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Meanwhile, at the same time.

Theodore, who had already captured the capital of Caligor, was in the process of robbing the prince of Caligor’s Kingdom.

It took less than three days for him to capture the royal castle of this small country next to Kerbel.

“It’s my ancestors……………”

“That’s why I want you to put it out sooner.”

Theodore looked arrogantly at the young prince of Caligor who was kneeling in front of him, and smiled wryly.

In his hand was a robbed relic with a rather bizarre appearance, called the ‘Mirror of Time’, contrary to its very common name.

‘It looks like it could be used for a curse rite.’

Theodore looked at his face in a mirror with a translucent black glass plate.

He doubted whether this was really a holy relic.

‘Is it fake again this time’

Just as he thought that there was no special energy in the black mirror, suddenly, Yvonne’s face brushed past the glass plate of the mirror.

‘Yves… !’

Theodore’s eyes widened.

It was the moment he put his hand on the mirror.


His body was sucked into the mirror.


Theodore was sucked into the mirror and fell onto the soft grass.

Unfortunately, there was no pain.


It was when Theodore, lying on the grass, looked up at the clear sky.

“Hello, handsome uncle, Mister Azo.”

The face that had briefly passed in the mirror a moment ago was in front of him.

White skin, curly silver hair, green eyes that twinkle under dense eyelashes.

At first glance, she had a lovely face like a fairy who seemed like a non-human…

“Who is Mr Azo”

… A very small girl.

Theodore looked up blankly at the little girl who looked down at him and blinked slowly.

For a brief moment, he thought that this time he had succeeded in turning back time to the past.

The little girl in front of him looked just like Yvonne when she was a child.

If it’s really from the past, it’s a bit more serious.

The girl in front of him looked only about three or four years old at a glance.

However, he was still in his mid-to-late 20s when he captured Caligor… He can’t do anything if he come this far in the past.

“Can’t Mr Azo talk”

The girl tilted her head and blinked her eyes.

A small frown was drawn over the forehead of Theodore, who stared at the little girl silently.

‘Yves…… No.’

Although he had never seen Yvonne when she was three or four, he knew it wasn’t her.

The child resembled her as if she were a clone of her, but the angle of her blinking eyes when she tilted her head was subtly different from Yvonne’s.

Especially the movements of her nose and mouth when she breathed were very different.

‘Then who is this child’

Theodore stared at the child, narrowing his eyes.

A little girl who looked like Yvonne.

“Mr Azo”

‘Ah, maybe… … !’

In an instant, Theodore had a lightning bolt of realization.

“… Are you from the future” (Theo)

A thick, low-pitched voice that was pleasant to hear flowed from between his lips, who had been silent the whole time.

Then, with her eyes wide open, Odelia clapped in wonder.

“Huh Mr.

Azo can speak”

“I succeeded in getting her back, her, me, her child…”

“Oh my gosh, what are you talking about”

Theodore, who said only incomprehensible noises, suddenly gave Odelia a headache.

Odelia puffed up her cheeks and flopped down next to Theodore.

Theodore slowly raised his upper body and sat up.

Thump thump~!

His heart pounded as he scanned the child thoroughly.

Of course, Theodore and the little girl had no resemblance in appearance.

Not even a single eyelash looked alike.

But Theodore always thought.

If Yvonne gave birth to a child, it would be undoubtedly her baby who would look like this.

And the only man who will be the father of her baby would be him.

“Where is your mother”

Theodore asked at once.

“Why mother”

“Because I am your father.”

Theodore replied with a smirk.

The smiling Theodore’s face was much more handsome than the expressionless one.

Odelia stared at him in the face.

Then she asked after a while.

“Mr Azo, do you know Dharamchi Yonza (hero) Jelriko”


“You don’t know Jelriko You’re not Lia’s father then.”

Odelia said, shaking her head softly.

Then Theodore frowned and asked.

“Why not”

“Because Mr Azo doesn’t know Jelriko.”

“Then who is your father”


Odelia paused for a while with a stern expression on her face, and then she answered in a naive voice.

“Lia’s father is Derek!”


For a moment, a dazzling light appeared over Theodore’s eyes.

“Derek gave a great invitation to see Jelriko.

Lia, Er, Laura and mother.”

“Derek, Derek…… .”

“Uncle Derek! he gave Lia a dragon doll.”


“Lia won’t talk to uncle anymore.

I’m going to play squirrel.”

“Derek… Derek…”

Theodore repeated the name over and over again, as if he tried not to forget it.

“Jelriko Squirrel is the best in the world!”


“Even the copper and jellyfish (monsters)…”


Theodore, who had been muttering only Derek’s name for a while, cut Odelia’s words and smiled.

“Then what’s your mother’s name”


After chatting about Jelriko for a while, Odelia opened her eyes like a rabbit.

Then she answered Theodore with a broad smile.

“Mother told Lia not to talk to strangers.”

“It’s okay.

I’m not a bad person.”

Theodore said, smiling softly with an angelic good face.

It was a face that Lyndon or Armin would have despaired if they had seen that their Majesty was finally crazy.

“You are not a bad person”


Odelia tilted her head as she looked at Theodore’s smiling face.

“Uncle is not a bad person, but why doesn’t uncle know Jelriko

“I don’t know Jelriko….but I am the only one…”

Theodore shut his mouth and frowned, not knowing what the hell he was.

Odelia narrowed her eyes and pushed Theodore, whose impressions had gone wild in an instant.

“Isn’t Mr Azo the villain And your hair is also black.

The monster that attacked Jelriko had black hair.”

Theodore’s dark hair caught her eye belatedly.

In Arbella, where Odelia lived, black was not considered an ominous color as in the Empire, but it was a very rare color.

‘Lia actually has black hair…’

Odelia thought as she curled a strand of her own silver hair around her fingers.

‘Lia needs to hide Lia’s black hair, but why doesn’t Mr Azo hide it’

Odelia knew that she had originally had black hair.

Because she overheard her mother and uncle Benjamin talking.

The two sighed, saying that Lia’s dark hair should not be seen by others.

Odelia overheard this and was very upset and afraid.

‘Er’s hair is shiny like mother’s, but only Lia is black.’

But this unfamiliar man in front of her was revealing his black hair.

Odelia found that fact very strange.

“Can I touch Mr Azo’s hair”

“You just said I looked like a monster.”

Theodore, who didn’t want to comply with Odelia’s request, responded in a hoarse voice.

“Just once, huh”

“What is the point of touching the monster’s hair”

“No, Mr Azo is not a monster.”

Odelia shook her head in reply, but Theodore indifferently pushed the child away.

“But I’m a monster.”

Originally, he was not kind to children.

For a moment he was kind to Odelia because he wondered if the child had anything to do with Yves.

But the child said her father was Derek.

Since there was no way his Yves had anything to do with that faceless man, this child must not be related to Yves.

“Mr Azo Are you mad”

Odelia asked, despite his cold expression, she did not back down.

Theodore contorted his face harshly and spoke in a low voice.

“If you bother me, I will eat you.”

Then Odelia’s eyes narrowed.

Theodore thought that this time the troublesome child who looked like Yvonne would back off.

However, the child broke his expectations and waved her arms.

“Mr Azo, you’re not a monster! Mr Azo’s hair is as pretty as a chestnut!”

“Go away… What”

Theo was about to say something bad to the child, but he stopped for a moment.

Not terrible.

It was because he remembered the voice of the little girl he loved a long time ago.

Your hair color is as pretty as the night sky.

Odelia pulled Theodore’s hair, as he was hardened like a statue.

“Your hair is pretty, Mr Azo.

It’s like the night sky.”



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