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Theodore’s expression hardened.

“Then, Your Majesty, please stop Sir Yves.”

“Yes, Sir Yves is a valuable talent indispensable to our knights, haha.”

“Your Majesty also has a celebration soon, so give him a vacation….”

Words of protection for me continued.

‘There is no need for that.’

As I was thinking so.

“Resignation is impossible.”

Theodore, who snatched the resignation letter from Armin’s hand, cut it off and said so.

I asked, furious at that resolute refusal.


“Didn’t you decide to escort Miss Katarina Are you going to ruin my engagement”

“Haha, Your Majesty.

The day after tomorrow, Miss Katarina will be escorted by Sir Bent, and Sir Yves can have a little rest……”

“There is no turning back.

The woman with my child wants Yves Llewellyn as her escort.

Then you have to do it.”

Theodore forced me to escort his fiancée even though I was not feeling well.

For no good reason, just because that woman pointed me out.

Everyone looked at him like they were looking at a trash.

Even if I’m not feeling well, do you only care about Katarina

Even though he knew I liked him, and he knew it would hurt me.

Just because I confessed my feelings to him didn’t mean he had to like me.

But, isn’t there something called empathy that everyone has


I bit my lower lip and mumbled softly.

My voice must have been heard by everyone because the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Everyone around me nodded in unison.

But the moment Theodore raised one eyebrow violently, everyone turned their heads away from his gaze.

“Anyway, resignation is impossible.”

Theodore tore up my resignation letter and threw it away.

“Don’t try to fool around and work.

Follow me.”

Because I didn’t think my resignation would be easily accepted anyway, I nodded with a brief sigh and followed him.


Katarina, who got off the carriage in the distance, smiled brightly

and ran into his arms.

“Oh, you have to be careful, my fiancée.

What if the baby in your stomach is startled”

Theodore hugged her tenderly and kissed her on the top of her head.

He had a smile on his face unlike when he looked at me.

“But my baby is telling me that he wants to see his dad soon.”

Katarina, who was dangling from Theodore’s arm and acting cute, looked very happy.

Theodore leaned towards her, stroking Katarina’s belly, and greeted the baby in a relaxed voice.

I glanced at it and then glanced at my belly.

In the end, it was pitiful for my child, who could only be an illegitimate child, who was growing inside me.

‘It’s okay, baby.

Mother will love you a lot.’

Without anyone noticing, I stroked my lower belly and swallowed the rising emotions.

I don’t know if the words I swallowed will be passed on to the baby, but with all my heart I vowed to do so.

‘Even if you don’t have a father..

… I will love and cherish you that much more.’

So my baby will be happy.

More than the babies of those human destroyers.

Let’s think about it.

To have a father like Theodore and a mother like Katarina.

Isn’t it terrible

If I were to be born as their baby, I would definitely want to die as soon as I was born.

‘I’m sure the baby will be more happy to be born as my baby.’

I tried hard to comfort myself and cheer myself up.

Meanwhile, Benjamin, who got off the carriage and walked slowly, greeted Theodore.

“I see the great master of Albrecht.

Glory to Albrecht.”

Then he glanced at me, and as I made eye contact with him and was about to respond.

“Benjamin Ferdinand.

I didn’t hear you coming.”

Theodore criticized Benjamin in a shrill voice.

“I came as Ferdinand’s headmaster to prepare for the engagement.”

“It’s enough without you.”

“But because Katarina also has Your Majesty’s child.

I’m afraid to let her go alone.”


Apparently, Theodore was looking forward to spending time alone with Katarina, but Benjamin came along so he was displeased.

In a time that now felt like a long time ago, he always reacted like that when his time with me was interrupted.

Theodore had a bad expression on his face, and then he suddenly glared at me.

“Yves Llewellyn.

Go to the kitchen and let them know that Benjamin Ferdinand will join me for lunch today.”

Suddenly sparks flew at me.

He pointed me out even though there were many servants.

It was obvious that he was being mean.

But I turned around happily, to be able to get out of this place right away was a blessing to me.


*Third pov.*

Benjamin sneaked away after talking to Theodore about the upcoming engagement.

Then he went straight to Yvonne.

He had his magic engraved on her, who had visited Ferdinand the day before, so he was able to move to where she was right away.

Benjamin arrived in the palace garden, in front of a large tree.


When he called in her languid voice, Yvonne, who had closed her eyes on the tree, lifted her eyelids gently.

“You’re here, Benjamin.”

Yvonne jumped down the tree, and Benjamin asked.

“What about the emperor”

“I tried to resign, but I was rejected.”

“As expected, it would be impossible to leave quietly.”


If that’s the case, the method is…”

Benjamin’s visit today was to put the plans he had made last night into action.

As expected, Emperor Theodore was unwilling to let Yvonne go.

It was a funny obsession even though he had completely forgotten about her.

Benjamin glanced at Yvonne’s wrist.

The scent of his own came from her wrist, which he had engraved his spell on.

Benjamin was excited and pleased with that fact.

“When you return to the mansion……”

Benjamin’s hand caressed Yves’s hair.

“I’m going to decorate the whole mansion with things you like.

I will plant a beautiful tree in the garden, and put lanterns with magic everywhere to light up the surroundings so that you can walk alone even at late hours.

You like to think, so I’ll make sure no one will disturb you when you go for a walk….”

Yvonne’s silver hair, which was waving softly, curled around his fingers.

Benjamin buried the tip of his nose in her hair.

“So, Yves.

I want you to feel a little more comfortable there.

At our nest…”


When Yvonne wanted to say something.

“Yves Llewellyn.”

Yvonne and Benjamin both looked back at the cold voice that suddenly interrupted them.

Then, there, Theodore, who should have been with Katarina by now, was glaring at them with ferocious eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you to go to the kitchen”

Theodore clenched his teeth and asked in a gloomy voice.

“Yes, I went there.

Then I just ran into Master Benjamin.”

“You met him here by chance”

Theodore snorted at Yvonne’s answer.

“Are you kidding me”

Earlier, it bothered him to see them in the same place, so he sent Yves Llewellyn away.

But when Benjamin suddenly left, Theodore had a strange anxiety and couldn’t stay still.

So, he came here just in case….

The place where the two were found was far from where Yvonne was sent on an errand, and above all, it was a really absurd place to meet by chance.

Benjamin was especially fond of her.

I was really worried when Benjamin would send a girl with unknown origin to be your escort.

I saw it.

Yves Llewellyn comes out of Benjamin’s bedroom every night.

Katarina’s voice echoed in Theodore’s head.

It was clear that the two were having a secret meeting and trying to deceive him.

She’s Benjamin’s hidden lover….

What he saw and confirmed with his own eyes was far worse than what he had imagined and heard with his ears.

Besides, why we’re the eyes of Yves Llewellyn looking at him so calm

Don’t worry, I don’t like Your Majesty anymore, nor will I look at Your Majesty with the dirty eyes you speak of.

‘Really…don’t you like me’

‘You don’t like me anymore’


Theodore couldn’t believe it, but he couldn’t help but believe it.

Unlike before, the eyes that looked at him with affection had long disappeared.

And above all…he heard Benjamin’s words a while ago when Benjamin was painting Yves’s future life with him.

And he saw her quietly listening to Benjamin’s absurd words.

He (Theo ) was angry because she said she liked him (Theo) but gave up so easily.

So Theodore spoke with a ferocious voice.

“Stop the obvious lies.

Do you think I’m going to fall for this bullsh*t You two just met secretly now.”


Yvonne didn’t answer and kept her lips closed.

Then she spoke in a calm voice after a short moment.

“Your Majesty is right.

We didn’t meet by chance.

I had a secret meeting with Master Benjamin here.”

“So, now the two of you are avoiding my eyes…!”

“Why not”


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Translated by: Rain of snow



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