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A man with black hair was sitting on a looted throne.

(It’s Theodore)

He tilted his head crookedly and spoke in a grim voice.

“Give me the relics of Tenebris.”

The king of Kerbel, who was bowing his head humbly at his feet, shook his head in disbelief.

“Ha, it is a national treasure of the kingdom.

Never be seen by outsiders…”


The man’s eyes looking down from above deepened.

The king of Kerbel swallowed his saliva and said, his whole body shivered just by staring at the black haired man.

“Sin, I’m sorry, Your Majesty.

Even if a knife is through my throat, I can’t give it to you.”

Theodore, who had been silently listening, narrowed his eyes.


He asked in a very generous voice, drawing loose arcs with his red lips.

“Then shall I take your neck instead”

At first glance, it sounded like he was asking what he would like to have for dinner tonight.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the golden glow that bloomed in the air took the form of a pointed sword.


The king of Kerbel froze in surprise.

He knew how horribly that holy-looking, golden sword had been slaughtered during the last war.

“Save me….save me… .”

However, despite the King begging for his life, Theodore did not stop.

Finally, just before the golden sword pierced his neck, the king of Kerbel called out urgently.

“Wait, I will offer you! I will offer you the relic of Tenebris!”

Theodore’s eyes widened languidly, having obtained what he wanted.

Shortly thereafter, King Kerbel’s servants carefully brought a box.

Theodore opened the lid of the box with rushed hands.

But the moment he took out what was inside and checked it, a look of disappointment appeared on Theodore’s face.

Again, it was fake.

Four years ago, Theodore, who started a war with the western continent, found and robbed the relics of Tenebris wherever he went, but it was all fake.

He didn’t feel any energy from the relics that he had so hard to get his hands on.

Theodore angrily threw the fake relic in his hand.

Chang Kang!

The people of Kerbel Kingdom were astonished to see the holy relic lying on the floor.

“Ah, why do you treat a national treasure like this…… !”

“It is the treasure of the kingdom…… !”

But they had to keep their mouths shut at Theodore’s terrifying gaze.


Theodore walked alone, feeling bored.

It was a very dull war.

The war he started to find the relics of Tenebris led to his victory wherever he went.

And in the meantime, his handsome face became more haggard than before.

Theodore, who was staring straight ahead with cold eyes that grew deeper and more fierce, heard something strange.

gurgling gurgling.

His steps stopped abruptly at the unpleasant sound.

Behind him, a pulsing black energy fluttered.

Theodore slowly opened and closed his eyes.

In an instant, a gleam of brilliance revolved in his golden eyes.


The monsters that rushed to him started to scream and run away the moment they encountered the fierce golden eyes.

Theodore tilted his chin.

Then, the golden swords made from all directions pierced through the bodies of the fleeing monsters.

Kaaa! Arhhhhhh!

Black blood gushed out with an unheard-of scream.

Theodore looked down at the remnants of the monsters with a numb gaze and murmured.

“Useless things annoy me.”

4 years ago.

Shortly after Yves’s death, the monsters that flooded the world suddenly got in the way while they were fighting war.

So, after subjugating them a few times, they were all busy running away whenever they made eye contact with Theodore, because there were rumors among the demons.

As a result, two contradictory rumors swept Theodore.

– A savior who protects people from demons!

There were some people who welcomed him as a savior when they saw him flicking his fingers a few times to sweep away the monsters/ (demons).

-An ancient manifestation of darkness that rules over demons!

There were also those who insisted that the reason the demons ran away when they saw him was because he was the demons’ master.

Of course, Theodore, who had been engulfed in all kinds of atrocious rumors from an early age, paid no attention to the rumors surrounding him.

Theodore moved on again, wiping the black blood from his cheek with the back of his hand.

His mood was low.

He thought he would soon find traces of Tenebris, but he kept failing.

He devastated the western continent in search of clues to save Yves, but when he got them, they were all fake.

And he was even more annoyed because of the idiots who kept the fake and worshipped it.

“Your Majesty.”

Lyndon appeared at this time and bowed down in front of Theodore.

“As you ordered, I’ve been looking for the next destination.”

Lyndon held out the map to Theodore.

Theodore lowered his cold gaze and looked into it.

On the countless countries of the western continent, Xs were marked in red.

They had already been trampled by Theodore’s steed.

Theodore stared blankly at the small country that had not yet been marked with an X.

“The Kingdom of Caligor”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

There is a treasure that the king’s ancestors received from the Kerbel Kingdom long ago…”

Lyndon gave a detailed explanation of the Caligor Kingdom.

It was such a small place that he had to narrow his eyes and to read the name written on it.

After a while, Theodore’s lips opened.


The next destination will be the Kingdom of Caligor.”

(*Caligor is where Yvonne is living with her children.)


On the way out of seeing in the theater, Erwin and Odelia were very excited.

“Darangjiga saves Shesha (the world)!”

“Yonza Jelriko!”

Suddenly, Odelia also became a fan of the Squirrel Warrior Jericho, and she cried out with Erwin in one voice.

“Is Jelriko stronger than Tturaego (Dragon)”

Erwin asked Odelia with a sullen expression on his face.

“Woong-woong! Darangjiga is the best in Shesha! Don’t talk about Lia’s Tturaego and do it!”

Odelia’s burst of laughter brought a soft smile to my lips.

Odelia’s future hope will change from a dragon to a squirrel…

Suddenly, I had a little worry.

Odelia was so impressed with the dragon in a fairy tale book that Benjamin gave her last fall, ran through the hallway groaning that she wanted to be a dragon for a while.

When asked what she was doing, she replied in a naive voice that she was breathing dragon breath and that mother had to flee too.

And Erwin’s hope for the future… was a fairy princess, a friend of the dragon.

Erwin said that he wanted to become a fairy princess, and wore Odelia’s dress and ate the petals while walking around the garden.

When I looked at Erwin and Odelia, their eyes twinkling as they talked about the activities of the squirrel warrior Jericho, I felt a sense of uneasiness.

‘But the squirrel won’t make any weird noises or flap its wings like a dragon, so the mansion will be more peaceful than a dragon or a fairy princess.’

Odelia looked at the squirrel doll in Erwin’s arms.

Her eyes full of envy turned to the squirrel doll.

“Er, can’t Lia also hug Jelriko”


“Just once, huh”

Erwin furrowed his eyebrows and fell into serious trouble.

They were so cute that I had to smile.

“Huh The Witch of the Lake Mansion… Ha!”

A passing man looked at me and pointed a finger at me, but when he met my eyes, he was shocked.

I stared at him gruesomely.

Looking at the clothes he was wearing, he seemed to be a knight in Arbela’s estate.

“What did you just say”


The man couldn’t even make eye contact with me and turned his face away, blushing.

It didn’t matter what people said to me when I was alone, but it was really hard to ignore when they pointed at the children.

I’ve been educating my children who were kind like angels, hoping that they would not resemble Theodore’s personality.

After I left the children with Laura, I dragged the man by the collar and went to a corner.

The man realized the situation late and hurriedly shouted.

“Ha, please save me! It was a mistake!”

“Who’s going to kill you”

“You’re looking at me like you’re going to kill me right now.”

“Watch your mouth.”

As I spoke coldly, the man bit his lips.

“More than that, are you Arbela’s knight”

“Yes, yes!”

There was something I needed to find out by visiting the Knights of Arbela, but fortunately he was one.

“I heard that monsters appeared in Arbela recently……”

It was at this time.


From the square where the children had been left behind, there was a loud noise and people screaming.



“Everyone run away!”

I turned around to where the sound was coming from with a puzzled expression on my face.


Then, in the distance, something dark appeared.


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