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For a moment, I froze.

How did Katarina come up with that idea…

Seeing my eyes widening in surprise, she smiled as if she had won.

“It’s no use even if you deny it.

Because I’ve already researched everything.

You’re the daughter of a rebel family who disappeared 10 years ago.”


“Then, did Theo also know that and took you to the Imperial Palace A child of the traitor”

She mocked me openly.

“Oh, that’s crazy and absurd.”

I looked at Katarina quietly.

Gradually, a question arose within.

Why do I have to keep hearing this disgusting sound That being said, I have been getting very annoyed because of the fluctuation of emotions lately.

“Yves, I won’t ask you any more about who you were and what your relationship was with Theo.

Just go away.”

“Why me”

And, unable to overcome the moment’s twisted feelings, I forgot Theo’s order, who had asked me to apologize to her, and snapped back at her.

“What, what”

As I returned to her with respectful words, Katarina looked at me with a visibly bewildered expression.

“Why should I listen to you”

“How dare you now…!”

Katarina, who had stopped her laughter, looked at me with a venomous expression and raised her right hand.


But her angry hand, which was about to slash through the air, was caught by me right away.

“Now you know who I am.”

I let go of her hand and walked towards the table.

“Then you must also know that I was the young sword of Chernicia who had been dealing with power since the age of three.”

On the table was a vase of dried thorny flowers.

I picked up one of the tallest flowers in it.

A languid smile bloomed on my face as I scanned the thorns on the slender green stem.

After staring at it for a while, I raised the power that had been sealed for a very long time.

Then, in an instant, an intangible energy overflowed and wrapped around the flowers.

“What are you doing now What, what, this energy…… ”

Katarina glanced around her anxiously as she sensed something strange.

There was also a time when she was immersed in magic from a young age to become Ferdinand’s person, so she must feel my power to some extent.

“Katarina Ferdinand, what do you think made it possible for you to be alive”

“Hey, Yves Lowellyn”

Frightened, Katarina backed away from me.

But I did not approach her and watched her leisurely run away.

“If it wasn’t for that damn contract that Rudolph forced on me, you wouldn’t be a part of this world.”

Tsk, when I clicked my tongue, Katarina’s face turned pale.

Watching her face change from moment to moment, I laughed softly.

“Hey, tell me one more time.”

It was all because of Theodore that I had endured these days.

Because he was sick so I’ve decided to wait until he gets better.

But it was Theodore, not Katarina, that I endured.

After all, there was no Theodore here, no other watching eyes, it was just me and her.

In other words, as long as Katarina keeps her mouth shut, it doesn’t matter what I do here.

Since she knew I was Yvonne Chernicia anyway, I didn’t have to worry about getting caught.

Realizing that, a very evil smile appeared on my face.

I was good at anything I learned.

When I was young, my grandfather, Gunther, also praised me for that.

And I had recently learned of Theodore’s ugly personality being by his side.

“You said you’ve investigated everything about me, so why are you talking to me recklessly”

Picking up the flower in my hand like a dart, I threw the flower at Katarina with a pretty smile, just as Theodore would when he bullied his subordinates.


The flower branch filled with black energy grazed Katarina and pierced the wall opposite her.


Katarina saw it and stuttered her words, shaking her eyes in surprise.

“Ha, the wall… .”

“Come on, tell me more.


It seemed strange that the green stem of the flower pierced the wall.

I smiled once more, threateningly at Katarina, and picked up the next largest flower in the vase.

“Ummm… you should have cut off the thorns to make flower arrangements.

Your tastes are unique.”

“Ahhh…… .”

Seeing her terrified and unable to properly speak, I felt refreshed.

To rejoice in the horrors of others, even though I was not Theodore…

It was a time to look back and reflect on my personality for a very short time.

“You, do you know that Theo suffered because of you”

Katarina snapped back.

Then I met her eyes, she shrugged her shoulders.

“Theo said it was hard because of me”

“Ha, you don’t know about the upheaval that took place in the imperial palace to restore Chernicia”

For a moment, I stopped and withdrew my power.

Then, perhaps because she thought I was embarrassed by those words, Katarina regained her confidence and said with an arrogant expression.

“To seduce him with a vulgar body to re-establish your family.”


“So Theo forgot you.

You are only a nuisance to him.”

“Shut up.”

I was so annoyed that I couldn’t listen any more.

I gathered my power one more time and threw the flower at her.

This time the flower flew through her hair.

In the spot where the force had passed, her hair fell to the floor with a fine cut.

“You, you, this, what… !”

The irritation that had risen a little before seemed to subside a bit when I saw her groan, because a bunch of her hair on one side was cut off funnily.

“Don’t even think about telling Theodore.

Next time, I’ll cut your head off, not your hair.”

She was about to protest what I did to her, but at my next words, she was speechless.


Katarina’s horror brought the conversation to an end in less than half an hour.

It was a waste of hours waiting outside in the cold.

I got into the carriage with a wooden box that Katarina gave me to give it to Theo.

I felt terribly cold.

All the way back to the Imperial Palace, I leaned against the carriage wall and curled up.

Of course, cutting her head off was a bluff.

To kill someone, isn’t that murder

I was not a crazy person like Theodore, and I couldn’t have done that.

Furthermore…… .

I soon realized that I was seeing him as a character destroyer.


A laughter flowed out.

So when everyone told me not to be fooled by his face, saying that Emperor Theodore was garbage that couldn’t be recycled who had never been seen in Albrecht’s history, I let it all out in one ear.

But if anyone had been in the same situation as me, they too would have been deceived by him.

As if sculpted by a god, he was acting so beautifully with a beautiful face, how can I not be deceived

To be honest, even now, I would be willing to accept him if he apologized with that pretty face sniffling.

Yes, yet…… … .


For a moment, I felt a tingling sensation and frowned and looked down at my palms.

The blood vessels from the fingertips to the heart, which used the power a while ago, were in pain as if they were tightening.

Maybe it’s because I’m inexperienced with the power that’s been sealed for too long

It was a reaction to the power that Grandpa Gunther had said.

But when I was young, it had never been like this…… .

I closed my eyes and looked at the numb palms again.

There was no way for a reaction to occur just because I had not used it for a long time.

Of course, there were some dangerous situations when using the power.

Among them, the most well-known was…

Especially when you are pregnant, you must not use the power, Yvonne.

Because the pregnant body defends itself so that the baby in the womb is not hurt by the power.

No way…

I slowly lowered my gaze and looked at my lower belly.

Then I immediately shook my head.

“Ugh, what nonsense I’m thinking right now…”

There were many things I had to do when I returned to the Imperial Palace.

Going to see a doctor…And investigate the reaction of the power.


When I got back to the Imperial Palace, Theodore wrinkled his face as soon as he saw my face.

“Why are you so late”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

“What did Miss Katarina give you”

I held out the wooden box that Katarina had asked me to deliver to Theodore.

“Here you go.”

Theodore took it and opened the lid.

Then, looking at what was inside, he suddenly stared at me.

His golden eyes that contained me sank coldly.

What is it

Did I receive the wrong item

Did I make a mistake

“Get out….”

The expulsion voice was strangely distorted.

I did not understand and went outside.

The sky was already dark.

I was going to see the doctor right away when I got back, but it was delayed too long because of Katarina.

Since it was late at night, I went back to my room, thinking about sleeping for now and waking up early tomorrow to see a doctor.

Posted by: Moonlight novels.

Translated by: Rain of snow.


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