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Theodore immediately stopped me.

Before I knew it, a group of golden lights became an elongated sword and appeared in his hand.

He pointed his sword at me and asked.

“You, that power you just showed…”….”

And at that moment, I quickly swung my sword and bounced his sword back.



Sword and sword bumped into each other and made a loud noise.

A group of golden and green lights, each fluttering around the metal fittings, were colliding.

When I couldn’t easily be pushed out and clenched my teeth.

The wind blew through the broken window.


The moment the covered robe fluttered and made a small opening.


Theodore’s eyes grew round.

My face was reflected in his shaking pupils.

While he was frozen in surprise, I pushed his sword hard.


The wind pushed Theodore’s body far away.

“Jump down!”

“Hey, how can I…….”

“Stop talking and jump!”

And while Theodore was out of his senses, I threw the hesitant Prince through the second-floor window and jumped with him.

‘Damn it, did I get recognised by him’

The Prince, who fell on the grass and whined in pain, quickly got up and ran along with me.

Theodore’s face, which had been frozen when he saw me a while ago, rarely left my mind.

I felt uneasy for some reason, but there was no time to think about it.

I had to escape for now.

* * *

“It’s Yves…”

Theodore muttered, staring blankly at the place where she disappeared.

“It was definitely Yves…….”

It was the night before returning to the Empire.

Theodore, who climbed on a large tree, glanced at the night sky, and tilted the bottle in his hand.

When he was drunk, he would think of her as usual.

It was then he found a rat wandering in front of the gate.

After squinting at it, he realised that the rat was one of the Prince of Caligor’s subordinate, known as Medusa.

He felt even more dissatisfied, because he was interrupted by the rat when he was rememberring her.

What is the reason why Medusa, the subordinate of Caligor’s Prince, came all the way here

Theodore immediately grabbed Medusa, pulled the bloody hair of him and headed for the room where the Prince was confined.

And when he turned the corner of the hallway.


While the people who woke up at the sudden disturbance were cleaning up and organizing the hallway, Theodore was stuck in the same place and only looked at the same place.


“Your Majesty, maybe you have been mistaken”

Theodore looked back at Lyndon, who carefully intervened his thoughts.


“Your Majesty was drunk, right Maybe…”


Lyndon blurred the end of his words because he was somehow scared even though he was just stating the truth.

However, it was none other than Theodore who was most confused here.

He reached out slowly and touched his cheek.

It was the spot where the blade of the sword that she was holding passed by when she was being pushed out by his attack a while ago.

Blood was oozing from there.

“However, there is no way that there is anyone else but Yves who could use sword in such a way.”

The power to counteract his power was definitely a magical sword.

And to be able to use that power…… It could only be her.

Theodore stood up very slowly.

There was a drop of blood on his fingertips.

Theodore’s eyes deepened as he stared at it.

He brought the fingertips in front of him and savored the incense deep in his lungs.

In the fishy blood scent, he could smell her scent, that he smelled after a long time.

“Yes, this must be…… It’s the scent of my Yves.”

The tip of the red tongue licked the thin blood.

Soon after, he burst into a giggling sound of hot joy.

“Ah, Yves…….”

Lyndon, who was watching his crazy figure, sighed inwardly.

‘This is why we can’t refute rumors that says the Emperor is crazy.’

Four years have passed since Yves Lleywellyn’s death, but nothing has changed since the time when the Emperor lived with her body.

Sometimes, he would walk alone at night and mutter to the empty space where there was no one.

When he watched it, Lyndon often felt chilled to the bone, wondering if the Emperor was seeing a ghost.

However, the most horrifying thing was that Theodore collected the attributes of Tenebris.

‘Well, it’s called a sacred object here, but…….’

The Empire called it a monstrous beast.

It’s a trace of the Ancient Darkness that threatened the world’s peace in the past.

Lyndon was happy that he(Theodore) didn’t take out the black mirror out which he robbed from Caligor that looked like it could be used for cursed rituals, and eventually fell asleep with his arms folded.

‘Crazy is right.

You’re definitely crazy.’

Lyndon sighed deeply and shook his head.

* * *

It was already bright when I returned to the mansion with the Prince who were grumbling the whole night.

“Oh my gosh!”


Erwin and Odilia, who woke up in the early hours, ran toward me.

“Who is this Mr.


“Say hi, children.

It’s a customer.”

The children blinked at the sight of Prince Frederick, who followed me in.

“It’s a flour dough again…….”

“Wow, this is called flour dough…….”

They sounded subtly disappointed.

“Flour dough”

Frederick tilted his head in wonder.

Knowing that the word “flour dough” means “your face looks like flour dough,” I smiled awkwardly and pretended not to know.

“But Mom said flour dough is a bad word.

Let’s just say he is better looking than that.”

“That’s right.”

Odilia nodded in sync to Ervin’s words.


Azo, do you know Jelriko”

“You mean Jericho, the Squirrel Warrior”

When Frederick said Jericho correctly, the children’s faces brightened.


Azo, you know Jelriko”


Azo is on the side of Chakan(Goodness)!”

I looked at him curiously, too.

“You know about Jericho”

Then Frederick looked around and lowered his voice.

“Oh, yes, this…… This is a secret, but the mad Emperor loves the Squirrel Warrior enthusiastically.”

Theodore is a big fan of Jericho

“Since he came to Caligor, I’ve heard him collecting information about the Squirrel Warrior every day.

He even collected squirrel dolls…….”

I suddenly had an unexpected antipathy towards Jericho.

There was an urge to burn all Jericho dolls and Jericho fairy tales in the house right away.

But I decided to endure it for the children’s innocence.

“Who’s the mad Emperor”

At this time, Erwin asked with interest.

“He is no one.

We don’t have to know about him.”

I quickly cut off Erwin’s attention.

“Woong, he is no one.”

Erwin nodded earnestly.

* * *

T/N: This chapter was a little hard because I couldn’t understand some translation and was confused.

Please let me know if you see any mistake.


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