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Armin was grateful that Theodore could not turn back time.

If that had been possible, he would have gone straight to his former self and stabbed a knife in his stomach.

Theodore, who was staring at himself in the mirror, had an eerie and creepy atmosphere.

“Your Majesty, please calm down.

It is impossible to turn back time…..First of all….”


At that, Theodore opened his eyes wide.

Yeah, it was impossible to kill his past self.

However, it was impossible to kill his present self.

“Without me, Yves…..”

Theodore looked at Yves’s corpse on the bed with pitying eyes.

Even now, he barely managed to maintain the appearance she had when she was alive.

Thinking of that lovely body rotting to the ground, he just wanted to rip his heart apart.

‘Why did I do that Could it be that I am also under black magic’

Theodore couldn’t comprehend his past self, who treated such a lovely girl as badly as he did.

Then suddenly he remembered Katarina, who constantly whispered bad things about Yves.

‘Yeah, Katarina, that sly woman drove a wedge between me and Yves.’

But that thought was immediately shattered.


It was me who was suspicious of and wary of Yves.

Even though she said she didn’t want to escort Katarina, I was the one who sent her out without hesitation.

I only encouraged the woman.’

Was he the one who was swayed by the words of others All those karma were the tower of sins that he had built up.


Suddenly, a cold laugh erupted from his teeth.

“Yeah, it’s all my fault.

I killed you, Yves.”

In the meantime, his eyes towards her were only tender.

“That’s why you don’t look at me.

That’s why you don’t open your eyes.”

“Ha, Your Majesty…”

Armin looked at Theodore, who was talking to himself, in a bizarre way.

“… Your Majesty, first of all, Miss Katarina…”

“Of course I have to go see her.

Isn’t she the lovely fiancée who is carrying my child”

Theodore replied with a terrifying smile.

Armin became very uneasy because of the murderous intent in those eyes.

‘I’m sure he’s going to have a big accident if he continued to be like this…’

“Next, you need to decide on the issue of the future of His Highness Ernst.”

Originally, Prince Ernst was scheduled to leave the palace shortly after Theodore’s engagement ceremony.

However, after Theodore’s engagement was ruined, Ernst’s future was very vague.


Theodore remembered Ernst who had come to him a while ago and argued with him.

That stupid bastard who was looking for Yvonne out of nowhere.

Yves and Yvonne were two different people…

Without knowing how to tell the difference, he dared to argue with him with that voice.

Theodore was furious at Ernst.

Then suddenly he had a question.

‘No, are they really different’

The moment Theodore thought of the two women together, a strong headache suddenly occurred.

Theodore sank to the floor, wrapping his head with both his hands.

Armin was surprised to see Theodore, who did not respond due to considerable pain, and supported him.

“Your Majesty! Are you okay…… ! Doctor.

… !”


Don’t call him.”

The headache he felt every time he tried to recall his memories after the fall.

It was also the headache he felt whenever he was with Yves.

Because of this headache, Theodore has rejected her even more.

Every time he saw her his head hurt, so he threw tantrums at her and got angry.

But this headache that felt like his head would split in half every time, he now felt like he could endure for her who was next to him.

“It’s okay.”

A widespread rapture flashed across Theodore’s face.

He murmured in an ecstatic voice.

“This is… Yves returned to me.”

He was willing to bear the pain, so he smiled as he thought of their future together and bent his eyes with joy.

He smiled so broadly that even small teardrops were hanging from the corners of his eyes.

Seeing Theodore like that, Armin let out a sigh.

‘His Majesty…is really crazy…’


Katarina lost everything in a sudden accident on the day of her engagement.

It was the perfect moment for her to become the Emperor’s fiancée, and she missed that great opportunity.

The assassins who broke in were after her.

But it felt strange.

‘Why the hell were they aiming at me Is this the work of those who check Ferdinand’s power’

Anyway, in the meantime, Yvonne died.

It was a pity that she had died while she was trying to save her, but Katarina was glad she died.

Yvonne Chernicia was a woman who could shake Theodore at any time.

But the problem started after that.

Benjamin imprisoned Katarina under the guise of calming her down from the frightening incident.

Also, in the most remote place in the mansion.

In this old building, like dealing with criminals.

“How is this healing It’s confinement!”

Katarina waited for Theodore to come to her.

The Emperor will surely come to find her, even to find traces of Yvonne Chernicia.

She believed so and waited, but his visit was later than expected.

“Why is he so late”

Katarina was just worried.

“Is he going to give up on her (Yvonne) now”

But Katarina immediately erased her anxiety.

Hadn’t she already seen how obsessed Theodore was with Yvonne

“No, wait a little longer and the emperor will come and take me out.”

Katarina struggled to convince herself.

She hoped that Theodore’s visit would not be too late.

Her current situation was ridiculous.

Her clothes weren’t even properly worn, and this old room had no heating, so it was chilly even in broad daylight.

Meals were not served properly, and her unmanaged nails became rough.

“How did I get in this situation….”



Katarina muttered sullenly, nibbling her nails.

Half a year ago, she lost the contract of Yves Llewellyn’s master and servant to Emperor Theodore.

She knew that it was the master-servant document that Benjamin had allowed her to be arrogant, but when she lost it, he despised and humiliated herself to the point of persecution.

Katarina was terrified of Benjamin who was persecuting her.

Now that you’ve run out of value, there’s no need to keep you alive.

No, I’ll prove my worth…… !

Katarina had to do anything to survive.

How Emperor Theodore doesn’t want to see you anymore.

Obviously, there must be a way…


You’re right.

There is one way, though.

Benjamin said with a smirk.

The point where Emperor Theodore changed.

I’m going to get rid of his memory.

It was impossible to change time.

Instead, it was possible to erase the memory with black magic.

It required Ferdinand’s blood as it was a very difficult procedure, and on the day the procedure was done, it would be a great strain on the body of the spell caster.

Benjamin knew that one day the spell would break, because Theodore had already broken the magic of the dead Rudolph once.

So he handed Katarina a book of black magic and urged her to kill Theodore’s memory.

Katarina wept and made the spell with her own blood.

Shortly thereafter, news of Emperor Theodore’s fall came.

And seeing Theodore again, he looked like someone who had really lost his memory.

It was successful.

The broken marriage continued again, and a deal was made between the Emperor and Ferdinand.

Everything went smoothly.

It was a by-product of that process that Katarina learned that Yves Llewellyn was Yvonne Chernicia.

Besides that, Katarina learned a lot.

For example…it was Benjamin who killed his father Rudolph Ferdinand and Empress Margaret …


Katarina bit her sharp nails as she thought of the dangerous man.

As she recalled the man’s eerie smile, a chill ran deep into her lungs.


Leaving the Imperial Palace and staying in Ferdinand’s mansion, I enjoyed a wonderful luxury after a long time.

In the best room on the same floor as the master, nice clothes that fill the closet and delicious food constantly on offer….

When I stayed here as Ferdinand’s apprentice knight, it was something I had never enjoyed.

However, I still didn’t like this place.

“How are you, Yves”

Sitting at a round table, Benjamin asked me.

“Are there any inconveniences”

“Not at all.

It’s such a good luxury, it’s too much.”

“I’m glad.”

He smiled brightly and said proudly.

“It’s worthwhile to train the servants.

I told them that there shouldn’t be any mistakes in serving you.”

I was grateful to him for that, but it was a little burdensome.

“You don’t even have to do that for me.

I’ll leave for a foreign country when it calms down a bit.”

At that, Benjamin paused.

“You’re leaving”

“Yeah, once I leave for a foreign country…”

When I was explaining my plans for the future and holding a spoonful of pudding, suddenly I vomited.


Benjamin, startled, got up from his seat.

“Yves Are you okay Let’s see a doctor right now..… !”

“It’s okay, Benjamin.”

I immediately stood up and grabbed his arm as he was about to call the doctor.

“It’s just morning sickness.”

“Morning sickness…”

Benjamin looked at me once, as if hearing very unfamiliar words, then realized the meaning of the words, and his expression hardened.


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