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After Erwin, Odelia, and Laura all went to sleep, the room where I was awake alone was very uncomfortable.

It was late, but I couldn’t sleep, so I went out.

As I went down the stairs to drink some warm milk, I saw people gathered in the lobby on the first floor.

[T/N: They are currently staying at a hotel.]

“Oh, it’s the witch!”

“Where Where”

“Oh, witch!”

People who found me flocked here.

“Witch! I saw you in the square today!”

“You defeated the monster that five or six knights can barely deal with…!”

“Please protect Arbela from monsters!”

“Witch of Arbella!”

It was a little ridiculous to listen to the chatter.

“You say I’m a witch Do you think a witch would do such a good thing”

When I asked in a hoarse voice, people all became silent at once, and then they looked at each other and shouted at me.

“But the witch saved us today!”

“When did I”

“You don’t have to be shy, witch.

We’ve all seen it.”

“What did you see…”

“The wonderful appearance of slicing the monster with a single strike….”

“It’s not me…… .”

“If it wasn’t for the witch, there would be a lot of damage.”


In particular, there was no grand intention of protecting people.

I just moved to save Erwin and Odelia.

But people did not accept any objection I made.

Suddenly, I was at a loss for words.

“The witch is the guardian of Arbella!”

“She’s more reliable than the knights!”

People clenched their fists and their eyes lit up.

It was like watching Erwin and Odelia talking about the squirrel warrior Jericho.

“Please accept our presents, witch.”

People brought me flowers, baskets of bread, etc.

Although I had to accept it, I would never say that I became a hero who protected Arbella as they said.

Above all, it was not good to know that there was a woman in Arbella who used magic.

As I heard rumors of Theodore from time to time all the way to this country, I was worried that Theo might know about me if that happened.

I should live quietly for Erwin and Odelia’s sake.

“I don’t plan on protecting Arbella or anything like that.

When the sun comes up tomorrow, I’ll go back to the mansion on the lake.”

I spoke with a firm voice to the people.

“I have two kids and I’m busy just taking care of them.”

Then people looked at me with eyes full of regret.

But when I told them that I was raising two three-year-olds by myself, they didn’t hold me back.

The moment I was about to turn away, ignoring the gazes that followed me.

It is Chernicia’s duty to protect the weak.

Suddenly, I remembered something Grandpa Gunter had said while stroking my hair a long time ago.

Grandpa Gunther told me when I was young.

Chernicia, the leader of the land who saved the world covered with ancient monsters.

And about our family that succeeded.

Never forget that you are Chernicia.

I was moved to tears by the warm voice of Grandpa Gunter, whom I remembered after a long time.

As Oswald’s illegitimate child, I was able to grow up relying on Chernicia’s upholding to protect the weak.

I had always been proud that I was Chernicia and tried my best.

However, the Chernicia mansion burned in front of my eyes and brother Richard’s neck fell.

My proud Chernicia had taken on an absurd stigma and was now a lost name.

No one remembered the past achievements that we once had by protecting the weak.

Again, that fact was embarrassing.

‘Now I’m not even Chernicia, well.’

With a broken heart, I made a promise to myself.

I don’t really care if the demons appear and threaten the people of Arbella…

What is important to me is to spend a peaceful life in the mansion overlooking the dreamy trees and the lake with my lovely squirrel warriors.

But the very next day, my promise was shattered.


The sword in my hand moved in a long trajectory over the air.


Each time, dozens of demonic monsters fell and splattered black blood.



Eventually, some monsters started running away.

I squinted my eyes at the fleeing monsters and muttered inwardly.

8 Clearly, until this morning, when the sun comes up, I plan to go back to the mansion by the lake with my children.

‘Damn it! I was trying not to care, but why am I doing this!’

The trouble was that while I was going downstairs to get some water, I heard people whispering.

The knights went to the Elory Forest outside the North Gate to defeat the monsters, but they seem to be struggling.

It would be nice if the witch could help… …

But the witch is busy…… .

The witch says she has two three-year-old children…..

I could feel people secretly staring at me.

I shouldn’t have bothered with it, but I kept on worrying about it.

After all, Grandpa Gunther’s voice, which I had once again recalled at that moment, stabbed my conscience for ignoring them.

In the end, I had no choice but to come out with my sword.

I didn’t think this would happen, so I didn’t have a proper sword.

The fact that I defeated the monster yesterday using the sword belonged to the knight I was with, not mine.

It was the same logic as yesterday when Erwin knocked down a tree with the toy dagger of the squirrel warrior Jericho.

However, the tools were not important to Chernicia, who developed their power.

I borrowed the crude decorative sword hanging on the wall in the lobby of the inn on the first floor and went out.

And it has always been like this.



The sword was thrust into the back of the monster that ran away with a loud scream.

Then the monster fell forward and made a dull sound.

I quickly flew my body and jumped over the monster and drew my sword.

Then, I cut down the three fleeing monsters at once.

All the monsters that made noise in the Elory Forest became dead bodies.




The knights opened their mouths and spoke admiration.

I turned around, kicking the corpses of the demons.

I passed by the knights who had been standing still without keeping their mouths shut.

At the entrance of the forest, the Lord of Arbella was waiting for me.

“Oh, witch! Thank you for protecting Arbella from demons.”

“I’m not a witch.”

As I stared at him, the Lord quickly corrected himself.

“Ah, sorry.

Everyone called you that way, so I thought you liked it.


The Lord knew my name.

Last winter, his second son, Derek, tried to court me so blatantly that Arbella made a lot of noise.

“Yves, please help me.

We, Arbella, do not have enough troops to subdue the demons.

I need your help.”

“But I have to raise children.”

Obviously, that Lord must not have raised Derek and his brothers with his own hands.

If he had ever raised children, he would know how shameless and unreasonable this request was to a mother raising kids.

“The security of the city will be taken care of by the knights of the Lord’s Castle as before.

Yves will join the subjugation of the monsters at least once a week….”

It was hard to ignore the Lord’s earnest voice, so I couldn’t get out and stood still, but I thought that it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if it was once in a fortnight.

“……How about the pay”


“Did you think I don’t need to eat”

“Oh… you mean… you will help us!”

The Lord’s eyes widened and he grabbed my hand.

“But you will have to pay a lot of money.”

“Oh, you should be paid a fair price!”

My money was slowly running out.

It was because I had not worked for quite a while on the excuse that I had to raise children.

‘Should I do a mercenary job this time’

Suddenly, I realized that it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The ransom of mercenaries had risen a lot since the flood of demons, so with a little diligence, I would be able to collect a lot of money.

‘If I collect about thirty billion gold, I will be able to get out of Caligor and buy a noble status in a big kingdom like Kerbel.

So, even if Erwin really expresses his power, I might be able to protect him….’

Then I realized that it was an absurd idea and shook my head.

How would I come up with such a large amount of money just working as a mercenary

If I was greedy to make more money, then rumors about me would get into Theodore’s ears, it would be a big problem.

Thinking about that, I quickly attached a condition to the lord.

“And there are conditions.

Please stop the rumors about me from spreading outside Arbella.”

“Okay, all right! I’ll do whatever you say!”

The Lord was delighted and, as if he had prepared in advance, immediately took out a piece of paper and a pen and made the contract in a snap.

I signed there and returned to the inn.

It was still early, so I thought I was going to sleep, but Erwin in pajamas was waiting for me.


As soon as I opened the door, Erwin, who was inside, sprinted over with two short legs and hugged me.

“You woke up early, Er.”

I grabbed Erwin with one arm and kissed his plump cheek.

“Yeah, did you come here after beating the monsters”

Erwin’s eyes lit up as he asked that question.

It was similar to the gazes of people who called me ‘witch’ when they looked at me… Maybe it’s because of my mood

“Who said that”

“Laura! You’re really cool, mother! Just like Jelriko Yonza!”

When I realized how great a compliment it was to be called ‘ a squirrel warrior’, I laughed aloud.

“But where is Lia”

“Lia… Huh”

Erwin looked behind him and tilted his head.

“Wasn’t she just here”


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