodore thought he(The Prince) looked like he was made by mud dough, but after hearing the information from the tortured man a while ago, he(Theodore) changed his mind.

Prince of Caligor is ugly as if he were kneaded with filth, not mud.

Such an ugly filthy man cannot be Yves’ lover.

“Yeah, that can’t be true.”

He must have been misinformed about it.

Theodore lowered his head and caressed the scar on his cheek.

The wound she left was as thin as incontinence, so the blood stopped quickly.

But Theodore was so happy about that.

“Take care of Medusa, Lyndon.”

Theodore ordered Lyndon to follow.

There seemed to be no more information to extract from Medusa.

“Well, Your Majesty, do you really think she’s Yves…….”

At this time, Lyndon spoke cautiously.

“It can’t be Yves.”

Lyndon reiterated the same words he had been telling all along since last night.

“Yves has already…….

Please think rationally.

Maybe someone is trying to distract Your Majesty by playing a bad trick.”


“If you would give me the order to catch the suspicious person, including the Prince of Caligor…….”


Theodore was lost in thought without agreeing to a single word.

Strange things have happened one after another since he came here.

He saw a child who looked like her(Yves).

Theodore examined the insignificant-looking squirrel doll and found that the child lived in the same time zone with him, neither in the past nor in the future.

And a woman who looks like her appeared in front of him.

No, he can say the woman looks like her.

She was perfectly the same.

The eyes that blink slowly, the way her pretty lips opened, her lovely movements.

It was all he could remember.

Yves is dead.

He even identified the body.

But a woman who looked just like her, who he could only think of, appeared.

He could never know.

Like Lyndon said, if someone tries to mislead him, even with black magic…….

Theodore, who had thought that far, soon clenched his teeth.

In the past, he doubted and pushed her away, he was suspicious of his feelings of attraction to her because of his doubts.

As a result, he has already lost her for good.

He couldn’t repeat the same mistake made by the less distant past him who didn’t recognize her.

“Even black magic is fine.”

So Theodore decided to believe in his senses, not his reason.

“I’m so glad.”

His senses have been shouting since last night.

“Whom I saw was definitely Yves.”

It’s her.

That she’s alive.

So we have to get her back.

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

As soon as he heard his heart’s desire, the sound of his heart intensified.

Theodore commanded, feeling the beat of his thumping heart running wildly through his skin.

“Returning to the Empire is on hold.”

“Your Majesty…!”

Lyndon’s face crumpled like a person who heard a terrible sound.

“While I was away, the survival of Brián Chernicia was known, right”

Theodore asked, recalling a report from Armin recently.

During the past four years when he was away from the Imperial Palace, Armin looked into Albrecht’s internal affairs.

But it was actually Theodore who was in this far distance and driving the Empire’s internal affairs.

When Armin clearly summarized the situation in the empire and reported what information was exchanged at regular meetings, Theodore made a decision based on it and notified it.

“Brian Chernicia, call him here.”

“What Suddenly, why did he…….

Your Majesty Your Majesty”

Theodore said only what he had to say and strode to the broken window with his long legs extended.

The glasses were broken and new glass had not yet been set up on the clean window, so the wind was blowing.

‘If she’s really Yves.’

Theodore touched the window frame with both hands.

If his senses recognize and respond to her again this time.

‘The way to find Yves, who hid from me, is.‘

Theodore’s golden eyes, recalling her, shone dangerously.

‘Isn’t there only one’

His mouth curled up at an angle that looked more devilish than good.


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