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Theodore gritted his teeth as he looked at Yves’s back as she went out. 


“That crazy woman…”


Everyone in the room only looked at his face as he murmured, apparently unpleasant.


 “Uh, Your Majesty… you’re not really going to chase Sir Yves away, are you”


Armin was really anxious because of Theodore.


Because of Yves, he was able to have a quiet time for the past half year.a


It was a very complicated procedure to get one person in and out of the Imperial Palace, and now once Yves Llewellyn leaves, they will have to waste their efforts to save a new person every day!


However, he did not give up a single ray of hope.


The emperor he remembered would threaten and kick the person out if he didn’t like him, and he wasn’t generous with this kind of tolerance.


“Your Majesty, there is still no one like Sir Yves.

The young knight is hardworking, responsible, and has a good personality….

And he is not upset even though the ceremony was delayed for half a year.”


Armin poured out praises for Yves.

Theodore, who was listening quietly, snorted.


“It wasn’t that the inauguration ceremony was delayed, it was that she couldn’t receive it.

Because she can’t become the emperor’s personal escort with a woman’s body and be caught up in a scandal.”


“What You mean Sir Yves is a woman”


Armin asked surprised.

But once he had his doubts, he immediately convinced himself and nodded his head.


“Oh yes.

She is definitely a woman.

That face, that figure….”


Yves Llewellyn was a woman.

He felt like the veil that had hung over his retina was peeling away.


 “I wonder why I didn’t notice before.

It’s as if I was enchanted and then released.”


Seeing Armin muttering to himself, Theodore’s complexion darkened somewhat.


“It’s magic… … .

If it was Ferdinand’s technique, it wouldn’t have been too difficult to hide the gender.”


Even if Ferdinand’s magic was engraved on it, it would not have deceived Theodore.

So, even before he lost his memory, he must have recognized immediately that Yves was a woman as soon as he saw her.


And yet he kept her by his side for half a year.


Was he misled by the face that resembled Yvonne


It wasn’t very incomprehensible.

Even though he still considered her suspicious, he couldn’t just behead her.


When he met with those pretty blue eyes that resembled Yvonne…… Even though he knew it wasn’t her, he kept feeling strange about her.


“As expected, it’s suspicious.

I think she approaches me intentionally.

Besides, that gaze just now, it was….chilling.”


Theodore trembled and murmured sullenly.


“How dare she look at the Emperor’s body with such filthy eyes…”


Armin, who had been quietly listening to his murmur, tilted his head.

It was because Theodore’s earlobes were red as he was saying that.


‘Is he enjoying that gaze’


Armin looked at Theodore with a grim expression.


He was worried that maybe his boss might be a pervert.


It was no mere pervert, either.

The emperor he worshipped was a man with a reputation as a ‘failed human’.

So his boss would not just be a pervert, but a perverse pervert.


‘I have to serve that pervert as my superior.

Oh, my God.

Come to think of it, there are perverts who enjoy tormenting others…’


Meanwhile, Theodore continued to think about Yves, unaware of the aide’s inner thoughts.


Perhaps her purpose was to dazzle him by putting on Yvonne’s face, and he gradually became more and more convinced of her.


If that’s the case, there must be someone who ordered her.


“Did you say when was Benjamin Ferdinand’s visit”


Theodore clenched his teeth, remembering Ferdinand’s young headmaster, whom he would soon meet.




It has been a week since Theodore lost his memory.

He was extremely wary of the time alone with me.


I could never figure out why.


Even from yesterday, he completely ignored my words and started treating me as someone who didn’t exist.


“Your Majesty.”


“There’s a dog barking.

Can’t you hear the dog, Armin”




“It’s time for the meeting.

Let’s go.”


He got up from his seat, closing the papers loudly, and went outside.


Staring blankly at his back, I followed him.


Then, knowing that I was chasing him, his steps got faster.


As I watched him walk away, I pouted my lips.


‘It’s not fair.’


Theodore, who had lost his memory, had become such a mean person.


As a result, my attempts to talk with him alone failed every time.


However, I couldn’t reveal to the public that I was the daughter of Chernicia….


After worrying about it, I returned to my dorm and wrote him a letter.


It was a little difficult to convey in words because of other people’s perspectives, so I was thinking of conveying it in writing instead.


It was my first time writing a letter, so I was a little nervous.


Will he read the letter and believe me My heart raced with concern.


I shyly held out the letter to him, who had just left the meeting room.


“Your Majesty, I have something to give you.”




He casually took the letter I had handed out.


My face was about to brighten at the thought that it was finally delivered to him.


Tearing sound.


He tore it right in front of my eyes.


“A piece of garbage that doesn’t even deserve to be seen.”


The torn letter was burned by candlelight and turned to ashes.


Without realizing it, a squeaking sound came out of my mouth.


My heart sank and I couldn’t react.


No, there was nothing to be upset about.

Theo didn’t do it on purpose.


Theo is sick right now… Because he hurts… .


So… .


I just looked at him with my lips quivered.

The moment when our eyes met, he uttered a swear word.


“D*mn it.”


His handsome face was twisted.


“So what I just did…”


It was when he was talking to me.


“Your Majesty!”


Armin abruptly intervened between us.


“He’s here.”




“The new escort you asked for earlier.”


A knight with an unfamiliar face stood next to him.




Theodore closed his lips.

Then he quickly turned his head away from me.


“Sir Yves.”


Armin beckoned me to get out.


I went out with a gloomy heart.


Theo was stubbornly refusing to talk to me, and now he really has another escort in.


So what am I going to do now…


“Sir Yves, are you okay”


When I was depressed with my shoulders drooping, Armin, who followed me, asked me.


“I thought the expression on His Majesty’s face was so bad that I had to do it… was it helpful” 


“You mean you just deliberately hired a new escort Then I can’t be with His Majesty’s escort anymore.”


When asked in bewilderment, he gave a meaningful smile.


“Don’t worry too much.

Think of it as a short day off.”


I had no idea what his meaningful smile meant.


I just really hated Armin for bringing someone else.


But the good news came in less than half a day.




Armin said to me with an uncomfortable expression.


“I’m sorry, Sir Yves.

I was going to give you a day’s rest, but the new escort couldn’t stand His Majesty’s personality…… .”


Happily, no, sadly, the new escort stopped after half a day.


I happily went to the empty seat that was originally mine.


“Only today.”


Theodore looked at me with a grim expression and said.


“When a new escort comes, I will never see you again.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”


I just smiled and replied.


Theodore looked at me curiously and then turned his head away.

I observed him again while escorting him, and I fell silently in my thoughts.


He refused to talk to me and tore up the letter without reading it.


I couldn’t tell him that I was Yvonne, so I had to do something else instead.


I glanced at his head, which was free of bandages, it didn’t feel real that he hurt his head.


‘He seriously injured his head when he fell, so won’t his memory come back if he hurts his head again’


 It reminded me of a popular novel I read a long time ago.


I was not particularly fond of popular novels, but Katarina liked them during my stay at Ferdinand.


She dreamed of becoming an empress, and she mainly read stories in which the heroine becomes an empress.


Each time she read, I thought.


“Read ‘One hundred days’.

Does that make her an empress’


In addition, among the popular novels that I glanced at with a squint, there were also stories of characters losing their memories.


The characters in the story were shocked and regained their memories.


So maybe Theodore will be able to regain his memories if he receives a strong shock.


‘Strong shock…’


Suddenly, a vase on the table caught my eye.


‘If he gets hit with that, it will be very painful.’


I thought quietly.

And I alternately looked at the vase and the back of Theo’s head.


‘Can I control my strength’


Holding the vase with one hand and shaking it up and down, I cautiously got up.


Theodore was in the midst of an important conversation with Armin, head-to-head.

It took a little resolution to approach him unnoticed. 


‘I’m sorry, Theo.

But this is for all of us.’


It was the moment when I muttered to myself and raised the vase high toward him.


“…… What are you doing”


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